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World Yoga Festival 2016
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World Yoga Festival

Learn, rejuvenate and enjoy a weekend of yoga – learning from true masters at the World Yoga Festival taking place from 29th-31st July at Beale Park, Lower Basildon, Reading.

The Festival brings together the most revered collection of teachers in yoga, meditation and wisdom

World Yoga Festival is bringing together the most revered collection of teachers in traditional yoga, meditation and wisdom gathered in one glorious 3-day open-air event on 29th-31st July 2016 in the grounds of Beale Park near Reading, UK.

The programme includes: Advaita Zen master Sri Mooji.

Yogacharyas: Bijou H. Mehta, Swami Jyothirmayah, Sri Louise, Sri Nanda Kumar (BKS Iyengar Yoga Shala), Nataraj, Nrithya Jagannathan (KYM), Sharmila Mahesh, S Sridharan (KYM), V Srinivasan (KYM).
Meditation & wisdom masters: Mike Sarson, Neema Majmudar, Swami Paramatmananda, Peter Russell, Ram Banerjee, Rupert Spira, Swami Santatmananda, Suriya Tahora.

You can also enjoy: Astrology, ayurveda, dance & sound: Ananya Chatterjee, Angela Hope-Murray, Sheila Whittaker, Swami Svatmananda.
Live music: Prem Joshua & Band, Shammi Pithia & Band.
The festival features a full children’s programme and some of the best vegetarian and vegan food available locally. A range of camping and glamping options are available.

Daily capacity 1,500
Location: Beale Park, Lower Basildon, Reading, West Berkshire RG8 9NW

Tickets from £40 - £145 for a festival pass.

For more information and to buy tickets visit the Yogafestival website.
Follow Yogafesitval on twitter: @worldyogafest


With thanks to Cristina at the World Yoga Festival for this information.


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