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Battery rabbit farm proposals could see return of fur farming to UK

Tom Levitt

5th May, 2011

Undercover footage of Portuguese rabbit farms shows the grim reality of intensive factory-style rabbit farming, which may now make a comeback in the UK more...
A rabbit

Rabbits named Britain's most costly invasive species

James Meikle, guardian special correspondent

15th December, 2010

Britain's estimated 40 million rabbits cost more than £260m a year in damage to crops, businesses and infrastructure, report says more...

Love: batteries not included

Pat Thomas

1st November, 2006

Relationships, like so many other aspects of modern life, are increasingly subject to the pressures of commercialisation. ‘Buy this and you’ll be happy’, suggests the marketing. And one recent product, both intimate and as impersonal as can be imagined, boasts particular success… more...

rabbit: 1/3 of 3


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