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Palm oil seeds

Cargill sticks with rainforest-destroying palm oil supplier


6th September, 2010

US food giant refuses to stop buying palm oil from Sinar Mas group as Burger King joins Nestle and others in criticising its illegal activities more...

Palm oil giant Sinar Mas admits breaking law by clearing peatland

Tom Levitt

11th August, 2010

Indonesia's largest palm oil and pulp company started clearing land for palm oil plantations before it had received permits or made conservation assessments. Tom Levitt reports more...

Palm oil giant accused of rainforest destruction caught ‘red-handed’


29th July, 2010

Indonesia’s largest palm oil and pulp group, Sinar Mas, is continuing to destroy rainforests and peatland despite promises to end the practice more...

Nestlé under fire for destroying orang-utan habitat


19th March 2010

Nestlé is ignoring the social and environmental crimes of its palm oil suppliers says Greenpeace more...

Boots, KFC, McDonalds ignore rainforest destruction survey


10th February, 2010

Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury’s have been praised for disclosing their ‘forest footprint’ but experts say that consumers are still not aware of the impact of their daily diet more...
Jordans cereals

Jordans cereals switches to 'sustainable' palm oil


11th February, 2010

Major UK cereal brand switches to more sustainable sources of palm oil following interview with the Ecologist more...

Palm oil plantations could be classified as forests


8th February, 2010

European Commission guidance would allow biofuels to be labelled as sustainable even if forests have been destroyed to make way for the palm oil plantations more...
An orangutan

Blackwashing: do NGO tactics risk long term public trust?

Tom Levitt

1st January, 2010

Instead of making exaggerated claims about species becoming extinct, NGOs could make progress on issues like deforestation by collaborating more closely with companies, reports Tom Levitt more...

Palm oil firms letting four-year-olds sign contracts


11th November, 2009

'Chaotic' legislation in Indonesia is allowing palm oil plantation companies looking to produce biofuel to bully local people off their land more...
palm oil

UK bans Malaysian palm oil advert


3rd November, 2009

Second advert from palm oil industry lobby group is banned for its sustainability claims more...
Palm oil seeds

Major retailers ranked on sustainable palm oil


28th October, 2009

Tesco and Waitrose lagging behind on sustainable sourcing of world's most traded edible oil, found in wide range of everyday products from cakes and cosmetics more...
Guardian Environment Network

'Sustainable' palm oil campaign banned by ASA

Mark Sweney

9th September, 2009

Advertorial claimed that controversial oil business was 'green answer' and was important to alleviating poverty more...

palm oil: 25/40 of 40
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Palm oil seeds

World Bank breaks rules in lending to palm oil companies


27th August, 2009

Campaign groups call for a suspension on lending to palm oil plantation developers after critical internal audit more...
In the News

Sustainable palm oil usage at unsatisfactory levels


1st July, 2009

Land victory will allow Borneo’s indian tribes to fight palm oil industries, although use of sustainable palm oil sits at a mere one per cent. more...

Hedge funds for forests?

Mark Anslow

6th June, 2008

Protecting rainforests is now almost as lucrative as cutting them down. Mark Anslow reports on a commodities-centred approach to stopping deforestation more...


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