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COP21 Image: Ron Mader via Flickr (CC BY-SA).
COP21 Image: Ron Mader via Flickr (CC BY-SA).
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COP21 Paris Climate March banned

The Ecologist

18th November 2015

The two major demonstrations planned by climate campaigners at COP21 in Paris have been banned by police for security reasons. But organisers insist that over 2,000 events are still going ahead - and call for solidarity marches and protests around the world.

While our plans in Paris must change, the movement for climate justice will not slow down. Around the world, marches, demonstrations, and civil disobedience are all planned for the weeks and months ahead.

The Prefecture of Police of Paris today informed the Climat 21 Coalition that due to the heightened security situation, the
government will not allow the Global Climate March planned in Paris for 29th November and the mobilizations planned for 12th December.

"We regret that no alternative has been found to allow our
, said Juliette Rousseau Coordinator of Climat 21. "However, we are more determined than ever to make our voices heard on issues of climate justice.

"We realize the gravity of the situation. More than ever we will seek creative ways to mobilize and assemble. We will find an alternative citizens' mobilization to show that COP21 is not only the business of negotiators. No COP21 without mobilization of civil society!"

She added that the Citizens Climate Summit to be held on 5th and 6th December at Montreuil and the Action Zone for the climate, from 7th to 11th December, will be go ahead as planned.

"These mobilizations will be two great opportunities to demonstrate that we bring solutions and alternatives to climate change and that civil society is determined to fight against the climate crisis. COP 21 is not an end in itself: we are citizens of the world, and we are building a movement that will only be strengthened after this summit and beyond."

We will not be silenced!

"The government can prohibit these demonstrations, but it can not stop the mobilization and it won't prevent us strengthening the climate movement", said France Campaigner Nicolas Haeringer.

"Our voices will not be silenced. While this makes it difficult to go forward with our original plans, we will still find a way for people in Paris to make the call for climate justice heard, and we encourage everyone around the world to join a Global Climate March and raise their voices louder than ever. There's never been a greater need.

"While our plans in Paris must change, the movement for climate justice will not slow down. Around the world, marches, demonstrations, and civil disobedience are all planned for the weeks and months ahead. Together, we will continue to stand against violence and hatred with our peace and resolve.

"For people around the world, join the Global Climate March in your community to show your support for climate justice. For those who were planning to travel to Paris, still come and join us, and together we'll find a way to take action together."

Over 2,000 events will still take place

At latest count 2,173 events, including over 50 major marches, are planned worldwide as part of the Global Climate March on 28 and 29th of November.

Many of the events already planned in Paris for the two weeks of COP21 are also going forward, including the Pathway to Paris concert with Thom Yorke, Patti Smith, Flea and others.

Organizers are also encouraging activists to still plan on coming to Paris for the final days of the conference to "make sure people, not the polluters or politicians, have the final word."

Emma Ruby-Sachs, Deputy Director of Avaaz said: "Now it's even more important for people everywhere to march on the weekend of November 29th on behalf of those who can't, and show that we are more determined than ever to meet the challenges facing humanity with hope, not fear."



Climate March on 29th November - find an event near you!

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