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Climate Change: Effective Communication

A course designed for those who wish to improve the ways in which they put their climate change message across

One of the key issues facing climate change campaigners is how to convey their message to those outside the debate.  Since direct action isn't an option for everyone campaigning for change, other methods and tactics have to be devised.  The course has been designed for all those advocating for climate change; whether local authorities, companies, individuals or charities.  You will learn to maximise your communication skills and improve your strategy, getting those around you more active in the climate movement as a result. The course is run by Chris Church, an experienced volunteer and a community and sustainability advisor.

Cost: £288 for larger charities, public sector and businesses, £130 for smaller charities and individual consultants

Date: 17th February, 2011

The Melting Pot
5 Rose Street
EH2 2PR  

For bookings and information please email Jonathan, or phone 0207 324 4774


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