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Remembering Teddy: new website honours the founder of the Ecologist

Ben Hudson

21st October, 2011

Teddy Goldsmith’s death left a hole at the heart of the green movement. The website set up in his memory is a fitting tribute to his life's work and is a must-read for the eco-conscious, says Ben Hudson

Author, campaigner and philosopher, Edward ‘Teddy’ Goldsmith stands out as one of the most important environmental thinkers of the last 50 years. His works and ideas have played a key role in the green movement in Britain, not least of all the establishment of the Ecologist in 1970, which provided a launch pad for the embryonic Green Party. Dedicated to Teddy’s life and work is a newly-launched website (, which includes a comprehensive archive of all his published works including books, articles and essays as well as video interviews and transcripts. Set up to provide a forum for like-minded thinkers and as a platform for new environmental writers, has plenty for the eco-conscious to love.

Always a difficult person to pigeonhole, Teddy’s writings don’t have an especially political flavour – not surprising for a man simultaneously accused of being a rightwing ideologue and a communist-liberal. Instead, Teddy spent more than 40 years questioning the orthodoxy of the modern world, actively writing, publishing and campaigning for social and environmental good. His rejection of an industrial society, individualism and economic development has played a key role in formulating the ideology of the green movement in Britain.

At the forefront of environmental awareness, Teddy Goldsmith founded the Ecologist in 1970. It was via this platform that he and a team of like-minded individuals enlivened the environmental debate, spread awareness and inspired thousands. His work can still be seen in its original magazine format in the Ecologist's archive. Since then, the magazine has grown into one of the world’s leading environmental publications reaching hundreds of thousands of people each month. The 1972 book, Blueprint for Survival, received widespread acclaim and sold in excess of 750,000 copies worldwide. Most notably, Blueprint led to the development of the British Green Party. 

Along with Blueprint, Teddy wrote and co-edited 17 books, most of which are available in their entirety on the new website. Fresh content is prefaced with a few sentences placing them in political and historic context, while news stories are linked back to Teddy’s oeuvre. One of the most important environmental writers this country has ever produced, if you haven’t yet come across his work, is a brilliant place to start discovering Teddy’s unique worldview. Even if you have, it’s still well worth checking out.

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