Online petition seeks removal of Northern Ireland Environment Minister

| 11th February 2009
Over 500 people have signed the online 'Fire Sammy Wilson' petition in 24 hours. The Green Party of Northern Ireland has set up the petition calling for the resignation of Environment Minister Sammy Wilson because of his refusal to recognise man made climate change.

The N.I. Green Party was prompted to action by Wilson refusal to allow the UK Government’s ‘Act on CO2’ public awareness adverts to be broadcast within the country.

The Greens believe his opinion that current climate change is the result of natural cycles brings Northern Ireland into disrepute and damages efforts to attract inward investment.

Steven Agnew, Green Party European election candidate for Northern Ireland, said: ‘This is an opportunity for Northern Ireland to let the First and Deputy First Minister know that Sammy Wilson is no longer viewed as capable to run the Department of the Environment, because of his refusal to recognise man made climate change.’

To see the petition: Fire Sammy Wilson

Green Party Northern Ireland