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20/02/2017» To mine or not to mine?

06/02/2017» Healthy Not Hungry - The Ethical Foodie meets the WFP

03/02/2017» Endgame for Cumbria's nuclear nightmare - Moorside or Doomrise?

30/01/2017» WITNESS - The La Gomera Forest Fires

09/01/2017» Climate change and farming: let's be part of the solution!

15/12/2016» THE ETHICAL FOODIE - Try A Community Pop UP


05/12/2016» WITNESS: South Africa's Parliament split over future of fracking

28/11/2016» Agroecology versus 'climate smart' - our next big challenge from COP22

14/11/2016» Hope for forests at COP22

27/10/2016» WITNESS: Cleaning up the iconic but highly polluted Jukskei River

20/10/2016» THE ETHICAL FOODIE - Back to Basics

14/10/2016» WITNESS: Colombia's indigenous Wayuu suffer the effects of climate change, drought and rising food prices

14/10/2016» WITNESS: Bob Dylan - The Times They Are a-Changin'

13/10/2016» WITNESS: Obesity, Ecology and the Confines of the Government Strategy

04/10/2016» The Ethical Foodie: We should 'meat' less often...

26/09/2016» US Presidential Candidates' First Televised Debate - will climate change and action get a mention?

20/09/2016» What's in a name? To control China's wildlife trade, law must keep up with science

08/04/2016» Let's reclaim the free energy in our sewers - we have the technology!

25/08/2016» How to spot hazardous 'rip currents' at the beach - before you get in the water

24/08/2016» The Ethical Foodie: Pack up and ship more ethically out?

22/08/2016» How to avoid system collapse? It's the ecology, stupid!

17/08/2016» Imposing Cliffs of Ice Are Like Something Out of TV's Game of Thrones

16/08/2016» What if Britain really did abandon its farms and leave them to nature?

08/08/2016» The Ethical Foodie - Thought for Food

04/08/2016» Guardians Of The Aegean: A new film involving a Cousteau but this one is about activism and the sea

01/08/2016» Thanks Hugh - now let's stop throwing away the coffee grounds!


22/07/2016» Why Corbyn so terrifies the liberal elite

21/07/2016» Goodbye gasoline: we can Get It From The Sun

17/06/2016» Take back real control! A Green response to Brexit

11/07/2016» Korea's disgusting dog-eating 'festival' must end

27/06/2016» Gertie's Story: the resilience of wildlife

30/06/2016» The Midsummer Bonfire: Brexit and Podemos

06/06/2016» Solving the problem of safer drinking water with simple technologies

31/05/2016» Innovation for the global energy transformation: the Solarcentury Sunstation

27/06/2016» Where will our next PM stand on fracking and the environment? (It's not looking good)

26/05/2016» Footprint Identification Technology - where traditional ecology meets technology

11/05/2016» Raging seas: going local to understand ocean extremes of the future

13/05/2016» Set up for failure and corporate profit? The rotten core of the Green Deal

05/05/2016» Good news for the only place on Earth where tigers, rhinos, orangutans and elephants live together

28/04/2016» Wilderness is the salvation of the American West

03/05/2016» Renewable energy can 'keep the lights on' - here's how

29/04/2016» Climate-afflicted farmers are turning Madagascar's Spiny Forest into charcoal

27/04/2016» The fungus and the beetle: ash trees face wipeout from disease double whammy

20/04/2016» Eat less meat to reforest the Earth!

22/04/2016» Chernobyl entombed: new sarcophagus aims to make site safe for 100 years

11/04/2016» Why environmentalists should question their support for the EU

14/04/2016» We are being silently poisoned: the case against glyphosate

05/04/2016» Philanthropic colonialism: embedding agribusiness and GMOs into African agriculture

05/04/2016» Fishing ban is helping the Great Barrier Reef resist and recover from damage

24/03/2016» Africa's lions and pastoralists share the benefits of community ecotourism

04/04/2016» 'Dirty bomb' security risk at Belgian nuclear power plants

24/03/2016» Ethiopia's vulnerable tropical forests are key to securing the future of coffee

22/03/2016» There's only one real climate change debate, BBC: what should we do about it?

18/03/2016» UK's 3 billion waste coffee cups a year: let those who profit pay the cost

15/03/2016» Meet the Koch-affiliated fracker behind Marco Rubio's energy policy

11/03/2016» WHO / IARC: glyphosate itself is the cancer and genotoxicity problem

08/03/2016» Berta Cáceres: her fight for human rights in Honduras continues

12/02/2016» Five US states are leading the way in solar power initiatives

29/02/2016» EDF's leaked Board Agenda: Zombie nuclear projects and 'beyond the grave' reactors

22/02/2016» TTIP talks resume today - but the wheels are wobbling!

18/02/2016» Flint water crisis - will anyone be prosecuted?

10/11/2015» 'Crimes against the environment' should be punishable by the International Criminal Court

01/02/2016» The cheapest way to scale up wind and solar? A US-wide high-tech power network

11/02/2016» Why Norway may open up its spectacular Lofoten archipelago to oil and gas firms

11/02/2016» From latest gizmo to toxic waste: the dark side of the worldwide electronics obsession

08/02/2016» REDD is dead. So now, how are we going to save the world's forests?

09/02/2016» Burkina Faso's decision to drop GM cotton and the law of unintended consequences

03/02/2016» 'No legal basis' for TTIP corporate courts, say German judges

26/01/2016» Politicians take note: Iowa is the US's most wind-powered state - and everyone loves it!

25/01/2016» Why are the UK's climate change deniers so desperate to get us out of the EU?

22/01/2016» The last time Earth was this hot, Britain was a land of hippos and elephants

20/01/2016» From shelf to skip: food waste and the culture of rush

11/01/2016» Second life for 'extinct' giant tortoises of the Galápagos Islands

02/01/2016» India: solar head to head with coal, says KPMG, and getting cheaper all the time

31/12/2015» 2016: now let's turn the Green surge into Green power

28/12/2015» Bullfighting is conserving Spain's biodiversity - ban at nature's peril

16/12/2015» Philippines GMO ban is the Precautionary Principle in action

09/12/2015» Attack of the stinging jellyfish: the winners of ocean acidification

04/12/2015» COP21: Lord Monckton exposes Obama's 'secret plot' for 'totalitarian world government'

18/11/2015» Recycle industrial wastes to cut 1Gt from world's carbon emissions

23/11/2015» Powering the world with renewables - we can do it!

28/09/2015» Energy democracy: Lubicon Cree build a solar dream in a tar sands nightmare

15/10/2015» Eco-warrior corporations can do great things - but only if they walk the talk!

30/10/2015» Traditional architecture offers relief from soaring temperatures in the Gulf

04/11/2015» Why Indonesia can't put out its rainforest fires

29/10/2015» Bonn climate talks brought COP21 agreement closer

25/10/2015» Vultures in crisis: poachers and poison threaten nature's undertakers

22/10/2015» Michael Meacher: an environment minister who stood up for his beliefs

12/10/2015» Toxic innovation: Volkswagen is the tip of a destructive iceberg

23/07/2015» Risks of leukemia in nuclear workers more than double previous estimate

08/10/2015» How much is nature worth? More than you can imagine

06/10/2015» TPP agreement in 12 points - the fightback begins here

30/09/2015» Shell's retreat from the Arctic - what tipped the scales?

21/09/2015» How the UK can get almost all its power from renewables - without new nuclear

01/09/2015» Floating turbines could harness the awesome power of the tides

17/09/2015» For climate's sake, let's cut food waste!

15/09/2015» The 2015 Sierra Nevada snowpack is at a 500-year low

20/08/2015» Time to tap in to an underused energy source: wasted heat

04/09/2015» Australia: Indigenous communities must take centre stage in 'development'

05/08/2015» Energy: the future is renewable and distributed

28/08/2015» Pine martens' return could bring a red squirrel resurgence

20/08/2015» Dr Frances Kelsey: thalidomide and the precautionary principle

03/08/2015» Biodiversity is the best defence against corn pests

11/08/2015» Green jobs: the potential is there, but where's the political will?

24/07/2015» Conserving soil: precious, finite and under threat

16/06/2015» Could one million smart pool pumps 'store' renewable energy better than giant batteries?

25/05/2015» Green growth or steady state? Rival visions of a green economy

22/07/2015» Rewilding isn't about nostalgia - exciting new worlds are possible

01/07/2015» Coal closures give South Australia the chance to go 100% renewable

17/07/2015» Nugen's AP1000 nuclear reactor - is it any better than the EPR?

10/07/2015» Nuclear powered aircraft? Nice idea, Boeing ...

13/07/2015» Beyond fracking: Balcombe's renewable future

19/06/2015» Monsanto and EPA knew of glyphosate cancer link in 1981

30/06/2015» NASA's warning - SpaceX crash highlights dangers of nuclear power in space

26/06/2015» Exposing technocracy - the mindset of industrial capitalism

25/06/2015» Where does ivory come from? Now we know, with forensic DNA analysis

19/06/2015» Pacific islanders at the mercy of US 'simulated war zone'

02/06/2015» The lesser known story of India's role in Ethiopian land grabs

24/05/2015» Endangered species don't need an Ark - they need a Living Planet!

27/05/2015» Sustainable fashion is slow fashion - because fast comes at a price

06/05/2015» Forest foods - the tasty, resilient, sustainable answer to world hunger

27/05/2015» Forget fracking - efficiency and renewables are the key to energy security

15/05/2015» Undefeated after 67 years, Palestinians' thirst for peace and justice

13/05/2015» Amber Rudd faces climate change battle with Tory 'grey blob'

08/05/2015» Cullers beware - killing 'pest' animals can increase their abundance

06/05/2015» The slow poisoning of Freddie Gray and the hidden violence against black communities

20/04/2015» In praise of tigers, conservation heroes of the Sundarbans

25/04/2015» Earth Day on the River of Grass

09/04/2015» Shark-counting divers off Costa Rica show marine reserves need active protection

17/04/2015» Sustainable agriculture in Malawi: a desperate struggle

10/04/2015» Ocean energy plus cybernetics can supply a quarter of the US's power

09/04/2015» End-Triassic CO2 surge and mass extinction - an analog for climate change today?

06/01/2015» The 'simple life' manifesto could save the world - and us

06/03/2015» The roots of life and health: Elaine Ingham's theory of the living soil

06/03/2015» Why a submerged island is the perfect spot for the world's biggest wind farm

25/03/2015» EU turns fire on invasive species already costing €12 billion a year

05/06/2014» Lost for words? If 'climate change' and 'global warming' are banned ...

22/10/2014» Seaweed problem could provide biofuel solution

10/03/2015» The end is nigh: last rites for Hinkley C

14/11/2014» In the American West, a burnt forest is a healthy forest

29/01/2015» Crude conspiracies? Research shows nations really do go to war over oil

26/02/2015» Beavers are saving California’s wild salmon

08/01/2015» GMO-free molecular genetics launch golden age of disease-resistant grapes

18/02/2015» Don't move a mussel - a tiny invader is threatening our water and wildlife

12/02/2015» Carbon stored deep in Antarctic waters ended the last ice age

19/01/2015» Goodbye oil! Soon all cars will be electric - because they are better

23/01/2015» Beginning to see the light ... shining the sun's rays into Cairo's dark streets

19/01/2015» Concentrating Solar Power will soon be beating fossil fuels

13/01/2015» Deep time: Aboriginal stories tell of when the Great Barrier Reef was dry land

22/12/2014» Dear Carl, it's time to rethink Homo 'sapiens'

23/01/2015» WEF: Big energy CEOs don't get the renewable revolution

20/01/2015» Fail - 2014 badger cull didn't kill enough badgers to be effective

09/01/2015» Information to the people! The coming air quality revolution

06/01/2015» Tolkien, the Machine, and the Way of the Hobbit

03/01/2015» Sudden global warming 55m years ago was much like today

16/12/2014» Organic farming can close the gap on conventional yields

17/12/2014» What's worse than geoengineering the climate?

19/12/2014» Europe's bears are back!

20/11/2014» Seven breakthrough solar technologies - but will they work?

12/12/2014» Here comes the sun: explosion in solar power beckons

09/12/2014» Murder most foul - who killed all the porpoises?

03/10/2014» It shouldn’t happen to a factory farm vet

25/11/2014» Antarctic sea ice expands to record extent - and it's deeper than we thought

13/11/2014» Hurricane Sandy: only communities can build climate resilience

20/11/2014» Mystery drones are buzzing around French nuclear plants - should we be worried?

18/11/2014» New technologies can help poor farmers - just not the ones you're thinking of

11/11/2014» Civil society speaks: only a just world can prevent catastrophic climate change

10/10/2014» Plenty more fish in the sea? Not if we follow healthy eating guidelines

18/09/2014» The circularity of Life

22/10/2014» 'Unconstructable' Hinkley C could end UK's nuclear dream

10/09/2014» Amaranth revival - Mexican farmers rediscover an ancient superfood

20/10/2014» London's 'Tarpaulin Revolution' lives another day

29/09/2014» Japanese knotweed - could a tiny insect tame the monster?

17/09/2014» Farmers lead composting revolution to heal African soils

22/09/2014» For healthy food we need living, organic soils

29/08/2014» Australia - exotic beetles fly in to clean up the cattle dung

22/09/2014» 'We won't be here forever' - Cambodian forest defender immortalised on film

17/09/2014» Farm waste and mushrooms challenge plastic, concrete, steel

23/09/2014» Putting people at the heart of climate-friendly buildings

23/09/2014» The UN saved the ozone layer - now it's the climate's turn

30/08/2014» Saving Brazil's Atlantic forest on a shoe string

08/09/2014» Abounding life! 4,000 microbes thrive in Antarctic lake beneath the ice

11/09/2014» How will the new EU team line up on GMOs, TTIP and energy?

29/08/2014» China and Mongolia clash over how to exploit the Gobi desert

04/09/2014» Only connect - a renewable energy future for small island states

02/09/2014» Steel and concrete, give over to the new kid - bamboo

01/09/2014» The battle for Mosul Dam: a new age of water wars beckons

11/08/2014» Over-burning could be damaging Australia's wildlife for 100 years

21/08/2014» Confronting the threat of invasive 'ecosystem engineers'

18/08/2014» More calories from fewer sources means less nutrition, more profit

14/08/2014» Ignoring Ukraine's neo-Nazi storm troopers

12/08/2014» Our uplands: a burning desire for action

09/08/2014» Hug a tree, save your life

07/08/2014» America's wild mustangs cannot be left to manage themselves

05/08/2014» Microplastic ocean pollution - will you join our research voyage?

30/07/2014» Lead pollution beat Amundsen and Scott to the South Pole - and it's still pouring down today

31/07/2014» Reaping the benefits of community energy

30/07/2014» Why freshwater dolphins are among the world’s most endangered mammals

21/07/2014» Closing the money loop to build resilient local economies

19/07/2014» To keep cyclists safe will need deep, radical change

15/07/2014» Great snakes! Football fans, explore at your peril

10/07/2014» Why do the local people protect the elephants?

09/07/2014» Whalers' log books confirm - Arctic sea ice is retreating

03/07/2014» Red wolf extinction fear as US budget cuts bite

04/07/2014» Soaking the customer - Thames Water's £4 billion sewage money grab

01/07/2014» Our garbage is polluting the remotest, deepest ocean

24/06/2014» Ecover is as green as ever!

17/06/2014» The amazing emotional intelligence of our primate cousins

20/06/2014» Brazilians have far more to protest about than the World Cup

08/04/2014» The Tambora eruption and human history

03/06/2014» PNG: 'Lost' bat species rediscovered after 120 years in the wilderness

03/06/2014» The farmer is the future

06/05/2014» Potato blight - there's no need for GMOs!

05/06/2014» A night in the life of a badger sett monitor - Chris Tasker's story

02/06/2014» Want to restore the world's forests? Begin with these 'surprising seven' countries

29/05/2014» The five biggest threats to human existence

27/05/2014» Carpet giant Interface goes for 'sustainability gold'

29/04/2014» In Ecuador's Amazon, a small tribe lives under a dark, oily shadow

19/05/2014» Zoos of the future break down the walls

01/05/2014» Meet the dipper - our canary in the coal mine for polluted rivers

08/05/2014» India rising to sustainable energy challenge

13/05/2014» Oil companies' $1.1 trillion gamble

12/05/2014» Melting glaciers have drowned lands before, and will again

01/05/2014» Cameron's wind policy - designed by Machiavelli?

02/05/2014» Biogas - the global green solution for health, energy, environment

30/04/2014» Apple bites back at climate skeptics

24/04/2014» We cannot save the Earth, unless there be peace

01/05/2014» Round-the-clock solar power comes of age

12/04/2014» Becoming co-creators in a world of natural beauty

25/04/2014» Chernobyl - the biting wind, the silent scream

22/04/2014» Dynamic atolls give hope that Pacific Islands can defy sea rise

17/04/2014» Pickles appoints himself Lord of the Wind Farms

15/04/2014» Green or white? Planted or painted roofs can cool buildings

12/04/2014» Wind power booms in oil-rich Texas

12/04/2014» Hollywood goes big on climate change

08/04/2014» Panda Sutra - the ups and downs of getting grumpy bears to have sex

08/04/2014» When life becomes a shadow - after nuclear catastrophe

06/04/2014» Africa without rhinos would be different, and poorer

03/04/2014» England's smog - Saharan sand is the least of our problems

02/04/2014» The IPCC and Osbornomics - a dangerous disconnect

27/03/2014» When rewilding isn't mad - guanacos can transform the espinal of Chile

07/03/2014» Saving Madagascar's lemurs

18/03/2014» The omni-benefits of regenerative pasture

03/03/2014» Gandhi's nightmare has come true

15/03/2014» Beijing's $5bn tree project - will it cut pollution?

06/03/2014» Bolivia and Britain - a tale of two floods

05/03/2014» First Americans lived on Beringia for thousands of years

28/02/2014» Woods and trees are functioning parts of a living landscape

28/02/2014» Are we recreating a 3 million year-old past?

28/02/2014» We must protect NHS democracy

20/02/2014» Human rights and the environment

21/02/2014» Genetic study shows we can breed TB-resistant cows

05/02/2014» Organic farming benefits biodiversity

14/02/2014» Xocolatl: sweet bitter Love (and Spicy!)

03/02/2014» Roadkill pheasant and dumplings

27/01/2014» Wild salmon starve at sea as North Atlantic warms

27/01/2014» The many faces of Real Farming

21/01/2014» Big old trees grow faster, absorb more carbon

10/01/2014» Learning the weird and wonderful ropes

17/01/2014» GMO-free bioscience to feed Africa's farming families

13/01/2014» Stuck in the Antarctic ice we set out to study

09/01/2014» Power for the people!

07/01/2014» Puerto Rico's years of unseasonal rain

01/01/2014» Africa's elephant massacre and the growing ivory frenzy

16/12/2013» Bolivia: harshening climate meets traditional knowledge

19/12/2013» Communites decide - fracking or renewables?

21/12/2013» Why Flight 103?

18/12/2013» England's new runways - where's the demand?

03/12/2013» Gaza - living under artificial drought

28/11/2013» How to change the world?

21/11/2013» Rhinos without borders: Release!

21/11/2013» One month on - the Editor blogs

18/11/2013» Food banks in southeast England: struggling to meet demand

11/11/2013» Slog, robes and fake fur.

13/11/2013» Rhinos without borders: across Africa

10/11/2013» Colombia: a community resists land-grabbing and conflict

06/11/2013» Guy Fawkes: the medium is the message!

01/11/2013» If next summer is rained off, blame the melting Arctic

30/10/2013» Rhinos without borders: preparation & capture

30/10/2013» Renewables imperilled: Big Six turn grilling into lobbying

26/10/2013» Ecocide in Ecuador

23/10/2013» Give community wind power the same EMR terms as Hinkley C!

24/10/2013» I risked arrest at Balcombe to send the coalition a message on climate change

08/10/2013» It’s not easy being green – unless that is, you live on a boat. Part IV.

27/09/2013» PHOTO GALLERY: Mapping the health of our endangered coral reefs

17/09/2013» It’s not easy being green – unless that is, you live on a boat. Part III.

12/09/2013» Are you eating ‘pesticide plants’?

29/08/2013» How do you feed a city of 117,000 people sustainably?

22/08/2013» This is bigger than Balcombe

09/08/2013» It’s not easy being green – unless that is, you live on a boat

18/07/2013» Soya: Argentinian Gold Rush

21/08/2013» It's not easy being green - unless that is, you live on a boat. Part II.

31/07/2013» How an electric bike improved my fitness

24/07/2013» Weaving Community Action

19/07/2013» Food matters: 'Politicians need to focus on our failing food system'

17/07/2013» Earth Restoration: trees in schools

17/07/2013» Enlivened Learning at Red Crow Community College

12/07/2013» Food matters: why feeding the world should be a 'public health project'

25/06/2013» The Ecology of Public Space: from Uhuru to Taksim

01/07/2013» Food matters: DIY supermarkets / restaurant workers / biodynamic wines

25/06/2013» Beyond (Eco) Campaigning at BIG Green Week

19/06/2013» Nature Engagement & Cycling

12/06/2013» The rise and rise of e-bikes

03/06/2013» Electric Bikes - A New Generation

28/05/2013» How to make solar power the new Coke

23/05/2013» UK species continue to decline - does it matter & what can we do?

17/05/2013» The Clothing Industry: Modern day attitudes akin to those of historical slavery

24/04/2013» Connecting the Dots: the Big Permaculture Picture

16/04/2013» Fencing plan in South America threatens wildlife

08/04/2013» Bees with Alzheimer’s – the price of pesticides

04/04/2013» Climate Change is doing our heads in

07/03/2013» Shades of gray: celebrity killing, Yellowstone wolves in the firing line

05/03/2013» Shades of gray: shedding new light on the Rocky Mountain wolf wars

04/04/2013» Horsegate - we're busy doing nothing

18/02/2013» Running into the Grassland Queen of Patagonia

08/02/2013» Brazil's hidden horrors

18/12/2012» Hope hangs in the balance in Sumatra.

05/12/2012» Conservation in the Mountains of Uganda

05/12/2012» Connected Gatherings

23/11/2012» Strawberries....from Greenland?

26/09/2012» Coping With Bereavement: One Year On

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