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Feeding the 5000: every little helps

17th November

Sophie Laggan

Free food from Feeding the 5000 in Trafalgar Square, London. Come along and give your food some thought on Friday 18th November

The miracle of the five loaves and two fish is one of the most well known stories in the Bible. Acts of humanity and selfishness evoke emotions in all of us, often spurring us on to make positive changes. Yet acts of kindness today often go unnoticed in favour of the next shocking headline.

Well here’s a shocker for you:

There are an estimated 4m people living in food poverty in the UK.

Many have had to cut back on their weekly shop and tighten our purse strings. One of life’s necessities, we should not be deprived of our basic right to food. Yet, in the UK:

Household food waste is worth £12bn a year

It is estimated that 20% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food production, distribution and storage.  If we stopped wasting food that could have been eaten it would be the same as taking 1/4 cars off UK roads. 

Happy dinersOn Friday 18th November ‘Feeding the 5000’ will be in Trafalgar Square to provide a free hot lunch to members of the public. Made entirely out of food that would otherwise been wasted, such as cosmetically imperfect fruit and vegetables. 

Raising awareness of unnecessary food waste in the UK and demonstrating and educating on ways we can reduce waste, Feeding the 5000 is setting a precedent.

Founder, Tristram Stuart says that 'feeding the 5000 is a wonderful partnership including farmers, charities and the public. The aim of our lunchtime feast is to highlight how food waste can be avoided by putting food to good use i.e. feeding people.'

The event will be opened by Mayor Boris Johnson, who will serve the first bowl of curry, with demo’s from a host of celebrity chefs (including Thomasina Myers, Valentine Warner and Arthur Potts Dawson), and Tristram Stuart, award winning campaigner and author of book on Waste. The Bishop of London and Rosie Boycott will speak about food waste issues on stage.

Those in London are encouraged to come along to show their support. The public can get involved in interactive activities including apple pressing and mass-vegetable sorting with FareShare, and a live pig enclosure will be on site to help recycle the waste. All activities will showcase positive solutions to existing food waste problems.

The event will also invite individuals to sign a public declaration: 'I pledge to cut my own food waste and I want businesses to do the same.' At the same time, businesses will be invited to respond by signing their own pledge undertaking to cut food waste in accordance with a new online policy guidance tool developed by the Feeding the 5000 team.

For those that don't live in London, they can show their support by signing the online pledge that calls on businesses to reduce their waste.

Of the 8.3 million tonnes of food and drink thrown a way each year in the UK, 5.3 million tonnes could have been consumed - that’s like filling 4,700  Olympic sized swimming pools.

When: Friday 18th December - 12 - 2pm
Where: London’s Trafalgar Square
Cost: free

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