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Is a raw food diet right for you?

by Hazel Sillver.

crunchy chocolate hearts Raw foodism is becoming increasingly popular. Advocates report high energy levels and less need for sleep. But is it a healthy way for everyone to eat, asks Hazel Sillver more...

Primrose Cloud Easter Cake

March 28th, 2013

by Susan Clark

If you want to serve an Easter cake that brings a forgaging panache to the party, try this Primrose Cloud sponge's heavenly says Susan Clark more...

Cooking with Primroses II

March 15th, 2013

by Susan Clark

There's nothing more satisfying than watching a curd slowly start to thicken says Susan Clark...except, perhaps, knowing that your key ingredient was growing in the hedgerow just a few hours earlier. more...

Cooking with Primroses

March 10th, 2013

by Susan Clark

Having mastered the art of cooking with Primroses, Susan Clark is hoping Jane Austen or the local Vicar might just pop round for afternoon tea ... more...

Britain’s obesity epidemic: are we addicted to sugar?

February 19th, 2013

by Luke Dale-Harris

We are all aware that too much sugar is bad for us, but are we capable of giving it up, and can a new campaign lead society away from sugar dependence? more...

Game On

February 7th, 2013

by Clare Kendall

An Inuit hunting trip inspired Clare Kendall to seek out sources of meat that were good for her health, the environment - and her pet cat............ more...

Top 10...alternatives to sugar

Mark Briggs

Top 10... alternatives to sugar Want to give up sugar while still indulging your sweet tooth? Mark Briggs rounds up 10 natural alternatives more...

In season

Hazel Sillver

Hazel Sillver serves up three simple dishes for a chilly autumn day. All recipes are vegetarian and serve 3-4 people. more...

Britain’s forgotten foods

Grace Philip

31st May, 2012

Britain’s forgotten foods With Jubilee fever hotting up, Grace Philip argues that it’s time to pay attention to another part of our heritage: our tasty native produce more...

In season now: what to eat during June

Tahsin Pak

28th May, 2012

In season now: what to eat during June Professional forager Fergus Drennan tells Tahsin Pak how to make the most of the free food in season this month more...

How green are vegetable and rapeseed oils?

Rebecca Campbell

16th May, 2012

How green are vegetable and rapeseed oils? When it comes to oils we are spoilt for choice, with more than 130 million tonnes of oil consumed every year, according to the WWF. But with demand set to increase, what sort of impact is our appetite for oil having on the planet? And which is the green choice? more...

How to…give your cocktail a green-over

Amy Hall

8th May, 2012

How to…give your cocktail a green-over Forget Pimms: eco-friendly cocktails not only taste great, they don’t cause a headache for the planet either. Amy Hall shows you how to give your tipple an eco-friendly spin more...

The dark side of soya: how one super crop lost its way

Amy Hall

1st May, 2012

Soya: how one super crop lost its way A decade ago, soya was being hailed as a superfood but in recent years, numerous issues surrounding deforestation and its impact on health have come to light more...

In season now: what to eat during May

Amy Halls

30th April, 2012

Shrimp sifting Slow Food UK CEO, Cat Gazzoli, dips into the UK's forgotten flavours to bring us her gastronomic pick for May more...

Five of the best… country pubs

Rachael Stubbins

23rd April, 2012

Five of the best… country pubs Fresh, locally sourced produce, real ale and cosy fireplaces: the Great British country pub is one foodie tradition that’s not going anywhere. Rachael Stubbins rounds up five of the best more...

Monty Halls: ‘I will defend fishermen to my dying day’

Ruth Styles

16th April, 2012

Monty Halls: ‘I will defend fishermen to my dying day’ A marine biologist by trade and a conservationist by nature, Monty Halls is an unlikely champion for the fishing industry. A classic case of gamekeeper turned poacher? Not so says Halls. As he explains to Ruth Styles, nothing is simple when it comes to sustainable fish more...

Food of love: why 'aphrodisiac' oysters could be the sustainable alternative to meat

Matilda Lee

12th April, 2012

loch fyne oysters Oysters need a thriving natural eco-system and ultra clean water to survive. And as Matilda Lee discovered on a visit to Loch Fyne Oysters, they even find their own food. So are oysters the green choice? more...

How to… make your own Easter eggs

Rachael Stubbins

4th April, 2012

How to… make your own Easter eggs Less waste and fewer food miles make homemade Easter eggs the greener alternative to supermarket chocolate. Time to get creative more...

In season now: what to eat during April

Ben Hudson

2nd April, 2012

In season now: what to eat during April Celebrate Easter by tucking into a plate of seasonal Jersey Royals. Albert Bartlett’s Tim Ward explains why they’re wonderful and rounds up his April favourites more...

Nose to tail eating: it's sustainable but can you stomach this type of meat?

Laurie Tuffrey

28th March, 2012

Ethical, sustainable meat? With 15 billion farm animals killed each year for food in the UK, eating the whole animal is the ethical choice. The Ecologist follows Fergus Henderson's lead and tries a week of eating offal more...

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