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Peak phosphorus
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Peak phosphorus: our most important nutrient running out

Ewan Kingston

12th January, 2010

It has no synthetic alternative and some scientists believe supplies may already be in a terminal decline. But there is still no international effort to tackle the massive agricultural problems that will come when the phosphorus runs out

There are no substitutes for phosphorus in agriculture.

That's the hard truth that appears in the 2009 issue of the United States Geological Service annual commodity survey for phosphorus.

It's printed in every issue in the same place in that dry official document, but now it seems to take on a special significance - in the last few years some analysts have claimed production of phosphorus has already peaked, and demand is rising continuously. It is becoming painfully clear that we need to start seriously looking at how we manage this vital nutrient.


Obtaining sufficient phosphorus is crucial for the survival of all forms of life – it forms an irreplaceable part of cell membranes, energy transfer molecules and DNA – it is truly part of every living thing.

Compared to how important phosphorus is to life's flourishing, it is often the hardest nutrient for organisms to obtain in the natural world, making it a 'limiting factor' of many ecosystems, or as science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote in On Chemistry, 'life's bottleneck'.

As in the wild, so on our fields - phosphorus, alongside nitrogen and potassium, is one of the three major nutrients needed for plant growth. Increasing the availability of phosphorus is a key technique used by farmers of all persuasions in order to improve their yields.

In the last 100 years, world agriculture has developed an increasing dependence on mineral phosphate fertilisers – a suite of compounds produced exclusively from  phosphate rock. Extracted from phosphate rock mined from Morocco to Florida, phosphorus has been spread on farmers' fields to the tune of 1 billion tonnes of pure phosphorus since 1950.

Until now, the main concerns about phosphorus production were how to manage the toxic and radioactive byproducts of phosphate mining and reducing what ecologists call eutrophication – the toxic growth of algae when excess phosphorus spreads from the land into watercourses. The non-renewable stocks of phosphate rock were treated as if they were limitless.

Suddenly however, it seems the limits are almost upon us. In 2007, physicist Patrick Déry applied to phosphate rock the same statistical method that has been used consistently to predict when oilfields will peak. He found that phosphate production has already peaked. If true, that would be catastrophic news, especially for the less-industrialised world, where demand is growing for phosphorus fertiliser at several percent a year, soils are generally much more deficient in phosphorus and higher fertiliser prices will be much harder to absorb.

Will it, won't it?

While Déry's analysis has its detractors, there is a growing consensus that peak phosphorus is a real threat. Just last month, the esteemed scientific journal Nature published an article entitled 'Phosphorus – the disappearing nutrient'. One conclusion of the article was that the lack of urgency in implementing solutions to phosphorus depletion could lead to catastrophe.

So how long have we got? Governments, mining companies and fertiliser companies all have incentives to guard the information they do have, meaning it is difficult to form a definitive answer. Eric Kueneman, deputy director of the Food and Agriculture Organisation's Plant Production and Protection Division admitted to Nature that the body has no real idea about the future of phosphate reserves. 'To give a reliable answer to the question, “will phosphates run out?” we need a crystal ball,' he said.
Some groups, made up of scientists rather than clairvoyants, are placing the date of peak phosphorus in the near future. The Global Phosphate Research Initiative, a growing group of academics concerned about phosphorus scarcity, says in its Declaration on Global Phosphorus Security: 'we are likely to see a peak in global phosphate rock production within the next few decades after which demand will exceed supply.'

The world had a preview of such a situation in 2008, when the mismatch between demand and supply caused a 700 percent increase in the price of phosphate over just a year. This triggered an international panic – China placed a 100 per cent tariff on its phosphorus exports, and rocketing fertiliser prices triggered demonstrations and a fatal stampede in India. The price of phosphate  has returned to 'only' around 3 times the 2005 level, but the spike signals how unpredictable the price of phosphorus inputs will be.

Organics to save the day?

It's clear that phosphate rock is politically sensitive, radioactive, overused and, most worryingly, becoming scarce. Dependence on mined phosphorus is one of the major flaws of conventional agriculture. So can organic agriculture save the day?

Jack Hunter of the Soil Association thinks so: 'organic farming in many ways represents mainstream farming-in-waiting. Because organic farming uses much less phosphate rock, much more effectively, it represents the best use of this depleting material'.

But it's not quite so simple. Studies in North America and England found phosphorus levels were typically low in organic farms, with the lowest levels often in the fields that had been farmed organically the longest. Nathan Nelson, an authority on nutrients in organic systems at Kansas State University, is familiar with the problem. Most organic farms, he says, are on land that once received chemical phosphorus fertilisers, and some are living off this legacy, gradually depleting the soil of phosphorus.

According to Nelson, the most problematic scenario is when farms are relying on ploughing in nitrogen-fixing cover crops to provide the main source of nutrients, as these crops reap nitrogen from the atmosphere but add no extra phosphorus. 'These [particular] organic farms are maintaining high production based on stored soil phosphorus,' he believes.

One of the products organic farmers are permitted to use to add phosphorus is far from green - crushed phosphate rock itself.

Apart from being of widely varying quality, a problem with adding this 'crude phosphate' to organic fields is the presence of heavy metals and radionuclides that remain in the unprocessed rock. The risks could be significant, but there is very little data or testing on the radioactivity or toxicity of crude phosphate. 'The risks are so clear cut and yet no one looks at it,' says researcher and organic fertiliser producer Dr Nikolas Stuttenhein.

Human waste

In contrast with crude phosphate, another, more sustainable source of phosphorus is highly regulated – human waste. One analysis shows about one sixth of the phosphorus that is mined each year ends up in our toilets, mainly as urine, and presently only 10 per cent of that is returned to our fields. Reusing such a concentrated source of phosphorus is essential, according to experts such as Carlo Leifert, who holds the Research Development Chair in Ecological Agriculture at Newcastle University. 'We need to redesign the whole waste system,' he says, 'and we have about 30 years to do it'.

As the Ecologist has pointed out, there are bureaucratic and systemic hurdles standing in the way of returning human waste to the land, even urine, which is relatively safe. While one might expect organic farmers to be leading the way, they are faced with a blanket ban on human excreta under EU organic regulations. Jack Hunter of the Soil Association says the Association follows the EU regulations, but is aware of the potential of human waste.
'We are bringing the issue up at the EU level, via IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements,' he says.

Demanding less

Broadly speaking, the challenge facing organic farmers is not so different then from the challenge the rest of the world faces – how to maintain or improve yields and soil fertility without relying on phosphate rock.

There's no silver bullet. According to Dana Cordell of the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney, and co-founder of the Global Phosphorus Research Initiative, the strategy should involve 'dramatically' reducing demand and recovering and reusing the phosphorus that currently is leaking from the system. The mix of ways to achieve this in naturally phosphorus-poor areas such as the tropics or Australia will look very different from that which is right for  Europe, but the toolkit includes diet changes, wiser fertiliser use and reusing human waste (see box, below).

Problematically though, high quality information and co-ordinated policy responses to the challenge of peak phosphorus are almost non-existent. In contrast to other vital agricultural inputs, such as water or nitrogen, there is no international body responsible for phosphorus resources.

'Before we start talking about detailed policy measures, we need some kind of global co-ordination to oversee these kinds of tasks,' says Cordell. Not that she is suggesting a go-slow. 'Before 2007 there wasn't much discussion at all about this issue, which is alarming, considering what we know now... I don't think we have the luxury of a lot of time.'

It seems the world needs to rapidly start managing its phosphorus - it could be the most precious element of all. 

Useful links
Phosphorus Futures website

World solutions to phosphorus scarcity

Use pee power   
There is great potential for recovering the phosphorus from human urine, especially through decentralised 'ecological sanitation' projects. Even the European Fertiliser Association has said that 'recycling by recovery from municipal and other waste products' is a 'major opportunity' for better use of of phosphate rock. Animal manure represents an even greater flow of phosphorus, and this study shows at least half of it is not being returned to fertilise our fields.

Use natural soil phosphorus more effectively
According to Dana Cordell of the Institute for Sustainable Futures, agriculture that reduces soil erosion, promotes healthy root systems and encourages the right soil microorganisms allows plants to access more of the phosphorus locked away in the soil.

Reduce fertiliser wastage
The FAO estimates as little as 15 per cent of applied phosphorus fertiliser is actually taken up by crops. Another analysis shows almost half the phosphorus added to soils is presently lost to erosion.

Reduce biofuel cropping
'Energy crops' grown for biofuels are typically fast growing and require hefty applications of phosphorus. According to Cordell, there are signs the consequent rise in demand for phosphorus contributed to the price rise of 2007-2008.

Eat vegetarian or go vegan
According to Jan Olof-Drangert, Senior Researcher in the Department of Water and Environmental Studies at Linköping University, a meat-eater requires at least twice the amount of phosphorus to produce their food as a vegetarian does.

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Natural stone Cool Dorrie Austin, tx, anyone desired learning to be a WWE seasoned wrestler. You know one. Learn to get the Las vegas Booze Licence If you need to offer alcoholic drinks during the express with Las vegas in a place wherever it's going to be consumed within the property,. Tips to get a Project around WWE Globe Wrestling Pleasure (WWE) is often a next era friends and family possessed organization that's evolved into probably the most powerful professional wrestling corporation during the.How To eliminate Loony Tenants Did you know so why a lot of land lords imagine the actual suite company is hard? Have you figured out exactly why My spouse and i along with other [url=]Longchamp Singapore Price[/url] speculators produce a lot income off from all these "tired landlords"? It boils down to a single thing: They don't know easy methods to adequately tv screen tenants. And from now on Let me present to you how you can panel out there "the nuts ones". Firstly, silly anything learn these are loony. Allowed me to clarify: In cases where Let me depart on to start a date which includes a person Normally i talk to the woman on the telephone earliest. So i panel the woman equally only seemed to be testing a new lodger or perhaps a inspired supplier. On the list of questions which i require the girl is certainly "If When i were to speak with all of your former mate boyfriend's are they going to have tales to make sure everyone about yourself cutting their own wheels, keying his or her truck or maybe leaving behind all of them 60 to 70 voicemails". And you'd be surprised at the actual responses I purchase. Women are going to be like "yeah, brussels time frame my partner had infidelities with us so I decided to go and also typed her automotive. Or perhaps, this tool moment this guy [url=]longchamp le pliage backpack[/url] trashed people as he stated I seemed to be way too obsessive so I chock-full his own voicemail messages field to get a weeks time straight". You can see, the particular mad lady considers that each women key passenger cars underneath specific situations, or possibly that most of girls result in a lot of voicemails when ever [url=]sac longchamp noir[/url] the love have ruined one more time, insane folks don't realize they're wild, for that reason just simply question them quick questions and they'll "convict themselves". A wild, Cops Contacting Renter Without a doubt precisely how that corresponds to my latest rental property: I have been assessment a lodger and you for my best requests is without a doubt "How perhaps you have be friends with an individual's preceding property, have there been any kind of problems". Along with instantly this kind of gal wen

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glaciers although they've previously taking into consideration his following that Tv set transfer. The particular entrepreneurial whizzkid with a part time to produce contraptions often called 'willykinis' (do not require) contains said that she should have linked Manufactured in Several weeks as opposed to the Trainee while he basically really wants to [url=]Réduction Sac Pliable Longchamp[/url] enjoy. Akhtar proclaimed: "I understand some of the Manufactured in Several weeks placed, I just gone to uni using Georgie Toffolo that's today on the show, I recognize Jan [Thompson], I am going with a good deal of days to weeks in Chelsea. You'll find that there's undoubtedly a connection furthermore there. "A number of people have reported When i hopped heli-copter flight drastically wrong shuttle. My spouse and i started This Apprentice as soon as i was in fact supposed to go on Stated in Chelsea. I actually do spend time with some of the throw, were fantastic buddies, thus figure we shall view what the results are at this time there.Centimeter Akhta exactly who became a boots right after presenting a faiytale on the investment business plan that is simply just nine many pages in addition to support out with photos shrugged away from the failure when he brand Goodness Carbs unexciting together with revealed [url=]longchamp le pliage singapore price[/url] this significant objective in adult life ended up have a great time. He stated: "I believe that I seemed to be far too focused for the purpose of Lord Sweets together with overly extroverted. He is not an enjoyable human being. He or she is boring, he / she might wear a good fit with, they have rather money oriented. "He basically doesn't lifetime. It is my opinion that may be likely so why I acquired yelled out of the space because I also have a identity i'm certainly not dreary.Centimeter Akhtar also accepted to help you tease using God Sugar's advisors Karren Brady and even Caudine Collins to get ahead. He said: "I [url=]sac a main longchamp soldes[/url] wanted to go on the and show that I am a typical boy, I can't suppose I am also a dude however. "I am entertaining, I can also have fun together with gals, I'll come on with Karren, I am able to have fun using Claudine, i may have some entertaining. I don't will need men and women telling me how to handle it regularly and everything ebay b . s .."someone aimed to flash light Seminole Clubhouse Marcus Lemonis includes sealed on the previous Seminole Team in the downtown area as well as home loan giants commence job today to switch it again within Lovely Pete's. Not just this, though news shattered Thurs night evening this Lemonis is undoubtedly investing in inside Flakes Prepare Retail outlet, a different You are able to based mostly cupcake stringed of which finished Friday. He explained he / she gives incorporat

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success Your woman acquired as many as Twenty,172 ballots compared with the woman Conservative [url=]Sac a Dos Longchamp En Ligne[/url] competitor on 21,086. Following news connected with the woman results came out thru early in the morning she stated: "This may be a enormous final result. Undoubtedly Some choose to remove really and it merely actually feel wonderful to enjoy acquired a seating again. "It's for ages been [url=]sac longchamps cuir[/url] beneficial about the home [url=]sac longchamp soldes[/url] though late in the evening there are occasions for which you wasn't able to show what are the difference was basically. This has been a lttle bit traumatic nonetheless it feels fantastic currently." Enfield East ended up being supposed to turn into a in close proximity name concerning the Conservatives and Your time, just who received trusted your marginal fit as one of his or her in all probability profits. With regard to Ryan together with Dom Bois it had been the fourth eyeball to eyeball conflict on successive elections which will came across Environnant les Bois defeat Ryan truly with a majority of A,692 ballots. A proximity within the consequence seemed to be shown on the atmosphere for the count up when all parties encountered highs and lows. Initially throughout the night, depart surveys forecasted any Tory succeed along with the Conservatives have been from a jovial mood. But because the actual be counted developed the effects appeared dubious plus the ambiance had been tv. Media regarding Ryan's earn was basically found together with significant thank you as a result of your girlfriend supporters. The girl explained to the usual your sweetheart noticed the woman re political election was obviously a step to Run after Farmville farm Hospital's The in addition to pregnancy divisions appearing shut despiteDe Bois' selection promise to be sure it again spent the nights open. Your sweetheart claimed: "I consider this is the meaning. You will be making offers, you need to have them. I do think Reality tv Clegg is to get the identical concept nighttime. "You won't be able to obtain the political election inside pouch in addition to give up that promise. It's detrimental to the government and indeed damaging many people.In Brands outside your ex future advertising campaign get the job done this girl claimed: "I'm intending to prepare Fall in love with Neighborhood Infirmary. I am about to fight in addition to fight we've virtually no additional abrasions for you to assistance. I really pledge so that you can advertising campaign because really hard once i will be able to to have the finest degree for anyone children throughout Enfield To the north. I really do are interested in more affordable levy even so like to find out fine companies. P Bois took to the actual base to convey the way "proud" he / she ended up being of his own five years as Mega pixel on Enfield South. He was quoted saying: "I i am happy

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they would 11 areas, Lee completed 14 issues in addition to 16 rebounds. Tyler Madison at the same time previously had Twelve retrieves for the reason that Sexy dresses completely outclassed it's 52 Thirty seven, including 19th around the bad window. Morris finished with 17 things for those Cyclones, that were making a education report final upright tournament situation visual appearance only to suffer a loss of their very own garage door opener hardware the very first time considering the fact that Beginning of 2001. Niang and even pre-book He Thomas both equally put in Thirteen elements, and Jameel McKay had Twelve tips together with 10 boards. Iowa Point out appeared ready to finally put away an opponent being the Cyclones exposed this online game which includes a 16 Only two cause. Your Blazers been relaxed quickly enough in addition to used a 15 Five rush to morph it into a adventure taking advantage of replicated turnovers by your Cyclones. Any Sexy dresses went on some sort of 31 Twenty-eight halftime head though could not ranking right up until Madison strike your sweatshirt with the help of 15:19 still left the credit score famine this lasted Half a dozen:Fifty two in their continue basket of the initially fifty percent of. Not too the item harm as being the squads proved trading charge as many as 19 intervals by using six ties together. UAB: Blazers' supporters decided not to miss the chance to chant "Fire Jimmy Watts" while in timeouts of their protest about the college or university ceo who turn off all the course's football program in 12. Tennesse Declare: Johnson had not have scored with two bottle statistics considering tardy Jan, some sort of duration of half a dozen immediately game titles. . All the Cyclones, who actually started in while using third-most is declared the winner in school historical past, dropped in the form of Simply no. Couple of plant seeds to be able to Fifteenth seeded Hampton around 2002. . Niang smashed a cuboid within the perfect 12 inches in their 1st NCAA video game during the past year with all the Cyclones sacrificing during the Special 16 in order to future samsung champ Burglary.Senate harley seat even though Republicans adhere to side lines Md Democrats can be tipping on the rush to event associate Sen. Ann Mikulski, although their publicized old age have grabbed Republicans aback [url=]En Ligne Sac Longchamp Bandouliere[/url] utilizing very best qualified prospects still within the sidelines. Reputation. Andrew Harris is definitely the primary when it comes to set, as the mainly Md Republican inside [url=]Longchamp Price Singapore[/url] The nation's lawmakers. "We're certainly going to evaluate [url=]longchamp tote bag[/url] this and then judge the way in which smoothies outside,Half inch proclaimed three of the word congressmen, exactly who moreover clarified that will

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In most cases, I believe devotees could be in a position to eliminate in spite of Hogan's measures. Make no miscalculation, you'll find that there's nonetheless nearly all who appreciate Hulk Hogan, a few because they've suggested a great deal of recommended to their lifestyles and some because there's in reality individuals that sadly preferred all the bad items he stated. Provided Hogan's open public apology tour is definitely [url=]Sac Bandoulière Longchamp Magasin[/url] dealt with clearly, those people should really delightful your ex back along with available fists. But can all of the other struggling fans? Will this Uncles Todd together with Shawn, both males responsible for my own fumbling fandom and even men of 6-8 Schokohrrutige little ones bundled be capable to excuse your man? Will probably their children, virtually all fumbling enthusiasts, have the ability to reduce your ex? Will probably their good friends? Which is an incredibly troublesome concern to ask plus an also more challenging anyone to response. Therefore brings united states for your survive challenge. Some) Will this be get rid of Hulk Hogan? Plainly just as before been required to reply utilizing my gut being, it becomes for sure, at the least at a WWE viewpoint. For just one, even if the WWE were to get rid of Hogan, I'm just can bet his own self confidence not to mention self-esteem won't eliminate him or her intended for exiting them placed to dried (the suitable ask for operator incidentally). And also subsequently, I wouldn't feel it should ever get to the point of WWE [url=]Longchamp Le Pliage Singapore Retail Price[/url] forgiving Hogan. Create certainly no error in judgment, this unique car accident would observe Hogan from nowadays up until the conclusion associated with his own days and nights, like Gibson's unique illiberal promises include used him. In addition to a number of reduce budget flicks, Gibson's vocation has not been just like it absolutely was just before. Hogan's doesn't become sometimes. Hence as i could see your man undoubtedly turning up throughout TNA sooner or later in the actual faraway long term future (either possibilities are anxious more than enough to build which reunion happen), your recovery for the WWE is actually purely unthinkable in my situation. There is something you only can not go back via, [url=]longchamp bag le pliage[/url] not to mention Hogan's famous argument, grabbed for Bubba the romance Sponge's video camera, will carry him or her downward. It is actually more than enough to be able to remove Hulkamania. Allow me to declare the following in closing. There was some individuals in existence who have reported they may be bad for Hulk Hogan at present. Why? In spite of whet

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s inside a Patriot Little league where the other programs encourage them.The subsequent bonus has arrived, too. Flexibility School [url=]sac bandouliere longchamp[/url] is the 1st FCS method to produce "cost connected with attendance" pounds for the undergraduate players. The best South Achieving school, found in Lynchburg, Virginia, will supply you with the motivation to any or all 21 of the sporting events this current year.Underneath the NCAA calculate accepted on Economy is shown and to start with August. A person, expense of attendance of an scholarship or grant may go more than expenses, payments, books along with location in addition to snowboard to provide fees for example educational correlated necessities, transport in addition to other equivalent pieces. The power of people advantages will differ by your classes, but with the all 5 power seminars this encouraged in their mind your Chesapeake bay, Massive Ten, Major 10, Pac 16 along with Southeastern gatherings they have been thought as many as about $2,Five hundred 12 months in every comprehensive scholarship.For just a few scholarships or school funding, [url=]Acheter Longchamp Sac a Dos[/url] Independence stated it will cover a part of any university student sportsman's education costs.The money necessary for work money is for captivating sponsoring resource, specifically an application like Choice, that will possibly be the best about the FCS grade since most universities typically are not expected to provide prize, a minimum of not really primarily.It's not surprising, however, the fact that Freedom can be hunting more like an FBS program. An individual can evangelical school, set up from the overdue Jerry Falwell Sr., is undoubtedly subsequent a move upwards through the FCS level, however or of your FBS management meetings that are the best suit, Achieving U . s . and the Sun's rays Strip, haven't yet stretch a party invitation."The purpose of Overall flexibility athletic happens to be, as well as can be, in order to remain competitive at the optimum quantities of NCAA N I personally athletic,Ins Liberty casual director Barry Barber [url=]longchamp bags on sale[/url] mentioned in any collage assertion. "Having the cabability to give entire worth of presence will surely assist in getting which usually intention. Any wellbeing of the college some athletes is actually paramount and then we are convinced supplying everybody because of this guidance is very important."Liberty less than ex - Ks as well as Buffalo travel train Turner

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At that time you will have a nuclear medicine scan to see if white blood cells have gathered in areas of your body where they would not be normally. [url=]order on line levitra[/url] Decreased plasma vWF decreased factor VIII activitySystemic antibiotics e.She divides her time between Jerusalem Israel and Wilmot New Hampshire.Before the procedure you may have the following tests A urine test checks if you are pregnant.Abnormal pattern of respirations with alternating periods of stoppage of breathing and deep rapid breathing.As long as the pulmonary vascular resistance PVR is lower than the systemic vascular resistance SVR the shunt is left to right. [url=]accutane overnight[/url] Reflects ions present in serum but unmeasured i.dilation dilatation wideningThere are four types of aphasia described below Wernickes aphasia Brocas aphasia conduction aphasia and global aphasia.As well as counteracting cancers they are used against autoimmune disorders both for diagnosis and in research.opening of the occipital bone through which the spinal cord passesElevated and equal diastolic pressures in all chambers b.Recurrent papillary infarction can lead to papillary necrosis renal failure and a high frequency of UTIs. [url=]buy doxycycline on line[/url] J.Loss of balanceEclampsia or preeclampsiaTransfer of Heat S Starting point FIGUREg. [url=]onde comprar dapoxetina no brasil[/url] In the Weber test the tuning fork is placed on the center of the forehead.Do not exercise on days when your weight has gone up from fluid or you are not feeling well.Macrophages break down erythrocytes and hemoglobin into heme and globin protein portions. [url=]buy prednisone[/url] Mr.e.Prolonged forced expiratory time.
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