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11th February, 2011

Electricity is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, so reduce your consumption with the OWL Pink Micro

An easy way to keep track of your electricity consumption, the OWL is a nifty little device that can be attached your electricity cables and shows you exactly what you’re using. Through a wireless receiver the Micro Owl continually updates its data on your electricity consumption and converts it into a monetary value, making it easy to work out just how much money you’re wasting by leaving the lights on.

But leaving the lights on isn’t only bad for your purse; it has a knock-on effect on the environment too. A standard coal-fired power plant produces approximately one kilogram of carbon dioxide per hour – an enormous amount. More carbon dioxide means more global warming and more climate change; switching off is one of the easiest ways to help.

Now available in pink, the OWL Pink Micro, £25.95, could be just what you need, helping you save money and the planet at the same time. Just to up the feel-good factor even more, 10 per cent of the proceeds from each pink OWL purchased will go to Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The OWL Pink Micro is available at

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