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Freediver Mandy-Rae Cruickshank was recruited to help the team placed hidden underwater cameras in the cove
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Letter: everybody should see 'The Cove'

Arthur Bond

6th November, 2009

'The Cove' is truly shocking, and yet the publicity the film has received is minimal...


A friend recently sent me your review of 'The Cove'. I saw this film in Bath recently. It is one of the most shocking films I have seen in recent years.

This film has had next to no publicity in this country. In the film itself it was said that there is almost a worldwide silence on the part of the media.

The cinema where I saw this film had no publicity on the film whatsoever.It was included in the programme and that was all. This was unusual to say the least.

The Dolphin business is a multibillion dollar industry. In the film it was said that a Dolphin could command up to $150,000, if it was suitable for training in a sealife centre.

The average life of a Dolphin in captivity is 2 years.

These creatures have an intelligence that is at least on par with ours and what do we do? Slaughter them for profit.

All the others it was said were sold as whale meat in Japanese markets. The Japanese public, when interviewed, seemed unaware of this.

The number of Dolphins slaughtered is 23,000 per year not 2,000, as you said in your review.

It is very obvious that the people involved in this shameful industry do not want any factual publicity. I say the more publicity they get the better.

How much, I wonder are they paying the media to keep quiet?

I recommend that anyone who has not seen this film go and see it.


Arthur Bond


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