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The Crushing Embrace of Mother Earth

Clive Hamilton

15 September 2017

Clive Hamilton unravels preconceived ideas around the Anthropocene and notions of human domination over the Earth. In contrast he foresees an Earth that is increasingly hostile and alien, on which humans will struggle to survive. more...

Learning from nature's laws and lore

Liz Hosken

4th September, 2017

LIZ HOSKEN tells how bringing together African and Amazonian peoples has informed a campaign for a new Earth jurisprudence. more...

Resurgence & Ecologist

Charlie Hebdo

The Ecologist

8th January 2015

Photo: Alice Popkorn via Flickr, CC BY-ND 2.0. The Ecologist offers its support and condolences to the colleagues and families of all those who suffered in the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. more...

Resurgence and the Ecologist: A Shared Agenda

by Susan Clark

Resurgence & Ecologist covers Taking a look at two pioneering publications at the forefront of the environmental movement more...


Working for a World Without War

Scilla Elworthy

23 May 2017

We live in violent and unpredictable times. What better time to focus on peace and listen to the voices of the peace-makers? Scilla Ellworthy challenges our assumptions about wars and presents a powerful strategy for building peace. more...

Manifesto for the Green Mind

Jules Pretty

3 March 2017

Jules Pretty sets out a plan to engage people with Nature and create more sustainable and enjoyable living for everyone. The first call to action is: “Every child outdoors every day”. more...


Repair, Rebuild, Reconnect

Peter Cairns

November 22nd, 2012

2020vision The banking collapse will pale alongside the cost of our ecosystems unravelling more...

A Natural Gallery

India Windsor-Clive

September 7th, 2012

David Nash sculpture India Windsor-Clive met David Nash as he began a new role as the interactive and working artist-in-residence at Kew more...

The Resurgence Trust

Resurgence of the human spirit

James Sainsbury

Wilderness James Sainsbury celebrates the achievements of Resurgence and shares his vision and hopes for the future of The Resurgence Trust and the green movement more...

The Resurgence Trust

Environment, activism, social justice, arts, ethical living

Promoting ecological sustainability, social justice and ethical living more...

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