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Carbon dioxide emissions

Letter - Time to get serious with the EU Emission Trading Scheme

27th May, 2010

Mark Chadwick

Mark Chadwick from Carbon Clear argues a full auctioning of ETS permits is needed if the trading scheme is to start working more...

Letter: Making a solar water heater from plastic bottles

Martin Hemingway

13th May, 2010

A reader recalls a solar water heater being installed in a local school swimming pool back in the late 1960s more...
Tiger farming

Letter: A market for tigers

JP Floru

20th January, 2010

Freedom Alliance director argues that overturning the ban on the sale of tiger parts would safeguard their future more...
A Christmas tree

Poem: "I suppose it must snow"

Stephen Pain

17th December, 2009

Stephen Pain's poem fears the momentum for tackling climate change could be lost in a white Christmas more...

Letter: shame on the Ecologist for joining climategate melee

Asta Audzijonyte

7th December, 2009

The UEA hacked emails reveal nothing of substance, and the deniers' charges should not be repeated by the Ecologist more...
Farmer spraying crops with pesticides

Letter: be careful with the term 'pesticide'

K Jean Cottam

18th November, 2009

Using the term 'pesticides' generically can mislead and confuse more...
The Cove

Letter: everybody should see 'The Cove'

Arthur Bond

6th November, 2009

'The Cove' is truly shocking, and yet the publicity the film has received is minimal... more...
Barrels of nuclear waste

Letter: everyone suffers from new nuclear

Marianne Birkby

30th October, 2009

It's not just the UK that suffers from the Government's new fervour for nuclear power; communities worldwide will feel the folly of the move... more...

Letter: can we trust the FSC?

Saskia Ozinga

29th September, 2009

Don't be too hard on the EU FLEGT deforestation plan... more...

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22nd October, 2009

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letters: 1/10 of 10


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