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Oikocredit International Share Foundation

Oikocredit is a financial cooperative that offers loans to microfinance institutions, cooperatives and SME’s in developing countries. Investors are secure in the knowledge that their money is being used to fight poverty, promote fair trade and respect our planet’s natural resources.

Tel: 01995 602806

Oikocredit defines sustainable development as a liberation process through economic progress, social justice and independence

Social Performance Management (SPM)
Social performance and the desire to achieve positive social impact is a driving force and motivation for Oikocredit. While assessing this social performance is complicated, it's not impossible.

Oikocredit's work in social performance and impact measurement focuses on five areas:

  • choosing the right project partners
  • monitoring social performance indicators
  • holding partners accountable to their social objectives
  • providing capacity building
  • seeking feedback from partners to further develop Oikocredit products and services

You can learn more about Oikocredit’s approach to SPM on


Based on its long track record as a leading microfinance organisation, Oikocredit has a pivotal role in the microfinance industry. We work closely with renowned experts and peers to further develop and professionalise the sector. Some examples are:

  • Oikocredit works closely with Grameen Foundation to implement the Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI), a tool to measure and monitor the social impact of microfinance developed by this global non-profit organization.
  • CERISE, the French microfinance expert, invited Oikocredit to be the first microfinance investor to undergo a social audit, a landmark step towards making microfinance institutions socially accountable.
  • Oikocredit is initiator and staunch supporter of Microfinance Transparency (MFTransparency), an industry organisation promoting transparency in the microfinance sector. In 2009, 12 Oikocredit partners in Peru were among the first in the world to submit data to the global MicroFinance Transparency initiative and received certificates from MFT attesting to their pioneering spirit. They set the example and since then, 89 other Oikocredit MFI partners in 6 countries have participated in this initiative which is so crucial to building transparency within the sector.
  • Oikocredit joined the Imp-Act, a consortium whose member have pioneered the development of practical approaches to assist MFIs in ‘applying a social lens' to their work and to manage their social performance.
  • The Microfinance Information Exchange, Inc. (MIX) is the leading business information provider dedicated to strengthening the microfinance sector. The organization's core focus is to provide objective data and analysis on microfinance providers.
  • Oikocredit is an endorser of the Smart campaign, a global campaign committed to embedding client protection practices into the institutional culture and operations of the microfinance industry.
  • Oikocredit is officially recognised as one of the world's leading microfinance organisations by CGAP, an independent policy and research centre housed at the World Bank that promotes access to finance for the world's poor.


Company Ethos
Oikocredit is a distinctive social investment vehicle which has at its core a principle of committed and socially oriented investors supporting grassroots initiatives in the developing world. It provides microfinance organisations, fair trade organisations, agricultural cooperatives and other social enterprises with the capital they need to start up or expand their businesses and improve livelihoods. It pays a modest but consistent return to its investors (typically 2%), and delivers a significant positive social impact for its partners. Oikocredit defines sustainable development as a liberation process through economic progress, social justice, independence and environmental protection.


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