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Premae Skincare

Premae Skincare is the world’s first allergen-free skincare brand, making 100 percent natural, vegan-friendly products. Drawing on skincare wisdom from around the world, Premae is the brand that allergy sufferers can trust.

Tel: 0800 612 0928

Premae Skincare is a testimony to skincare with morals. A moral code, which serves to better the industry of health, beauty and wellbeing

The Premae Story

Ethical beauty formulator, Clare Eluka, is a pioneering force in the contemporary health and wellbeing industry. After working 10 years in the beauty sector, founding a small vegan brand, teaching A-Level English and enjoying 4 years of freelance beauty journalism, Premae Skincare was born. Clare realised that having good skin wasn’t just about eating your greens and taking a few wellbeing supplements, but that what we feed our skin externally plays huge factor in slowing down the signs of aging.

The need for allergen-free cosmeceuticals were established first-hand by Clare due to her own personal struggle with Candida albicans – a wheat, dairy, sugar and gluten intolerance. Clare’s seven year research for a cure led her on journeys around the world to Egypt and Europe, investing in Chinese herbs and then to ayurvedic dietary rudiments all of which revealed one thing – the huge gap in the market for allergen-free skincare. Although many brands are becoming vegan and non-animal cruelty certified, they still cause problems for allergy sufferers.

Once Clare was able to control her internal allergies by adopting a vegan plant-based diet, her external cells continued to diminish. With the launch of Principles skincare, Clare has been able to enjoy a contemporary cleansing system, sourcing ingredients from all over the globe and wants to share the brand.

Clare’s main aim is to for fill her life’s purpose – to provide buyers with allergen-free skincare, perfumes and wellbeing produce that liberates them whether they suffer from intolerances or allergies or are allergy-free.

Allergies analysis

Premae are a pioneering allergen-free brand, vegan and 100 per cent natural skincare brand. Our products contain none of the eight main food allergens in the world which it is thought that 90% of all allergies are defined within - milk, eggs, peanuts, tree, nuts (such as almonds, cashews, walnuts), fish (such as bass, cod, flounder), shellfish (such as crab, lobster, shrimp), soy and wheat - In addition, we eliminate cross contamination with meat, fish, soy, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, egg and dairy products by not using appliances and machinery that have been used to prepare, cook, wash or have contained these.

Our products are both factory-made and hand-crafted – mixed, poured, blended and melted by Premae employees at our trusted UK factory. We offer a high level of quality control and are certified by both the BUAV and the Vegan Society. All of our ranges are free from palm oil, petrochemicals and parabens and other non-natural substances.

Trinity 3-step system

Our 3-step system is simple to follow: step 1: polish (face wash), step 2: protect (tonique) and step 3: preserve (balm). All our products are clearly labeled for this process to guide you through your daily cleansing. They come in two variations to suit different skin types: Balance Rescue caters to men, combination and oily skin types, while Vital Nourishment caters to hypersensitive, mature and dry skin types.

Product Showcase

Clemensy Range for Hypersensitive Skin Ailments
It contains invigorating Italian Ylang Ylang and Palma Rosa Oil to soothe skin prone to redness or hypersensitivity. Typically used by mothers and babies. Nominated for Free From Skincare Award 2012.
Harmony Range for Cobination Skin
It contains silky Indian Mango Butter, which moisturises the skin without over-greasing. Natural Indoesian Lemongrass restores balance to complex dry or acnegenic skin issues.
Premae PYT (Youth Treatment Products)
Suitable for teen, oily, combination skin with troubled yet sensitive skin. Contains naturally nuetralising American Peppermint Oil.

Supreme Range for Dry Skin
It contains wholesome Ugandan Cocoa butter, which feeds dry skin with complexion enhancing nutrients conbined with Ginger Oil for malnorished broken skin.

Triumph Range for Mature Skin
It contains antioxidant Ethiopian Frankincense Oil, which encourages cell regeneration and renowned healing properties.

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Tel: 0800 612 0928



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