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Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi: a 'Western stooge'?

Phil England

17th December, 2009

copenhagen map African nations react angrily to a funding compromise struck by the newly appointed head of the African delegation, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Listen to his speech, and the reaction more...

Bolivia's Pablo Solon: 'how do you compensate Mother Earth?'

Phil England

16th December, 2009

copenhagen map The Bolivian ambassador to the UN, Pablo Solon, explains why over 100 countries are now backing a proposal to acknowledge the rights of nature in a climate change agreement more...

Climate expert: Copenhagen is 'four years behind the science'

Arthur Girling

16th December, 2009

copenhagen map Head of the Potsdam Institute and climate change advisor to the German government, Professor John Schellnhuber explains why COP15 is based on out-of-date science, but why he still has hope for a positive outcome more...

'There's a lot of money looking to get involved in REDD'

Phil England

15th December, 2009

copenhagen map In an interview at Copenhagen, Bill Barclay of the Rainforest Action Network explains why the huge amount of money behind forest carbon schemes could lead to the tail wagging the dog more...

Europeans 'are acting as if they are climate sceptics'

Phil England

13th December, 2009

copenhagen map In a stinging attack on developed nations, G77 leader Lumumba Di-Aping blasts Gordon Brown for his offer of £500 million of climate aid more...

Obama can act on climate change without Congress

Phil England

11th December, 2009

copenhagen map There's a popular myth that without the US Congress passing a climate change bill, President Obama can't sign up to binding emissions targets. It's wrong, says Kassie Siegel, of the Center for Biological Diversity more...

Copenhagen Daily: Wednesday 9th December

Phil England

9th December, 2009

copenhagen map Phil England offers his thoughts on the now infamous 'leaked draft' agreement, as well as some new positive reports from green NGOs more...

Copenhagen Daily: Tuesday 8th December

Phil England

8th December, 2009

copenhagen map In this, the first of a two week series of programmes from the Copenhagen climate conference, Phil England talks to some of the activists making their presence felt in the Danish capital more...

The 300-350 Show: Civil Society for Climate Justice

Phil England

2nd December, 2009

Climate Radio gets the lowdown on the climate rally taking place in central London this weekend, 'The Wave' and also hears from a Climate Justice hunger striker more...

The 300-350 Show: Civil disobedience for climate justice

Phil England

26th November, 2009

Climate radio meets the activists who will be attempting to set a different agenda at the climate summit in Copenhagen more...

The 300-350 Show: Climate Justice Fast

Phil England

18th November, 2009

Climate Radio reports on a hunger protest started in response to the lack of progress at recent climate talks more...

Tim Jackson: 'our economy is not fit-for-purpose'

Tim Jackson

12th November, 2009

Tim Jackson Professor Tim Jackson tells an audience at Westminster Central Hall how our economy has failed us but, whilst growth is unsustainable, so is its alternative, 'de-growth'... more...

The 300-350 Show: Africa makes a stand

Phil England

10th November, 2009

Climate Radio reports on how and why the African delegation threatened to walk out of the recent climate negotiations more...

The 300-350 Show: "Our climate is not your business!"

Phil England

5th November, 2009

Climate Radio turns its focus on the actions of big business and asks why we need to stop them stopping climate action more...

The 300-350 Show: saving forests requires more than cash

Phil England

29th October, 2009

Nathaniel Dyer of the Rainforest Foundation UK explains how saving forests is about far more than simply throwing money at the problem more...

The 300-350 Show: the Bangkok climate talks

Phil England

22nd October, 2009

An analysis of the UN climate talks in Bangkok with Saleemul Huq – a veteran who has been to 'practically all of them' more...

The 300-350 Show: forests in the Copenhagen deal

Phil England

14th October, 2009

At the close of the Bangkok climate talks last week, Europe blocked the protection of natural forests. Why? more...

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