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The delightful equine inhabitants of Dartmoor add to it's charm.

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Peaceful UK Getaways

by Hazel Sillver

November 22nd, 2012

Noise can be stressful and in a city it’s hard to escape it. The blare of traffic, police sirens, sound systems, mobile phones and building work, blurs into one constant din that frays the nerves.

Flee the noise of city life and head to one of the UK’s most tranquil spots

We know that noise pollution creates anxiety, insomnia and anger, and now a new study from Denmark shows that people living with high levels of traffic noise have a much greater risk of heart attack. Getting a bit of peace, it seems, is vital for good health. 

Here are three remote corners of the UK to flee to when the noise gets too much:

*Eskdale, Cumbria

One of the most secluded parts of the Lake District, lying in the folds of Scafell and Harter Fell mountains. The Esk river flows through the dale, tumbling into a series of waterfalls and then flowing through oak woodland. The lower valley contains the villages of Boots, Eskdale Green and Ravenglass, but the upper parts are sparsely populated and gloriously quiet. Hollins (01946 723253) is a caravan-free campsite, offering heated eco-friendly camping pods, and boasting no mobile, Wi-Fi, radio or TV signal. Bliss. 

Visit the Eskdale website for more info and accommodation suggestions

*Isle of Mull, Scotland

Situated off the west coast of Scotland, Mull is a mountainous, unspoilt haven of quiet. Islanders are very eco-friendly, so there is a lot of green tourism. Arle Lodge (01680 300299) offers a range of eco accommodation on the eastern shoreline, in the shadow of Ben More mountain - sea eagles and deer are easy to spot and, wonderfully, it’s hard to get a mobile phone signal. 

Visit the Mull website for more info and accommodation suggestions

*Dartmoor, Devon

Wonderfully wild and remote, Dartmoor encompasses 1000 km² of rugged rolling hills. It has an enchanting atmosphere that some love and others find spooky. Not surprisingly there are several clusters of mysterious standing stones. Beechwood B&B (01822 880332) sits slap-bang in the middle of Dartmoor, close to Higher White Tor. Mobile phone signal is (thankfully) terrible and it takes just five minutes to walk onto the wilds of the moor, where your whole body can bask in silence. 

Visit the Dartmoor website for more info and accommodation suggestions

All the accommodation mentioned above is dog friendly. 

Hazel Sillver is a freelance journalist and a contributor to the Ecologist Green Living section; email:

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