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Ecologist archive 1970- 1999

10th January 2014

Every page of every issue of the Ecologist from 1970 - 1999 available for everyone to read

The Ecologist archive covering the period 1970-1999 provides a fantastic research tool for academics, students, those working in environmental professions or those simply with an interest in the Ecologist subject matter.

This historic archive, painstakinlgy scanned and uploaded, provides in effect, a roadmap of the modern environmental movement.

The achive is fully searchable and has active links to email addresses, websites and telehone numbers contained within the pages.




The archive covering the 2000-2009 period is only available with a membership to The Resurgence Trust. Members of The Resurgence Trust receive six issues of Resurgence & Ecologist magazine (pdf format) a year, plus access to the complete Ecologist archive. For more information: Exact Editions




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