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geoengineering: 1/10 of 10

The SPICE project will investigate the release of small particles into the stratosphere to cool the Earth by reflecting a few percent of incoming solar radiation. Photo: Hugh Hunt CC BY-SA 3.0.

What's worse than geoengineering the climate?

Nick Breeze

23rd December 2014

Film maker Nick Breeze has conducted a series of interviews with experts on 'geo-engineering' to forestall runaway global warming. Here he presents the distilled wisdom from his meetings - and concludes that we should at least be experimenting with the techniques, and studying their impacts. more...

Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering

John Vidal, guardian environment editor

6th February, 2012

Wealthy individuals, including Bill Gates, have funded a series of reports into the future use of technologies to geoengineer the climate more...

Sceptics told they'd be 'foolish' to ignore potential of geoengineering

Eifion Rees

25th July, 2011

As global climate talks stall, calls for more trials of ideas to alter the world's climate known as 'geoengineering' are likely to grow more...
Amphibians and reptiles

UN biodiversity targets now need to be implemented say campaigners

Tom Levitt

1st November, 2010

Broad welcome for new biodiversity targets, including increase in protected areas, but campaigners express concern that previous 2010 targets have still not been met more...
Sea wall

Geoengineering won't stop sea-level rises, study predicts


27th August, 2010

Only massive and regular sulphur injections into the atmosphere would prevent sea-level rises of 30-70cm on 2000 levels by the end of the century as a result of climate change more...

'Cheap' solar geoengineering plans may have unintended consequences

Tom Levitt

12th August, 2010

Researchers warn that individual countries looking to go it alone with 'cheap' solutions to regional climate change could inflict negative impacts on the rest of world more...

Bill Gates' cloud-whitening trials 'a dangerous experiment'

Tom Levitt

11th May, 2010

Microsoft founder Bill Gates providing funding for geoegineering experiment to increase whiteness of clouds, reflect more sunlight back into space and reduce global warming more...
Hands Off Mother Earth campaign logo

Join our campaign to halt geoengineering

Jim Thomas

4th May, 2010

It's time to say no to scientists and politicians considering geoengineering as a way of tackling climate change, says Jim Thomas more...

Regulate geoengineering before it's too late, say MPs


18th March, 2010

Climate manipulation must be regulated at the UN level to avoid countries taking matters into their own hands, says a committee of MPs more...
Artificial trees depicted amidst an offshore wind farm in the IMECHE report

Governments 'eager' to divert climate funding to geoengineering


17th December, 2009

Governments that are considering funding geoengineering experiments are the same ones that have failed to pay for conventional mitigation or adaptation to climate change more...

geoengineering: 1/10 of 10


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