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At ANYVAN our main aim is to make 'being green' and 'reducing my carbon footprint' of immediate benefit to customers.  To date our courier services have saved over 10million kg of C02!  Great for the environment.

Tel: 0203 005 6000

Why is so much air transported at the cost of the transport companies?

Environmental Awareness

When customers use they get three benefits over any other delivery service. Firstly, they save up to 85 per cent of the cost of delivery. Secondly, they can see how highly rated the delivery service is, allowing them to make a far better informed decision than other methods. Thirdly, the process is incredibly easy to use thanks to our commitment to usability, and finally, they are saving on CO2 emissions.

Anyvan has many services included namely man and van and also a specific courier services option.  Among the courier services longer journeys are often the case with larger savings of C02.

In getting these bonuses, we are offering the customer a no-risk option to become environmentally cleaner in their day-to-day lives. We feel this kind of benefit is essential to get everyone in the country working toward a greener future.

To date, ANYVAN has saved over 2,000,000 miles which equates to 1,180,000 kg C02.  With the rise of our delivery auction concept, we envisage this figure being close to 10,000,000 miles with 18 months – the equivalent to the moon and back 10 times or around the world 384 times!
On a serious note, 50% of all delivery vehicles, small and large Lorries, travel half full.  This is a staggering figure coupled with the fact that 25% of all vehicles travel totally empty.  Why is so much air transported at the cost of the transport companies?  Within the UK, there was no such platform for transport companies to utilize empty van space until the inception of such websites which have revolutionized transportation around Europe.

Don’t hire a man or rent a van to move it – ANYVAN it and save the planet!

To use you simply do the following:

  • List the item to be delivered on and let the quotes come to you
  • Compare the quotes and review the feedback on all the potential providers
  • Accept the quote that is right for you

Your details are also kept secure at all times and only shared with the company that you choose to engage so you will not receive any sales calls.

How do I know which is the ‘best’ price?

Your decision on which company to use should be based on many factors and not only price, our feedback rating system allows you to review previous experiences of earlier customers to see how they got on - and don’t worry, by listing your delivery on you are under no obligation to accept any quotes that you receive.

How much does it cost?

Listing a shipment with us is totally FREE.  When you receive a quote that you want to accept, we will ask you to pay a deposit fee onto the site of approximately 10%. This deposit amount is deducted from the price that you accepted to pay with the remainder being paid directly to your chosen transport provider.

Video: How to use the delivery auction site

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