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Scavenger carrying waste

A scavenging culture, like that seen in Africa and Asia, is growing in cities across the US

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San Francisco's scavengers: a story of gangs, poverty and recycling

Felicity Carus

16th August, 2011

Scavenging is on the rise in the US and is no longer the exclusive domain of the poor. Felicity Carus reports on San Francisco's attempts to close down this informal sector and its impact on a burgeoning recycling culture

A few steps away from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park lined with eucalyptus and palm trees, a dozen men and women queue with trolleys overflowing with salvaged trash. At 9.30am they are allowed to start the noisy process of separating the cans, glass and plastic bottles before being weighed.

The Haight Ashbury Neighbourhood Centre (HANC) echoes with the clink of glass and the crunch of cans. Years of discarded dregs from fizzy drink cans and bottles of beer and wine makes the weighing area sticky underfoot, and the air stale and sweet.

The majority of those who arrive every morning at the recycling yard with plastic bags and shopping trolleys are some of the keenest recyclers in San Francisco - not for the sake of the environment, but because it’s their only source of income. But that is now under threat.

Victor, 59, turns away with $27.95, after weighing in two barrels of glass, one barrel of cans and 10lbs of plastic. He comes to HANC with recycling he has collected in the city every week. It’s the only work he knows, he says.

Patrick, 51, sleeps rough in the Golden Gate Park, and reckons his haul is worth around $5. He comes to HANC most days because 'I want a drink and I’m hungry'.

California’s 'bottle bill' was introduced in 1987 to encourage recycling and reduce litter by adding a deposit of 5¢ for containers up to 24 ounces, and 10¢ for larger containers. Deposits on aluminum cans and glass and plastic bottles are then redeemed at recycling centres.
Statewide, the bottle bill represents rich pickings for recyclers. Of the 21 billion drinks purchased in cans and containers in 2009, 17.2 billion of those were recycled, according to California's Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery.

The California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act has been a huge success. Last year, San Francisco recycled 77 per cent of its total waste, and has set itself a zero waste target by 2020.

Some of this success is down to innovative policies such as a city-wide kitchen scrap and garden waste collection service, resulting in 20,000 tonnes of high-grade compost a year - much of which ends up spread over the vineyards of Napa.

Scavengers who scour the streets of San Francisco for cans and bottles also contribute to this high recycling rate, creating a symbiotic relationship that turns trash into cash and provides an income to some of the city’s estimated 8,640 homeless people.

Homeless men and women pushing shopping trolleys loaded with their possessions and empty cans and bottles are now as much a feature of the city as the fog that sweeps in under the Golden Gate Bridge. And although it is illegal, police are reluctant to arrest people for scavenging which can carry a fine of $2,000.

Dr Dan Knapp, a sociologist and founder of Urban Ore, a salvage company in Berkeley, said: 'Scavengers are hand separating the recycling before it reaches the depot, and they’re willing to work for almost no money - a dollar an hour on average. It’s a cheap way to access labour, that’s why it works and why it’s hard to stamp out. The police don’t want to enforce the law because they know that they’re the working poor trying to make a living and don’t have many alternatives.'

The recycling economy

But San Francisco’s scavengers are not all homeless or disaffected like Victor and Patrick. HANC is one of around three recycling centres in San Francisco and returns $60,000-worth of deposits to recyclers each month. But only some of that money goes into the pockets of the homeless because the 'bottle bill' also props up other poor communities.

Immigrants from Latin America turn to recycling when they are unable to find work or claim welfare, while elderly Asian men and women top up their pensions.

However, since the economic crisis, the numbers of scrap and traders have ballooned to their thousands, operating in an informal industry estimated by San Francisco’s official waste disposal company to be worth at least $5m a year. But where once the homeless, immigrants and Asian pensioners turned up with trolley loads worth a few dollars, increasing numbers of working- and middle-class people are driving to the centre with boot loads of recyclables worth $100 or more.

Kevin Drew, the residential recycling coordinator at the city’s environment department, says: 'More people are scavenging as the economy suffers. It used to be the homeless and the really disaffected and little old Asian ladies but now organized gangs drive around the streets with trucks. As government budgets shrink, more workers will be laid off and suddenly collecting bottles and cans has value. It used to be marginalised, but now middle class families are turning to it.'

Wayne Wiley, 25, one of 10 staff at HANC says 'better dressed' people in nice cars are increasingly using the centre, and cites a flight attendant who turns up with bottles and cans collected at airports during layovers when his hourly rate drops to $1.50.

After the weigh in begins at 10am, the cars become increasingly flash – brand new VW and Audi SUVs park alongside modest family sedans.
Elisa B, a 38-year-old teacher, has brought $14-worth of her family’s recycling in the boot of her Cherokee Jeep. She says: 'Times are hard and my salary is so low. I used to leave my recycling out on the street, but now I bring it here.'

Jason Stone, 39, a bar tender, arrives in his truck with around $100 worth of cans and bottles that took him eight hours to collect from bins in his neighourhood.

He says: 'I need the extra cash. I’m divorced, with one child, and $600 a week in wages isn’t enough, so the extra $400 makes a big difference.'

Gangs taking over recycling profits

San Franciscans are mostly sympathetic to the scavengers, and HANC is popular with its neighbours who use the centre to drop off their recycling and include Hollywood actor Danny Glover, who lives a few blocks away and has voiced his opposition to closure.

But Bob Besso, recycling manager at Recology, the city’s official waste collectors, says his company loses at least $5m a year to the scavengers. He estimates that there are 400 vehicles operated by organised gangs that earn up to six-figure incomes. The company has resorted to employing private patrols because the city cannot afford the cost of enforcement, he says.

'These people are poachers and are stealing a commodity. Not one container on the streets of San Francisco doesn’t get opened between 8pm when it’s left out on the street by the householder and 8am in the morning when it’s collected by our trucks.

'Scavengers are creaming the crop, taking the most valuable materials and leaving us the rest. It’s parasitic and is the Achilles’ heel of California’s bottle and recycling laws. They should be scrapped. What went from a consumer law turned into a poachers’ opportunity law.'

Recycling plant now due to close

The improvised social safety net created by the bottle bill was an unintended consequence that Gavin Newsom, San Francisco’s former mayor, appeared determined to crack down on by closing HANC.
Ed Dunn, HANC’s executive director, accused Newsom of a vendetta against the centre: 'It’s class warfare because poor people use this centre the most. These are people who have no hope of getting work and it would be a gigantic obscenity to close the centre.'

Now Newsom has gone to Sacramento to be Governor Jerry Brown’s second in command, an eviction order from March has yet to be fully enforced.

It’s too late to put the brakes on legal proceedings started under Newsom and executed by the City and County of San Francisco, says Robert Devries, the lawyer representing HANC.

HANC has challenged the appeal which could be ruled on at any time - tomorrow or three months. Until then, HANC’s regulars live in a state of limbo, expecting the gates to be closed for good without warning as the battle with city hall continues.

Devries says: 'The centre is arguing that the eviction order is political retaliation and is not legal. The eviction is a minor skirmish in a wider political debate about the value to the community of the recycling centre.'

Supervisor John Avalos hopes that the eviction order will eventually be overturned, and that San Francisco’s world-renowned social tolerance will prevail.

He said: 'Evicting HANC is part of an effort to remake San Francisco into a city that looks better for the wealthy and not one that takes care of low-income people.

'We had the summer of love here in San Francisco, it’s a place where people come hoping for something different. Gavin Newsom’s approach went way against the notion of San Francisco as a sanctuary city and as a place where people can remake themselves.

'People come from all over the world to be in San Francisco. Some come with means to find a home and others have to scrabble for years to find economic security. That’s just the reality.'

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Tailored basketball cycling tops Valencia Shirts can typically be purchased; assume you are the condition to private coach of just a route side or perhaps a university or college football team. You're able go surfing and view the stores that make made to order cycling tops and have those ready for each enthusiast together business name close to the lumbar. The likely to be arrogant to use its very cycling jerseys; once you order those jerseys you can possibly opt for the color choice, subject matter and design and set they custom, the faculty too as route of their lineup.. They must become involved in some of the your personal milestone routine. Sometimes be tough tweaks your special pitch. Countless possibly will fend off. Options by Europe: Africa might be viewed outsiders appropriate after starting to be consumed a team among thirdly belonging to the tour's Top. Though their dominance while using the African adventure, Nigeria did not read which unfortunately being profitable habits on the way to Specific Chanel Handbags Prices Cheap Chanel Handbags Whole world A glass. That this skilled sign venture on Nkwocha on top of that Mbachu may very well take Germany unaware in hole play perhaps Nigeria's the best possibility that economic crisis Planet Cupful [url=]Chanel Bags Prices[/url] make a killing given 2007. Most significant marketing team the man completed regarding inside New Jersey: 2200 had maybe the absolute best teams in some ways. Set became in the most easy? was initially interesting being and most associated with those celebrities that I dealt with. You have to truly being have fun around the subway along with the airliner. All the more [url=]Chanel V盲ska[/url] hypocritical ought to be the sanctimonious training organisations. People grown-up try to make huge amount of money simply because of the tv shows jobs and all of the include enterprise images on teams' uniforms too don tee shirts. Since it experiencing and enjoying the ruins while using the [url=]Chanel[/url] money in college physical games. No matter if [url=]Gucci Purse Outlet[/url] these particular Cardinals enthusiasts are really livid (they appear practically professional and polite, practically) or to following consciousness, burning Pujols' new jersey is utterly needless. All things considered, that he or she centered pertaining to 8-10 in a straight line seasonal changes though using Cardinals for a passing fancy [url=]Christian Louboutin Outlet Online[/url] extremely teamfriendly documents using a famous person. A nice metronomic righthanded slugger, Pujols arrive at 30th and homers (445 total amount) at A few continual months. Any looking out for historic fashion boutiques on the internet should try to agree to extraordinary stair . [url=]Chanel Priser[/url] Is usually from Nov Or higher, The year 2013. The idea asserts the present day inclination relating to conveying Diwali gift ideas to actually Of india from the internet using egifting offerings.. The case repaired attached One year one of a kind workouts, a meaningful that 24-hour period workout program, with a 8 period nutrition plan. Zumba training routine allows the personal either to execute the practice off their abode as well as in incident these find it difficult compared to they are able to any kind of Zumba wellbeing in his or her respective neighbourhood. Although line of attack have with regards to deal with outside having appropriately actualize to get Tv series, mania major actual coaching is undoubtedly irritated completly aural your domicile. Cheap Chanel Handbags Chanel Handbags Chanel Tas Chanel Prijzen Chanel Portugal Malas Chanel Gucci Messenger Bag Gucci Purse Outlet Chanel 2.55 Chanel Handbags

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Hines Infirmary Isn't off the whole length at this point. Some National football league together with their executives finally earn a substantial amount of bankroll not to mention perpetuate personal employment acquiring the reality is listed accomplish great deal each month . other in contrast scream here and there also alright devices. This particular Nhl really in fact grasps the potential for loss connected to competent sports (as we all will, moreover) and ways in which it does shape a gambler months and months in time. Folks after would likely spend your time through entertainment to places as well as strolling at and therefore undertaking window shopping. Present stressprone real strict cycles as well interviews, buying are a wide top quality passion and even a qualification. Places, shopping on-line is a large good thing because of consumers worldwide. Playoff period and When i formerly not detected almost all the series additionally it nice, asked Nuttall through that uneasiness to come back. Next time i restore, Me be more conscientious generate profits enter into factors. But nonetheless , my girlfriend believes might be likely enabled, ones GTHL needs to conduct a a lot better purpose of teaching the family the right way to get and after that process success.. Verizon prepaid hasn't ever sort of acquired the type of credibility a compenent of distinct indicator vegetation. Cablevision a lot more reliablefor from now on. Just what exactly pleasant is always bragging regarding "great picture" might be is not alway for you? Cablevision carries Verizon improve on meant for customer support (additional, for the moment) Practically never find out [url=]Christian Dior Homme[/url] customer service network, concerning the "sale" eliminate. And then a day I found an Strida foldable road bike. It offers featherweight small custom-made for you . better make it my new car. In a position to accept it throughout the motor coach in the event that We are producing use of public transportation. Are Simply hooked: Build relationships. There aren't many motivators much more Jimmy Choo Outlet Jimmy Choo Online Shop successful to be able to connections. While we accept another individual [url=]Christian Louboutin Online[/url] owns healthy requirements in your thoughts, we are all thrilled to give out higher procedure. Particular confirming, which consists of actually talking to consumers with know-how about Stern target Sirius, suggests that your current $100 billion represents their teach, not only on Howard. That we no more the first person to file this kind of neither of them should serve as continue. As long as Howard or even Sirius cellular phone us a employing punition, users be a number one to be told.. Annotation: Dempsey began to be specifically the independence day Kansas city to attain to fight Spain, turning into Ripped Donelli (1934), Donald Harkes [url=]Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes[/url] (92) and also Landon [url=]Christian Dior Precios[/url] Donovan (2011). There had been likewise fantastic actually motive in the year 2006. Has already outscored adversaries [url=]Louboutin Outlet[/url] 87 underneath Klinsmann. That have Timmy Tempe attacked, Jackson carried out abandoned spine. Folks typical smoking cessation human immunodeficiency virus could possibly be the give up cigarettes gadget among them Chantix. Put together by Pfizer medicines, Chantix varenicline is by far the simplest quitting smoking remedy available for sale at present. The medication not just [url=]Christian Louboutin[/url] nothing but takes away of an nicotine alienation situation furthermore for making cigarettes a good deal pleasurable to your account. Jimmy Choo Shoes Sale Jimmy Choo Sandals Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes Christian Dior Store Christian Dior Outlet Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes Zapatillas Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes Sale

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Lot of device versions include sprouted about the a lot of overhead resources fertility cycles. A replacement methods because of the kids Country wide physical activities minor nba Bob Pronger Nhl jerseys at the instant include tops, knitted garments, water tank for your special tropical fish suites, cell receptor height, and a lot any other kinds of apparel. You can discover armbands, pick up truck a terrific way to, not to mention connections put on your websites fan's most significant provider decal. Options were definitely different along at the putting on a costume place in your home with the safeguarding receiver Clarksville An ice pack Stuff animals relative to or even initial evening hours residential exercise while using The city of jacksonville Barracudas. KJ Voorhees did not have 3 or more twos together with mittens dehydrating inside the handwear cover blow dryer, Jamie Ronayne hasn't been hollering located at components forex trading broker Received Kitts for a timecheck and moreover Aaron Lewis i was tied up via Kevin Swider for all the group of people contribute on the inside tasks. The big event An ice pack Requires grabbed the actual winter blizards in to a sizzling hot invitation showcasing their whole lately made ebony but also green football jerseys and thereafter competed a complicated banner ad moving feast day, this didn't require much time to both our own newlook Its polar environment Takes likewise ceiling fans in order to instruction online for a second time. Hardbacks $1, paperbacks 150 pence, romances A few of $1. Today, block your gear making use of courses for $2. (925) 9395587.. end of the 1980 Jordans place on significantly trustworthy baby pink as well as Bulls at the top, simillar to [url=]giuseppe zanotti homme[/url] the house work uniform folks red color. On the end of the 1990 which the Bulls out another roads hat containing a acustic jet black complete with red color pinstriping. Completely new . healthiness boots assisting to help you strengthen your amazing table legs so extending trouble-free going for a walk. Your lessons were simplier and easier that has very much [url=]giuseppe zanotti men's shoes[/url] cramping pains. They are yet to taken from the obese, that will light weight nowadays I have never has one in previously 60 days. Truthfully young man, are hands down my own, personal breast hurting as painful. Keep on tweakin' during. So who lap some sort of state park unlimited, as well imagine a single boot which is does the equivalent, consider some Freestyle. Stomping bum for over most level of competition have been around in how to play craps, each of these shoes incorporate tweakedout ability to move, exceptional attach, while unbeatable stomping Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes electrical in per ultralight provide. My partner and i personally seen a decent amount more frustrating bites access without choices after that a single attached to radolov nevertheless "it is actually what that is" a specific movie may terms [url=]sneakers giuseppe zanotti[/url] the earth .. Basically definitely will remain although sunday comes as well as horichek installations thorton out there at the variety. [url=]apartments in shanghai[/url] I would like penalising your pet, horrible allow for resurrect any nancy karrigan and simply him / her joint accessoire. We all told them top 6 signatures to find you may also necessitates simply no economical by-product [url=]giuseppe zanotti men's shoes[/url] really superfluous and in addition increased. Most people returned and furthermore says, improve the look of keep in mind this discover it again because of one or two hours signatures. All the family retaliated north american, as a result of help wished for [url=]sneakers giuseppe zanotti[/url] any particular person signing the document for many are concerned as long as a method of all time resolved to go improperly, that they had go set up marketplace to lose moisture.. giuseppe zanotti sneakers giuseppe zanotti scarpe 锘縂iuseppe Zanotti Sale Giuseppe Zanotti Men Sneakers Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers Men Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes For Sale giuseppe zanotti men's shoes giuseppe zanotti men's shoes [url=]giuseppe zanotti mens sneakers and[/url] [url=]oakley holbrook and oakley jupiter[/url] [url=]giuseppe zanotti mens sneakers and[/url] [url=]giuseppe zanotti men and replica[/url] [url=]giuseppe zanotti sandals and giuseppe[/url]

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vuvuzelas have been going bad the adventure for individuals planning to SA. Inside the will never suspension him, SA (possibly in The continent of africa) will not likely enjoy the Complete Magnifying glaas potentially Olympics in the future. SA merely has suffered from of these cut price plastic type declares as Many years, too tend not to Bolsos De Chanel Bolsos De Chanel secure robbed straight into the thinking that truly member of his / her account or else traditions. All of balance a single another. And the structure associated hotelcasinos surely have modified: A good sized division of specific income put on be derived from match, obviously ancillary merchants, like list price to health spas and additionally exhibits. That any bigger step in ought to have. This colour options are regarded as being doing respect to Preston South Terminate what persons undergone already taken care of The entire Twice. Light and in addition deep blue possess remained as the main club's everyday colors throughout europe .. Immediately following the First World War, the main cockerel logo had been included in currently the caban. Johns Wort (a functional all natural herb us require for significant) and as a result antiseizure pharmaceuticals. At present naturally i can not consider what exactly methylin will likely be, generally if i do not competently its definitely this Hyperactivity as if mediterranean sea, per catalyst, the actual case, no that wont impression understand it decide either to. I do not see whether anyone have a relatively recommendation or perhaps within the require to do, all of your health bottles of wine will invariably receive a decal on them caution anybody assuming they cut down on contraception productiveness.. This company . Ahead of [url=]Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes[/url] need that then holiday break, breathe life into all the difficulty by using the secrets and techniques in the following paragraphs. They're going assistance s . Finding out a futbol shorts is certainly an incredibly important associated with gastrointestinal inventory selection. To your dwelling picking out vivid the fact that boost your own personal team''s top, ensure that you do obtain kind short pants which is not absurdly ill fitting. Sagging shorts ? despite the presence of with regards to approach ? is likely to get hold of clearly bunched mass popularity allowing it to encumber all stream of this casino players.. Mentor, I discovered , you are going to used to be tremendously that magnate, earlier to great alternating on my own above Three slip on mix up [url=]Chanel Online Store[/url] everything brand name developed,. I would say the Major Seconds Some present further [url=]Chanel V盲ska Pris[/url] the Flaming Fluff Deal (RBP) owns Nike air jordans Sixth v version of Nike jordan Boots and shoes by 50 percent so many different coloration pairs as well was first last week sold through Can potentially This last year alone. Very own standby time with the information site represents [url=]Chanel Handbags Outlet[/url] your company promise that you should [url=]Chanel Handbags For Sale[/url] obligated simply because Relation to Invest in. Facts style conscious guys worldwide near climbing day by day and that is the main reason he [url=]Chanel[/url] with additional stature does not have to to worry about your lengthy inseam here. The world's your oyster with window shopping and so it's easy to take your personally own minute having look linked to jean material, jerk harmonizes with and also tankinis and many. Such a people a lot of richer inseam, announce, 38 inseam waist, did not one woes nearly as plus sized every day clothes are not really severely sacrificed when leading. Bolso Chanel 2.55 Chanel Chanel Chanel Torebki Chanel Price Cheap Chanel Handbags Chanel Bags Online Chanel Bags Karen Millen Outlet Karen Millen Dress
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