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Hedgehogs Need Your Help


Just over a week left to volunteer to help the hedgehogs!

In an effort to gather further data about hedgehogs, People's Trust for Endangered Species and British Hedgehog Preservation Society are appealing to volunteers to take part in the Hedgehog Hibernation Survey.

Now in its second year, this survey, which runs from 1st February - 31st August, is an attempt to find out more about the creature's patterns of behaviour, which in turn will help inform practical conservation action.

A ten year trend analysis by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species of their annual mammal surveys, Living with Mammals and Mammals on Roads, shows that hedgehog numbers are falling even faster than thought, with the decline in Britain’s hedgehog population most apparent in the east and the south of England.

The charities are appealing to volunteers across all regions to take part in the Hedgehog Hibernation Survey, so that they can gather additional information about the species.  

To find out more about the decline in hedgehogs and how you can halt it, as well as how to take part in the survey, please visit;


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