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Award winning Santaverde Organic Skincare. The heart of Santaverde, is our own cultivation of our raw materials Aloe Vera and Cashew. We use our own certified organic Aloe Vera juice, Aloverose, known for its natural moisturizing benefits and not a drop of water.

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Santaverde, made with our own cultivation of certified organic Aloe Vera and not a drop of water, offers intense hydration

Organic goes luxury

We have been growing Aloe Vera at our finca in Andalusia for over 20 years, producing the purest natural cosmetics from plants grown under strict organic conditions. The nutrient-rich base of every product, Aloe Vera is only as effective as the method in which it's grown, harvested and processed. We produce the recipes according to the latest technical standards in Germany. All the Santaverde products have been certified as 100% pure, controlled natural skincare by independent organisations such as BDIH.  Also the “leaping bunny” seal of approval, a globally recognised seal for cosmetic products, at Santaverde we refuse to conduct animal testing, as they are incompatible with our ethical and ecological beliefs.

The beneficial effects on a product whether on the skin or the entire body, result solely from superior biological quality of its ingredients. This is why our product formulas use only the juices of plants we grow ourselves, enhanced with the freshest, highest quality plant oils and extracts and not a drop of water. We make use of all plants in as natural and holistic way as possible.

Aloe Vera helps all skin types regenerate new cells, while simultaneously giving older cells much-needed nutrients, With an unusually high concentration of Aloverose, an active ingredient that provides moisture to the skin. It's blended with high quality raw plant materials that are as whole and natural as possible to preserve their superior biological quality. The end result is skin care, body care and supplements that promote vitality and nourishment.

 We are very pleased to introduce Santaverde anti aging range, the range is called Xingu which consists of two anti-aging products, that combine the brand's signature Aloe Vera with an intense blend of medicinal, antioxidant-rich oils and extracts from the Brazilian rainforests. Used by natives for centuries, these plants extraordinarily and efficiently stimulate the skin while building new cells to leave skin protected, tightened and rejuvenated.

Not only does Santaverde offer skincare but also a fantastic range of juices and supplements. In order to nourish from within, the perfect partner to enhance the skincare and body care range, using the exact same concept as the skincare and body care. The Perfect Skin Beauty Drink, contains as much as 2500 per serving (50ml), oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) which is the formula used to measure antioxidant capacity. Antioxidants are what protect the skin from the damaging free radicals found in the air that attack and prematurely age the skin.

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Product Showcase

santaverde Elixer The Award Winning ‘Extra Rich Beauty Elixir’
The smooth composition of 100% pure certified organic oils nourishes, supports natural regeneration of your skin and encourages the natural collagen production and increases elasticity. Intensively provides skin with nutrients and antioxidants leaving it noticeable protected, supple and smoothed.
santaverde Eyecream Aloe Vera Eye Cream Fragrance Free
Easily absorbed cream contains pure Aloe Vera juice and valuable oils from mango, passion fruit, apricots and sea buckthorn. Tigergrass and hops strengthen the sensitive skin around the eyes. The gentle cream provides intensive moisture, smoothness and elasticity, lending your skin new clarity and freshness.
santaverde medium cream Aloe Vera Medium Face Cream
Light, nourishing cream made of pure Aloe Vera juice supports the cell renewal and optimizes the moisture balance of your skin. Valuable oils from grape seeds and avocados protect your skin to preserve elasticity and suppleness. The cream calms skin that tends to redness and gently smoothes.


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