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Living with Urban Wildlife: non-lethal control

Toni V. Shephard

Toni V. Shephard notes that less and less of us are prepared to deal with 'pests' using the traditional method i.e. killing them, and offers her perspectives and solutions on human/wildlife conflict..... more...

Lion Ark

Edgar Vaid

Edgar Vaid reviews a unique documentary that takes the viewer behind the scenes of front line animal rescue in Bolivia - a poor but proud country that said NO to animal cruelty........ more...

It’s not easy being green – unless that is, you live on a boat

Clare Kendall

In the first of a series of four blogs Clare Kendall examines the interactions between the boat dweller and the substance that keeps them afloat..... more...

The UK's anti fracking movement is growing

Jan Goodey

1st August 2013

As fracking hits the headlines UK protests against the practice of blasting natural gas from shale rock are on the increase. Jan Goodey reports on the latest flashpoint in the urgent - and escalating - anti fracking battle more...

The Designs of Vincent Callebaut

Liam Shaugnessy

Liam Shaugnessy meets an architect from Belgium who is challenging our concept of green building with designs of fantastical elegance bordering on sci-fi............. more...

Community energy is generating people power

Kayla Ente

Communities should take power into their own hands to build an abundant local clean energy supply to secure our future energy on a national scale, claims Kayla Ente, founder of community energy service co-operative BHESCo...... more...

Gaia's Guardians find a new way to clean up Glastonbury

Julia Lockwood

How do you change a damaging culture of littering amongst 200,000 hedonistic festival-goers? The answer is to go deep........ more...

Grieving for the past, hoping for the future

Richard Hobbs

Richard Hobbs is stepping down as Editor-in-Chief of the journal Restoration Ecology. During his 10 years at the helm, he's often been surprised by the resistance in some quarters to the emergence of new ideas. Here's an edited excerpt from his parting editorial....... more...

e-Recycling: Why we must and how we can

Andrew Del Prado

Andrew Del Prado argues that society's attitude to recycling electronic gadgets is lagging far behind our desire to create the technology in the first place, and tells the Ecologist how his organisation is trying to combat this trend..... more...

Sir Richard Branson: Championing the Green Economy

Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson tells the Ecologist what kind of world he would like to see his grandchildren grow up in and argues that organisations both public and private have a responsibility to ensure the next generation inherit just such a world........ more...

The Ecology of Public Space: from Uhuru to Taksim

by Mia MacDonald and Wanjira Mathai

To Mia MacDonald and Wanjira Mathai the demonstrations that began in Istanbul to protest the leveling of Gezi Park to make way for the redevelopment of adjacent Taksim Square rang a familiar bell...... more...

The Power of Just Doing Stuff - How Local Action Can Change the World

by Rob Hopkins

Rob Hopkins, founder of the transition movement, introduces his new book 'Just Doing Stuff' which argues for a change in current economic structures, a change that starts with each of us as individuals..... more...

society: 75/100 of 851
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Phu Quoc Island: Trouble in Paradise

24th June, 2013

by Jak Phillips

Meddling by the Vietnamese government and an invasion of investors has put Phu Quoc island on course to becoming severely tarnished by international tourism, reports Jak Phillips

Healing the Earth: Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change

June 21st, 2013

by Gleb Raygorodetsky

For Indigenous peoples climate change is not a political slogan but an inescapable reality of their daily life. In a new series for the Ecologist, Gleb Raygorodetsky explores how different communities are responding to the challenges of climate change more...

Manchester Met University’s James Woodward wins 2013 Ecologist Environmental Hero award

21st June, 2013

by Paul Creeney

James Woodward, Client Services Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), has won this year’s Green Impact Universities and Colleges Environmental Hero Award. James, 37, explains the importance of green IT to the Ecologist’s Paul Creeney more...

Rivers and Natural Ecosystems as Rights Bearing Subjects

by Robin R Milam

Robin Millam from the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature is encouraged to by the progress being made by those countries and communities small and large who are seeking to give legal rights to nature..... more...

Global Green Challenge; calling all entrepreneurs

by Lucy Nicolson

With new figures out this month (May 2013) revealing that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have reached an all-time high at 400 parts per million (PPM), the timing for a global competition to find carbon cutting ideas is apt more...

Global Green Challenge; calling all entrepreneurs

by Lucy Nicolson

With new figures out this month (May 2013) revealing that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have reached an all-time high at 400 parts per million (PPM), the timing for a global competition to find carbon cutting ideas is apt more...

Why did the 400ppm carbon milestone cause barely a ripple?

May 31st, 2013

by Andrew Simms

Earlier this month the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere reached 400ppm. Andrew Simms questions the apparent disinterest shown by the media......... more...

Radical Human Ecology: A Path of Hope

by Edmund O'Sullivan

Edmund O'Sullivan reviews a selection of readings on inter-cultural and transdisciplinary approaches to human ecology. more...

The Power of Peaceful Protest

by Ian and Jennifer Hartley

As a new generation discovers the potency of non violent activism, Ian and Jennifer Hartley - the authors of Paths Are Made By Walking - explain why Non Violent Direct Action is as relevant today as it was during the Cold War more...

How to make solar power the new Coke

by Mariana Mazon

Mariana Mazon explains how the challenges of distributing energy products out to remote rural areas can be overcome - to the benefit of both people and the environment..... more...

Native American Activism: Environmental issues take priority

by Ben Whitford

A dynamic environmental activism movement pioneered by highly engaged youth from native communities is spreading across North America. Ben Whitford reports...... more...

The State of Nature: new report shows most UK species in decline

May 22nd, 2013

by Martin Harper

Martin Harper, the RSPB's Conservation Director tells us why the launch of a new report should be a serious wake up call for all of us - a call that we simply can't ignore....... more...

Sustainable energy a necessity for basic healthcare in the developing world

by Andrew Heath

One billion people in the developing world are deprived of access to effective healthcare due to a lack of access to energy, reports Andrew Heath of Practical Action.... more...


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