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Power Pedals

Powerpedals is a family owned company supplying the best value electric bicycles on the market. Their stringent requirements for products they sell make a consumer’s search for a new electric bicycle easy. All of their bikes feature the super efficient central drive technology . Just choose the style which suits you.

Tel: 01884 230620

Electric bicycles are one of the most environmentally friendly means of personal transportation available. Purchase electricity from a green supplier the carbon footprint associated with owning a Tonaro bicycle is virtually zero.
Imagine the possibilities. A chance to get fitter:.
No hassle ownership: no need for a license, MOT or specific insurance.
Easy to "refuel": Find a mains socket, plug in, wait a bit - you're done!
Enjoy the benefits of cycling: Use cycle-specific routes, riders can take advantage of the shortcuts and lack of congestion that a regular cyclist can. No sitting in traffic, no searching for a parking place, no expensive trips to the petrol station, no CO2 emissions, more exercise.


Unit 4,
Woodlands Enterprise Centre,
Pathfields Business Park,
South Molton,
EX36 3BY


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