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Submerged aquapod

Is this the future of fish farming?

Edward Helmore

20th October, 2009

Inside vast, 360-sided, 7000 cubic metre underwater cages off the coast of Panama, marine biologist Brian O'Hanlon is trying to solve some of the problems with large-scale aquaculture more...
Diagram from The Aquaculture Guidebook

The Aquaponics Guidebook, by Bevan Suits

Mark Anslow

20th October, 2009

This new e-book tells you everything you need to know about raising fish and vegetables for the table at home in an ingenious, ecological way more...
Fish farm

Can salmon farming be sustainable?

Emma Bocking

20th October, 2009

Salmon farming is renowned for its local environmental pollution, but now some fish farmers are starting to look at fish waste as an untapped resource more...

fish special: 1/3 of 3


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