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Bonn: 1/10 of 10

An overview of COP23 from the world's lowest lying country

Thoriq Ibrahim

16th November, 2017

THORIQ IBRAHIM, the Maldives Minister of Environment and Energy and chair of the Alliance of Small Island States, argues for optimism at COP23 and asks fellow leaders to make it into a 'joyous occasion'. more...

How do we stop the next Dieselgate? With Sustainable Development Goals and environmental standards

Natalie Bennett

14th November, 2017

The law of unintended consequences is usually assumed to mean the best will in the world can still cause terrible harm. But the need to understand the causes of climate change is forcing societies to address other risks from industrial production, argues NATALIE BENNETT. more...

A message for the planet: beware the urgency gap

Natalie Bennett

10th November, 2017

The former co-leader of the Green party, NATALIE BENNETT is in Bonn where she tells of the story of two cities: the politicians on one side performing seemingly endless negotiations and the scientists and NGOs on the other calling for urgent action. more...

James Hansen at COP23: The voice of dissent

Nick Breeze

9th November, 2017

James Hansen is making his second visit to the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties, COP23 in Bonn to declare the that the Paris Agreement “ambition” is a “hoax”. NICK BREEZE meets the man still raising the climate alarm. more...

Wake up and smell the methane: Europe has nine years left of its carbon budget

Katie Hodgetts

9th November, 2017

Professor Kevin Anderson and Dr John Broderick have published a new report commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe examining the climate impact of natural gas. The findings contradict industry public relations, KATIE HODGETTS argues. more...
Community garden

Life without supermarkets: community action is the best way to beat them

Laura Laker

10th August, 2010

A hypermarket victory in Hackney demonstrates how local groups can help protect community shops... more...
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The 300-350 Show: Bonn wrap-up

Phil England

18th June, 2009

At the end of the UN Climate Talks in Bonn we get a close reading of the state of play from Third World Network's Meena Raman. more...
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The 300-350 Show: Repay the climate debt - Bonn, week 2

Phil England

11th June 2009

What do we need to do to escape the current deadlock at the UN climate talks? more...
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The 300-350 Show: The road to Copenhagen - Bonn, week 1

Phil England

4th June, 2009

We start our coverage of the United Nations climate talks in Bonn with a look at some of the targets that rich nations are bringing to the table. We also flag up the dangers of the scientifically unfounded rush to include Biochar and large-scale no-till agriculture in the draft negotiating texts. more...
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The 300-350 Show: The road to Copenhagen - from Washington to Bonn

Phil England

28th May, 2009

With a new President in the White House there's a fresh approach to climate change and energy policy in the US. But the Energy bill currently going through Congress is based on the widely-criticised "Cap & Trade" system and has been weakened further by a massive corporate lobbying campaign. more...

Bonn: 1/10 of 10


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