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Unity: what does it mean?

by James Parker

We need to move away from short term thinking based on political gain and adopt an approach based on contribution and cooperation.

A new vision is manifesting now, which is growing into a widespread understanding of unity based on wisdom, compassion, cooperation and peace among global communication.

The previous approach was always influenced by the next national election on economic growth but now the public is losing patience because they recognise that this ignorance cannot solve the growing crisis that we face. We urgently need a society where there is a new approach that organically leads everyone to contribute.

When elections take place politicians rapidly create a national marketing campaign based on half truths and propaganda by telling people about their own apparent accomplishments and condemning opponents. The media follow the same collective and conformist view, which continues to promote this restrictive two party system that has trapped the population in a cycle of problems.

This understanding of the system can lead to cynicism and sees our parliamentary democracy mocked satirically by political groups who begin to revolt in fractional ways against and outside of the system.

Locking ourselves into this cynicism will lead to increasingly more economic self interest, control, and the worsening of the global crisis that we currently face. Struggling to access Parliament in order to change it from within, whilst a two party system labours underneath a global economy, will not fully lead to a compelling ethical force. It would fail to attract all people for the good of all.

We need a new organized and integral view of life that goes beyond the established order, a view that draws its strength from both a local and global perspective.

We need to start thinking globally and move beyond a structure that is failing and damaging. We also need an ethical local significance that goes beyond small-minded thinking. A new model connected to the workings of scientific practicality and ethical wisdom will move humanity beyond fixed and outdated ideology that divides.

This new vision must lead to active participation that is governed by self organized compassion. It will go beyond mere opinions within the structure of a political party or a group. At the same time by not having practical support it cannot lead to effective action. It is therefore only by organizing with practical compassion beyond division and for the welfare of the whole, that we can arrive at solutions that can sensibly become a reality.

These true solutions will not work without a global movement, which is a primary condition directed by clear awareness of life as a whole process. A global movement must come from direct and clear awareness that lead practical solutions beyond theoretical opinions.

The practical wisdom from awareness is based on seeing the truth beyond conditioned ideas. This awareness is from open minds and hearts that lead to effective action and responsibility. Out of this there is a collective arising not based or focused on one individual or group.

A collective that has the ability to express this awareness in a direct way with a creative force can transform our global society for humanity as a whole. The delusional idea that each nation state is separate has resulted in global economic survival and has therefore increased the control of global economic power.

These ideas that are rooted in relationships between nation states leads to the comparative advantage of one over another. It ignores the sensible and logical truth that all parts are one organic process and real solutions can only happen from this holistic comprehension.

If this basic truth is ignored then our cultures hold us back from being truly diverse, it is like holding back different flavors in one recipe. It will lock the individual into a limited tribe, a delusion of the whole. The whole is naturally equal and is beyond any ism or tribe, in the same way the sun shines on all.

It is also a direct observation that the world is already in gradual deterioration and this could bring about the rapid destruction within nations. The local and global are one process and if this is observed it will lead humanity to real international solutions.

The Earth is the conservation of humanity where these direct facts are truly equal beyond the superior and inferior imagination. Observations of natural laws within the universe is that of one organism beyond the primitive aspect of competition, which is a very small aspect of it.

This intelligent approach is therefore an organizing principle within nature for the condition of human existence as a part of it. Wise observations prevail over human history and these observations are in alignment with the Earths ecological process. It will therefore repair the organic process of nature and lead humanity through continual wise education.

Our growing problems will only be solved by those human beings who directly see this, who see this natural oneness of life as a scientific fact and also as direct wisdom. These people have true leadership who use standards that are selflessly balancing the resources of the whole world in the most sensible process and systematic way.

It is clear that this universal observation can be translated into many different perspectives and all political movements partly use them. However we truly need this international perspective to be unified with the local perspective in this holistic and integral way.

In doing so an observation of life based on Earth centered understanding can be undeniably and organically achieved. A true understanding of this collective crisis will form from a direct connection to life that is free of the general way of thinking.

More and more people are joining a  wise, compassionate and unified global movement because they see this merging as the essential principles in the world beyond all else.

A practical authenticity within these truths can bring the whole population into an international humanitarian society naturally.

This will finally begin a truly compassionate and sustainable existence to all of life on this marvelous place called Earth.

James Parker is Trustee and Political Liaison Coordinator for the Simultaneous Policy UK (Simpol UK)

He is also member of One People One World and a London based Political  and Legal Analyst who specialises in international relations.

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