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26/04/2013» Tried & tested eco-cosmetics

01/06/2012» Union: the British perfume that’s boosting biodiversity

21/05/2012» Review: Backache Therapy Massage with Ozone Steam

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25/04/2012» Review: Aromatherapy Associates Aroma Radiance facial

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18/04/2012» Natural make-up: why it’s giving MAC a run for its money

16/04/2012» Death by jasmine: why organic perfumery is under threat

13/04/2012» The Ecologist meets… Korres co-founder, Lena Korres

29/03/2012» Heavenly honey: why the golden stuff is good news for your skin

12/03/2012» The Ecologist meets… Tsi-La founder Annie Morton

07/03/2012» Tried and tested: Mother’s Day beauty gifts

06/03/2012» How to get fit, healthy (and slim) the natural way

06/03/2012» Top for a natural labour

05/03/2012» Organic beauty decoded: the truth about your favourite natural products

05/03/2012» Make mine a massage: how the power of touch can give you better health

29/02/2012» Five of the best… natural ways to quit smoking

22/02/2012» Natural antiseptics: safe for your skin and the environment

22/02/2012» Naturally gorgeous: it’s time to swap conventional skincare for the natural alternative

21/02/2012» Antioxidants: the natural way to tackle ageing

17/02/2012» Tried and tested: facial oils

15/02/2012» The Ecologist meets… Ila founder Denise Leicester

09/02/2012» How to… make your own beauty products

08/02/2012» Review: the Relax and Rejuvenate uplifting facial

27/01/2012» The Ecologist A to Z of beauty goodies

27/01/2012» Five of the best… natural beauty quick fixes

23/01/2012» Wild at heart: getting to grips with primal fitness

20/01/2012» Top 10… natural ways to detox

18/01/2012» The Ecologist meets… Dr Fabrizio Mancini

16/01/2012» How safe is cosmetic surgery?

12/01/2012» Future perfect: organic beauty in 2012

06/01/2012» How to...beat the January energy slump naturally

14/12/2011» Frankincense and myrrh: an ethical nightmare?

30/11/2011» Herbal medicine: can natural remedies really see off winter colds and flu?

30/11/2011» Madara: the luxury skincare range with social and environmental ethics

25/11/2011» Eco beauty heroes 2011

24/11/2011» Review: Africology Intonga Amasatchi Experience

16/11/2011» DIY beauty products: do they really work?

27/10/2011» Five of the best…eco friendly shampoos

19/10/2011» Aromatherapy Associates launches London store

12/10/2011» How safe is your bubble bath?

11/10/2011» The Smell of Freedom: Lush gets behind the Free West Papua campaign

06/10/2011» Pai: the eco favourite taking the beauty world by storm

28/09/2011» Hello Hauschka! The green skincare brands making a bid for your make-up bag

20/09/2011» The A to Z of beauty baddies

13/09/2011» Bee Lovely: the hand cream standing up for insects

13/09/2011» Surfing: a greener way to get fit?

01/09/2011» Weleda marks 90 years of organic beauty

25/08/2011» Flower power: Nature Girl launches in the UK

17/08/2011» Eco chic: why organic beauty is giving the luxury market a run for its money

11/08/2011» Ten of the best...ways to boost your fitness outside

10/08/2011» Five of the babycare products

03/08/2011» Review: Grateful Body

25/07/2011» Beauty supplements: are they worth it?

18/07/2011» Natural anti-ageing: Melvita versus Tata Harper

18/07/2011» How to beat stress naturally

30/06/2011» Review: Lush Validation Facial

30/06/2011» Ask the Ecologist: can I wear perfume and still be green?

17/06/2011» Clean and green: Top 10…eco-friendly grooming products

15/06/2011» Six of the best…eco-friendly festival beauty essentials

25/05/2011» Mineral magic: five of the best natural lipsticks

17/05/2011» Feel the burn: Lavera's aftersun gel put to the test

11/05/2011» Review: Bulldog skincare

28/04/2011» Review: Love+Art

26/04/2011» Neal’s Yard Remedies: making your own beauty products

21/04/2011» Five of the best... eco-friendly sun creams

19/04/2011» Fishy business: could fish therapy be the green alternative to the pedicure?

08/04/2011» Top 10…eco-friendly perfumes

05/04/2011» Dr Bronner’s: the activist's beauty brand

25/03/2011» Occo: a natural success

25/03/2011» Green pioneer: Laura Rudoe

22/03/2011» Blooming marvellous: Pai's Rosehip BioRegenerate

14/03/2011» The smell of success? Lynx vs. Lush

09/03/2011» Review: Skin Nectar 'The Balancer' Radiance Oil

03/03/2011» Spring beauty: the green way

01/03/2011» ecoTOOLs: Greener Brushes

24/02/2011» Top 10…essential oils

22/02/2011» Biodegradable Beauty

15/02/2011» Scents and sustainability: the Green Grocery's organic scent

07/02/2011» PICK OF THE DAY: naked bounce shampoo and conditioner

01/02/2011» PICK OF THE DAY: MuLondon Organic Lavender Moisturiser

31/01/2011» Beat the Winter Beauty Blues

14/01/2011» The Ecologist Top Ten... organic skincreams

04/08/2010» Can I trust my 'natural' or 'organic' body cream?

01/06/2010» Shea butter: a natural moisturiser that's food for the skin

03/02/2010» Perfume: how natural are you willing to go?

17/12/2009» Cancer drug: the other use for mistletoe

08/12/2009» Winter skincare: top ten eco picks

22/10/2009» The Green Beauty Bible: fighting skincare greenwash

03/08/2009» Summer eco beauty round-up

09/07/2009» How to make your own skincare products

17/06/2009» What type of salt is best?

29/05/2009» Cancer and how to avoid it

01/03/2007» Suppression isn't cure

05/11/2005» Folk remedies against the common cold

01/07/2005» Baring your soles

01/06/2005» Saving face

01/05/2005» Heaven-Scent

16/06/2009» Fire resistant: 'Why I went to jail to protect my daughter from toxic polluters'


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