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eco2life offers a range of household cleaning products with a unique refill and reuse system performing as well as the leading brand. We ensure all raw materials are naturally derived, from renewable resources, readily biodegradable and aquatic safe

Tel: 01625 250 301

Made up at home using ordinary tap water there is no shlepping of ‘water’ back and forth, requiring less production, less energy, less packaging

We try to make our packaging as eco friendly as we possibly can, and our spray trigger is completely plastic and recylable, whereas most other triggers have a metal spring inside which needs a separate process. We haven’t yet had time to run exhaustive tests, but we believe our spray trigger has the potential to be used up to 10,000 times – pretty much a lifetime. All the board used in our packaging is 100% recyclable, and the papers that we use in our packaging contain virgin fibers that come from a mixture of FsC and PEFC managed sources. We have joined up with WRAP and will be utilising the recycling labeling system recommended by OPRL

  • Our products are made in the UK by people who care and have the EU ISO14001 environmental certification and accreditation
  • All our products are Vegetarian Society approved
  • We’ve chosen the Coop as our banking partner…the most sustainable bank in the world (FT!)
  • Our business is virtually ‘virtual’. We don’t work from traditional offices or premises but with a great team of ‘providers’. The philosophy is simple…‘everything on the outside, nothing on the inside’
  • When you make up eco2Life cleaning products at home, all you need is water from the tap…


Company Ethos
Planet Earth eco2life introduces a range of four household cleaning products with a unique refill and reuse system that has been scientifically tested to perform as well as the leading brand. It’s an eco winner. Made up at home using ordinary tap water there is no shlepping of ‘water’ back and forth, requiring less production, less energy, less packaging. Our spray trigger is designed for a long life and our spray bottles are reusable. It’s made in the UK and it’s made from naturally derived readily biodegradable ingredients with fully recyclable packaging. Available Spring 2011 in starter packs and refills.

Product Showcase

eco2life multi cleaner eco2life Multi-Surface Cleaner
In the kitchen, in the bathroom…in fact all around the home…eco2life Multi-Surface Cleaner is a breath of fresh air. Naturally derived ingredients make it safe and easy to use. But 21st century know-how also means eco2life delivers outstanding cleaning performance.
Made using naturally blended coconut, corn and vegetable derivatives.
eco2life bathroom eco2life Bath & Shower Cleaner
Bathrooms need special care and attention to keep them as clean as possible. eco2life Bath & Shower Cleaner takes care of all that – without the need for harsh chemicals and abrasives – thanks to a special formulation featuring naturally derived ingredients.
Made using ingredients derived from coconut, sugar cane, vegetables and citric acid.


Contact Details
01625 250301

Planet Earth (Europe) Ltd, Suite 140,
Courthill House, 60 Water Lane,



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