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Rich dark soil pouring from hands

Biochar could work, but not if linked to the market

James Bruges

25th January, 2010

Biochar's potential to improve tropical soils and store carbon in the ground is huge; but if linked to current market mechanisms it would be ripe for exploitation more...
A ploughed field

Change farming to cut CO2 emissions by 25 per cent

Eifion Rees

3rd July, 2009

A new report has revealed that a change in the way we manage agricultural land could help sequester a quarter of the world's carbon dioxide emissions every year more...
A lump of charcoal

Biochar: can charcoal really stop global warming?

Almuth Ernsting

30th June, 2009

Biochar - the charcoaled remains of agricultural waste - is being hailed as a huge opportunity to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But is the science sound, and do we have enough waste to go around? more...

biochar: 1/3 of 3


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