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Pravera provides a huge range of 100% natural and organic skincare, cosmetic and household cleaning products. We only offer synthetic-free brands, our products are not tested on animals and the majority are suitable for vegans.

Tel: 01557 870203

We only offer certified 100% natural, organic, synthetic-free brands. Our products are not tested on animals and the majority are suitable for vegans

What to look out for when you’re buying ‘Natural and Organic’

As consumers, we are becoming more aware about the products that we use on our skin, and throughout our home. Most of us want to know what ingredients are in our cosmetics, skincare, or even household cleaning items we buy. But be aware that some current trends in advertising and labelling can be misleading.
What is the difference between buying something that is 100% natural, and something that is 95% natural? How important is that 5%? Quite significant, actually. If a product is 100% natural, it means that is doesn’t contain ANY synthetic ingredients at all – it means everything comes from a natural source. If something is billed as being 95% natural, then it means that it is NOT a natural product, because 5% of its make up comes from something that does NOT occur naturally.
It’s also worth noting that not every company lists ALL the ingredients that their product contains, so if something on the label seems confusing, it is best to contact the company direct to find out more. If a company truly has nothing to hide, then ALL of the ingredients will most likely be declared on the labelling, and that company will probably be very happy to help you find out more.
The ‘Organic’ claim refers to the source of the natural product. You can have a product that is 100% natural, yet not organic at all. If the natural ingredients haven’t originated from a certified organic source and growing environment, then it is not ‘Natural AND Organic’. So, again it is important to check these details if buying organic is important to you.  
There are some certification logo’s that you can look out for to authenticate any natural and organic claims. These include NaTrue, BDIH, ECOCERT and ECO Garantie, as well the more commonly recognised Soil Association. These certifications often also guarantee that the product has NOT been tested on animals as well.  All of these organisations have websites, if you would like to know more.

Company Ethos
Pravera invests in organic lifestyles. We provide 100% natural and organic skincare, cosmetic and household cleaning products. We only offer certified 100% natural, organic, synthetic-free brands, our products are not tested on animals and the majority are suitable for vegans. We believe that everyone should have the choice to buy ethical goods in all areas of their life, and do what we can to make that dream come true.

Product Showcase

Lavera My Age Cooling Eye Roll-On

Lavera My Age Cooling Eye Roll-On

This 100% natural and organic award-winning beauty must-have is part of the My Age range and has been recognised for its effective anti-ageing properties. The formula helps to soothe puffy, tired eyes, thanks to the key ingredients of karanja oil, white tea and hyaluronic acid which help to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. The Roll-On also features a rollerball format that prevents over-use of the product and encourages draining of the surrounding eye area.

Alma Win Sport & Outdoor Detergent

The NEW detergent for sportswear Alma Win Sport + Outdoor Detergent is highly functional and effectively cleans and washes special fabric materials such as gortex, wetsuits, cycling materials, football kits and any other active sportswear fabrics. Not only does it effectively clean tough materials but you can also use it as an everyday detergent to wash normal clothing. The new special Sport & Outdoor Detergent is the first ecological and organic certified sports functional detergent that washes active sportswear effectively, and doesn’t affect the materials specific functions e.g. wind-resistance, breathability etc.

SODASAN Liquid Soap

SODASAN Liquid Soap

Mild, nourishing, certified organic, vegetable oil hand wash. It is in a practical decorative soap dispenser, and has the pleasant scent of pure essential oils and nourishing olive oil. SODASAN Liquid Soaps are the perfect way to keep you hands fresh and clean naturally.


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Tel: 01557 870203

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