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13/04/2012» Pharmaceutical industry 'rejoices' at demise of pioneering EPD allergy treatment

27/04/2011» Can the NHS ever be green?

07/09/2011» The struggle to save Alaska's 'illness-busting' wild berries

17/11/2010» Deforestation could fuel deadly spread of malaria, yellow fever and Lyme disease

02/11/2010» Shocking legacy of 'uranium poisonings' haunts Obama's looming mining decision

20/04/2010» What is the health impact of air pollution?

23/03/2010» How long until health foods become illegal?

02/02/2010» What is the Pill doing to our bodies and planet?

21/07/2009» Mobile phones and health: what do we know?

18/06/2009» Dioxin Dorms: Why I Can’t Give Up On New Paltz

30/04/2009» Making Sense of Swine Flu

30/04/2009» Drugs on tap

24/03/2009» Animal Testing: Science or Fiction?

18/02/2009» The Flu Vaccine... A Shot in the Dark?

04/02/2009» 10 things you didn't know about bird flu

28/01/2009» Oops, wrong brain

21/01/2009» Raw milk - magic bullet or health hazard?

08/12/2008» Teflon Out of the Frying Pan

01/10/2008» Ch-ch-changes

25/09/2008» As green as gold?

01/06/2008» Hell for leather

15/05/2008» The safer cigarette

15/05/2008» Profitable Pollutants

01/05/2008» Amalgam fillings classified as 'hazardous waste'

10/01/2008» The Brofiscin saga

07/11/2007» Brofiscin: Environment Agency shoots the messenger

26/10/2007» Has the Environment Agency obstructed the course of justice?

11/10/2007» Burying The Truth

08/03/2007» Breathe Easy?

01/03/2007» Mobile Headache

01/11/2006» The Big Fat Fix

01/04/2006» Suck On This

01/04/2006» ASBOs vs Nutrition

16/12/2005» Medication nation

01/12/2005» Goose? Or propaganda?

01/12/2005» Chocoholism

01/12/2005» Avian flu - the ecology of an epidemic

01/10/2005» Greening the Blues

30/08/2005» Aspartame

09/08/2005» Life after aspartame

09/08/2005» Aspartame's Toxic Contents

05/08/2005» Aspartame reactions: a hidden epidemic

01/07/2005» The Dawn of the domestic superbug

01/06/2005» Purely cosmetic changes?

01/10/2004» National disease service

01/10/2004» Revolt

01/04/2004» Health NHS exposed

01/02/2004» Lyme disease - what is the real cause?

01/11/2003» The story behind sugar

01/07/2003» Nasty, Brutish & Short

01/11/2002» Dying to know the truth

14/06/2000» Finding extra lattitude on the topic of cancer

10/06/2000» Vitamins: what's the real story?

01/09/1998» Monsanto: A checkered history

01/03/1998» Sir Richard Doll: A Questionable Pillar of the Cancer Establishment


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