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Five amazing things you never knew about potatoes

Transition Culture

Transition Culture

Inspired by digging up some home grown new potatoes on a July afternoon Rob Hopkins is running a special competition - to win one of his potatoes...

Just been digging up my new potatoes with my kids, very enjoyable. I didn't grow that many, and it wasn't the most prolific year's harvest I ever grew... all I can say is thank heavens we aren't relying on this year's crop to last us through until this time next year! I don't tend to grow many potatoes, as there are good local organic growers who grow them better, cheaper and have more space to do so than I have. I do like to grow a few though, as there are few things nicer than digging up your own potatoes on a fine early July afternoon.

This year I grew them as a way of helping to break up a new bed I made over the winter, a raised bed with terrible clayey soil that I hoped would become more workable via the spuds (jury's still out on the effectiveness of that one). Amazing things potatoes. So, in honour of my somewhat meagre but nevertheless terribly invigorating (and, it must be said, rather delicious) harvest, I though I would present you with five amazing facts... Read More...

Song lyrics for a better world

Transition Culture

Transition Culture

In their new song 'Inaugural Trams', the Super Furry Animals capture a moment from a post carbon future

Regular readers will know that I am fascinated by the potential role of story as a way of enabling people to imagine themselves in a successfully transitioned world.  There has been less discussion about this in the context of songs.  It was my birthday the other day, so I treated myself to the new Super Furry Animals album, and on it is a song called ‘Inaugural Trams’, which, by my interpretation anyway, does just that.  Here it is….

Apart from being a great song, it also contains the following lyrics;

    It’s the first day of the integrated transport plans,
    Let us celebrate this monumental progress.
    We have reduced emisions by 75%
    It’s a magical day and it will be even better tomorrow,
    Let us make the best of a difficult situation.

(One person’s attempt at writing out the lyrics...

Transition meets local government

Transition Culture

Transition Culture

What can happen when a Transition Initiative and its local authority work together: the Stroud story

A couple of months ago I attended the IDEA conference in Liverpool.  The delegates came from local authorities across England, and the first morning of the event was designed to look at Transition.  I spoke first, and gave a general overview of it, and then Simon Allen of Transition Stroud and Cllr. Fi Macmillan of Stroud District Council (see left) spoke.  They told the story, as a scripted dialogue, of how Transition Stroud and the Council forged a very productive working relationship.  It was a fascinating 20 minutes, and I asked Simon if I could post their script here, so here it is, with thanks to them both.

The story of Stroud District Council and Transition Stroud working together
Presented at the Improvement and Development Agency
for local government (IDeA) Positive Future Conference, 5 May... Read More...

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