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NATorigin cosmetics and skincare are made with 97% natural ingredients and organic where possible. Vegetarian Society Approved and the only range approved by Allergy UK making it the ideal choice for sensitive skin.

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NATorigin is the first natural range formulated to comply with both the environment and even the most sensitive skin and eyes

Natural and organic products have become increasingly popular, as we all want to do our bit to protect the environment. With cosmetics and skincare this goes a step further as we also want to care for our skin in the best way. Therefore, knowing what to look for is very important to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.

There is no standard for the term ‘natural’ so you need to watch what you are getting when buying natural products. The most important thing is the total percentage of natural ingredients, not just a claim to have just a natural ingredient. So if a product ‘contains 100% natural essential oils’ check the other ingredients as the rest of the product could be completely chemical.

To ensure you are definitely getting an organic product, choose one with organic certification. This gives consumers the assurance that someone other than the manufacturer is approving them as organic. The Soil Association and Ecocert Greenlife both set standards which manufacturers have to adhere to in order to use the term ‘organic’ and display their logo. The actual percentage of organic ingredients could be quite low in certain products so look for one of these logos to be sure you are getting a truly organic product.

No product can guarantee not to cause irritation. Even natural/organic ones can still cause irritation due to their ingredients e.g. certain essential oils. To give your skin the best chance of success pay careful consideration to the ingredients and the way they are formulated. There are a lot of ingredients to avoid, some of the most common are: nickel, SLES, SLS, petrochemicals, lanolin, alcohol and parabens.

Look for the Allergy UK Friendly Product status too. This is awarded to products that will generally benefit allergy sufferers and improve their state of health and wellbeing.

Company Ethos
The natural/organic label has been created to respect and preserve the environment, not to protect our skin/eyes. NATorigin is the first natural range formulated to comply with both the environment and even the most sensitive skin and eyes. The natural ingredients used by NATorigin combine the riches of the oceans with the biodiversity of the arctic region.

The team behind NATorigin have invested their energy and expertise to create an innovative range of products for your eyes and skin. They have applied uncompromising standards to select naturally sourced, at least 97%, and organic ingredients to develop a range of products which are pure, natural, efficient and extremely tolerant. The range is free from SLS, paraben, lanolin, Petrochemicals, PEG and other nasties.

Product Showcase

NATorigin Mascara
Award winning natural formulation designed to strengthen and lengthen eyelashes. Rich in organic arctic raspberry seed oil, extracts of red algae, organic shea butter and organic jojoba oil. Extremely gentle and approved by Allergy UK.


NATorigin Regenerating Lifting Serum
This Allergy UK approved, natural serum has a light, melty texture on application. It acts instantly to stretch and mechanically smooth the skin leading to a visible reduction in wrinkle depth and over time aims to reduce skin ageing. Contains organic arctic raspberry seed oil and red seaweed extract.


NAT Lipstick

NATorigin Lipsticks
Allergy UK approved, 100% natural and certified organic these lipsticks are formulated with orchid extract to give an extremely soft and smooth texture. They are very rich in organic waxes and oils to both moisturise and protect the lips, keeping them soft and supple.


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