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In Predatory Light

Edgar Vaid

9th December 2013

Lion from 'In Predatory Light: Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears' Edgar Vaid reviews 'In Predatory Light: Lions and Tigers and Polar Bears', by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, Sy Montgomery, and John Houston more...

The Man Who Plants Trees

Edgar Vaid

Edgar Vaid reviews the biography of a man who, after a supernatural experience, takes it upon himself to clone species of tree that he deems 'special'; trees that he believes may be crusaders in the fight against global warming ... more...

Beacons: stories for our not so distant future

Edgar Vaid

21st November 2013

Edgar Vaid reviews a collection of short stories visualising our future as imagined by a number of well known authors ... more...

A hero for our time

Heathcote Williams

16th November 2013

A new fictional character who ‘fights pain' wherever he finds it is a kind of eco-Bond for our time, says Heathcote Williams. Few could resist this ripping yarn. more...

To Life!

Martin Spray

November 8th, 2013

Martin Spray reviews a text on eco-art that whilst (surprisingly) not visually stunning he found presented a comprehensive guide to the issues and approaches of the genre, as well as providing clues on 'where to look to next' ... more...

Plastic Ocean

October 28th, 2013

Elizabeth Claire Alberts

Elizabeth Claire Alberts discovers how a sea captain's chance discovery launched a mission to clear up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch ... more...

Class, Poverty and Climate Change

By Susan Clark

It may be one of those New York Times bestsellers on sale at the airport, but Susan Clark is not fooled: this is a novel that sets out to tackle the biggest single issue we are facing..... more...

The Rediscovery of the Wild

October 3rd, 2013

By Martin Spray

Martin Spray reviews a book that presents varied perspectives on the essence of true 'wildness' and the necessity of connecting with 'wild' nature..... more...

The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse

Martin Spray

Martin Spray reviews a book which contains the words 'punish human beings' in the title. Despite experiencing severe annoyance and mild disgust during his read, he also admits to finding the work undeniably intriguing.............. more...

What greens can learn from Dr. Strangelove

Ben Whitford

Ben Whitford reviews a text which examines the links between historical scientific research and the climate change debate, and discovers that environmental crises were once considered part of terrifying military strategies...... more...

The Kingdom of Rarities

Edgar Vaid

Edgar Vaid reviews Eric Dinerstein's latest book, and whilst reflecting on our apparent obsession with seeking out the 'rare', discovers that it's all rather relative....... more...

Reimagining International Law

Holly and Harry Jonas

Holly and Harry Jonas explain how imagination is changing the international legal landscape for indigenous people more...

Why genes are not selfish and people are nice

Colin Tudge

In his latest book Colin Tudge suggests that if we want to put the world to rights we have to re-think all the big ideas that underpin our lives.... more...

Fifty Shades of Denial

We want to embrace and love nature but also seem ambivalent in the face of its destruction. Paul Zeal reviews a book that analyses these attitudes and welcomes the diagnostics he finds mingled with narratives of hope more...

For Climate's Sake! A Visual Reader of Climate Change

by Edgar Vaid

For Climate's Sake! Edgar Vaid reviews a book which aims to convey the knowledge revealed by current climate research through the power of images, graphics, and case studies. more...

Radical Human Ecology: A Path of Hope

by Edmund O'Sullivan

Edmund O'Sullivan reviews a selection of readings on inter-cultural and transdisciplinary approaches to human ecology. more...

Class, poverty & climate change

Susan Clark

15th May 2013

It may be one of those New York Times best-sellers on sale at the airport but Susan Clark is not fooled; Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behaviour is a novel that sets out to tackle the biggest single issue we are facing ... more...

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