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Copenhagen: 50/75 of 106
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Scenes from the eco village

Schools using art to learn about climate change

Rebecca Heald

27th July, 2009

Can climate art help save the world? Rebecca Heald reports on a school art installation and its ambitious 'Cool it Schools' global online initiative more...
Dan Box

Jim Hansen in the same bed as Exxon and Shell?

Dan Box

7th December, 2009

It's an unlikely alliance, but when one of the world's leading climate scientists and the world's biggest fossil fuel companies declare a common interest, it should draw attention more...
How old will you be in 2050?

Climate justice: should the unborn have legal rights?

Andrew Hickman

8th December, 2009

The biggest victims of climate change have no voice - in fact they are not even born yet - but the argument for giving them legal rights is not so far fetched more...

The 300-350 Show: Civil Society for Climate Justice

Phil England

2nd December, 2009

Climate Radio gets the lowdown on the climate rally taking place in central London this weekend, 'The Wave' and also hears from a Climate Justice hunger striker more...
Edenbee logo

Edenbee aims to turn Facebook green

Andrew Hickman

20th November, 2009

As the Copenhagen summit becomes shrouded in pessimism, the Edenbee Facebook application is bringing individuals and groups together to make carbon-cutting commitments. more...

The 300-350 Show: Civil disobedience for climate justice

Phil England

26th November, 2009

Climate radio meets the activists who will be attempting to set a different agenda at the climate summit in Copenhagen more...
Copenhagen Counts logo

Will the US get 'squatters' rights' to the atmosphere?

Navroz K. Dubash

25th November, 2009

India has a substantial part to play in a climate deal, but failing to acknowledge historical responsibility is akin to giving the US 'squatters' rights' to the atmosphere more...

The 300-350 Show: Climate Justice Fast

Phil England

18th November, 2009

Climate Radio reports on a hunger protest started in response to the lack of progress at recent climate talks more...
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We shouldn't expect a single Copenhagen treaty to solve things

Mike Hulme

16th November, 2009

We've bundled so many issues up together into 'climate change' that we've made a single treaty unworkable. Let's start thinking about a many-sided solution... more...
Copenhagen Counts logo

EU must 'step-in' to save Copenhagen from disaster


16th November, 2009

Postponing an agreement on cutting emissions will delay key decisions on providing funding to less industrialised countries for adaption and mitigation, including tackling deforestation more...
Tropical rainforests

Biodiversity 'invisible' in current economic model


13th November, 2009

The steady loss of forests, soils, wetlands, fisheries, species and coral reefs around the world is closely tied to the lack of value we put on nature, says three-year study more...
Molly Scott Cato

Why carbon trading cannot work

Molly Scott Cato

13th November, 2009

Carbon trading cannot work. How do we know this? Because economic theory tells us so more...

Copenhagen: 50/75 of 106
« back | next » in India the ultimate climate change campaign?

Matilda Lee

9th July, 2009

Writer turned climate change activist Bill McKibben is organising a global day of witness on 24th October. Mark your calendars now more...
Copenhagen Counts logo

Brazil pledges emission cuts in 'political gesture' to rich nations

Tom Phillips from the Guardian

10th November, 2009

Brazil will take proposals for voluntary reductions of 38-42 per cent by 2020 to the Copenhagen climate change conference next month, chief of staff says more...

The 300-350 Show: Africa makes a stand

Phil England

10th November, 2009

Climate Radio reports on how and why the African delegation threatened to walk out of the recent climate negotiations more...

Lester Brown: 'We shouldn't count on Copenhagen to save us'

Matilda Lee

10th November, 2009

Lester Brown, founder of the Earth Policy Institute and the WorldWatch Institute, on his fears for Copenhagen, genetically modified food and the failure of the media more...
Dan Box

Why Copenhagen will be crawling with business lobbyists

Dan Box

9th November, 2009

Is a business presence at Copenhagen crucial or corrosive? Either way, in a few weeks Denmark is going to be up to its eyes in corporate lobbyists... more...

Campaigners reject Copenhagen deal fears


5th November, 2009

Campaigners have rejected claims that December’s Copenhagen climate summit cannot produce a legally binding climate deal, and called on the EU to stand up to US negativity more...
Stock market

Carbon trading is a dangerous obsession, says report


November 5th, 2009

Carbon trading schemes are allowing speculators to grow rich but are not delivering the emissions cuts promised, says Friends of the Earth more...
Religious cross

Impact of religions will have 'deeper roots' than Copenhagen


31st October, 2009

Archbishop speaks of the lasting impact of a religious movement to tackle climate change ahead of major summit of religious leaders more...

The 300-350 Show: saving forests requires more than cash

Phil England

29th October, 2009

Nathaniel Dyer of the Rainforest Foundation UK explains how saving forests is about far more than simply throwing money at the problem more...
Smoke rises from a nuclear facility's four chimneys

UK to miss 2010 carbon-reduction goal


28th October, 2009

Forecasts of our likely failure to meet carbon reduction targets is putting UK Government credibility on climate change at risk, say independent analysts more...
Copenhagen Counts logo

Nothing will happen at Copenhagen until the 11½ hour

Graciela Chichilnisky

27th October, 2009

Copenhagen was always going to be a nail-biting experience, but if we abandon Kyoto and try to reinvent the wheel you might end up gnawing your fingers off too more...
Copenhagen Counts logo

Brown: there is no Plan B for the planet


19th October, 2009

Developed countries still need to come forward with finance to help with adaptation and mitigation in less-industrialised countries hit hardest by climate change more...
Dan Box

Conmen are already selling dodgy forest carbon

Dan Box

16th October, 2009

Fancy some forest carbon, guv'nor? Only one careful owner... Dan Box explains why a cautious approach to deforestation schemes would be wise more...


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