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15/03/2016» Ecologist Film Unit Youtube playlist

19/05/2014» Coughing up coal

30/09/2011» Fracking Hell – the environmental costs of the new US gas drilling boom

09/10/2012» Grinding Nemo: what's the real cost of your prawn curry?

09/10/2012» Blood harvest: Coca Cola challenged over orange trade linked to 'exploitation and squalor'

30/09/2011» The Greed of Feed – the hidden cost of your cheap farmed salmon

09/10/2012» UK tourists fuelling brutal live elephant trade between Burma & Thailand

30/09/2011» The carbon con: investigating the true cost of offsetting

30/09/2011» Food speculation – how betting on food commodities fuels Mexico’s tortilla crisis

30/09/2011» Sour Milk – undercover inside the US intensive dairy industry

30/09/2011» The Killing Fields – human rights abuses and environmental devastation in Paraguay’s soya fields

30/09/2011» Dwindling forests, dwindling futures – how forest dwellers being ignored by the Bangladeshi Government

30/09/2011» Selling The Sea – revealing Indonesia’s little-known plans to privatise huge swathes of coastline for aquaculture

30/09/2011» Sick As A pig – the menace of MRSA linked to industrial pig farming

30/09/2011» Giri Raja: the Forest King – reporting on the “wonder-chicken” hailed as a solution to feeding India’s poor

30/09/2011» Melting Point – on the frontline of environmental activism

30/09/2011» Hell For Leather – investigating the leather industry in Bangladesh

30/09/2011» Ecologist Film Unit


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