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mining: 75/100 of 109
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British mining company in controversial uranium project near Grand Canyon

Tom Levitt

2nd November, 2010

Vane Minerals currently exploring for uranium deposits on the edge of the Grand Canyon National Park in area with alleged history of contamination affecting former miners and local indigenous population more...
A 'black smoker' vent,

How deep-sea mining could destroy the 'cradle of life on earth'

Tom Levitt

28th October, 2010

With Papua New Guinea giving the go-ahead to a Canadian mining company to dredge its coastal seabed for minerals, new species of life could be extinct before they have even been discovered. Tom Levitt reports more...

Hungary toxic spill 'could be worse' than Baia Mare cyanide disaster

Tom Levitt

6th October, 2010

Greenpeace says responsibility of aluminum company is 'quite clear' as campaigners urge stricter controls on other hazardous waste sites around the Danube region more...
Gold panning

Nigeria gold rush sees 200 children killed in outbreak of lead poisoning

Xan Rice, Guardian East Africa correspondent

23rd September, 2010

The UN has sent an emergency team to Zamfara state, in Nigeria, as processing of ore by hand affects 18,000 people more...
17 year old, Almay (3rd from right) dances with other tribal girls during the mass worship in Ijurupa village near Vedanta refinary in Orrisa. Indigenous communities conduct the worship, which is an annual feature, in their respective states, but this yea

News special: Vedanta victory masks threats to indigenous people

Emily Shelton

6th October, 2010

Following the landmark decision by the Indian government to prevent Vedanta from mining on tribal land, the Ecologist reports on the other tribes - including the Penan in Sarawak and the Guarani in Brazil - facing similar threats but being ignored by the media more...
Tribal women gather to protest and listen to speeches at Bijepur at a rally organised by the Adim Adhikar Surakshya Manch (a group to protect tribal groups) against the Vedanta plant. Stuart Freedman/ ActionAid

Vedanta ‘in total contempt of the law’ says Indian government


17th August, 2010

Damning Indian government report says British-owned mining company’s plans should be blocked, as two local tribal campaigners are abducted more...
Plans for diamond mining in Botswana saw Bushmen forced out of their home

Zimbabwe given 'one last chance' on diamond mining exports


16th July, 2010

Campaign groups on the verge of leaving international diamond trade body because of failures to prevent military takeovers of mines, worker deaths and systematic smuggling more...
Sand Dredging

The damage caused by Singapore's insatiable thirst for land

Tom Levitt

11th May, 2010

While logging and deforestation has gained global attention the growing sand mining sector is being largely ignored. Fuelled by Singapore’s land and construction demands it is wreaking environmental destruction across south-east Asia more...
Bristol Bay Watershed

Alaskan fishermen to fight mining giant at its own AGM


18th April 2010

A group of campaigners from Alaska have stepped up their campaign against plans to build one of the world’s largest goldmines by buying shares in Anglo American more...

Behind the label: talcum powder

Pat Thomas

13th April, 2010

Keeping your baby's bottom soft and dry shouldn't mean exposing it to a potentially harmful and environmentally costly substance more...
Labourers remove boulders from the landscape to make a road surface for the Vedanta plant in Lanjhigargh. In doing so they are causing irrepairable damage to the landscape. Stuart Freedman/ActionAid

Church sells stake in controversial mining company, Vedanta


5th February, 2010

The Church of England has dealt a significant blow to Vedanta Resources plc by pulling £3.75 million worth of investments from the company on ethical grounds more...
Gold panning

Great victory against cyanide for gold mining

Stephanie Roth

8th January, 2010

A landmark ban in Hungary on the use of cyanide in mining looks set to make huge improvements in public health. Now the country's neighbours need to follow her lead... more...

mining: 75/100 of 109
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Marc Ona Essengui

CASE STUDY: fighting a mine funded by foreign investment in Gabon

Chris Carroll and Eifion Rees

3rd August, 2009

Fighting a mine funded by foreign investment in Gabon has seen Marc Ona Essangui spend time in prison, but his only response, he says, is 'serenity' more...
Alaskan sockeye salmon

Protecting wild salmon from pollution

Laura Sevier

16th July, 2009

Alaska's long-standing wild salmon-fishing industry could be under threat from large-scale mining development more...

The struggle to report on Tibet's environment

Andrew Wasley

1st May, 2009

Reporting from the frontline of environmental activism, Andrew Wasley takes a closer look at the environmental situation in Tibet. more...
Guardian Environment Network

Church mission to Vedanta site in India

Kathryn Hopkins

16th October, 2009

Archbishop questions Church's investment in mining firm that plans to build on site revered by indigenous tribe more...
Tribal women gather to protest and listen to speeches at Bijepur at a rally organised by the Adim Adhikar Surakshya Manch (a group to protect tribal groups) against the Vedanta plant. Stuart Freedman/ ActionAid

Vedanta told to 'change behaviour' by UK Government


12th October, 2009

Mining company unable to provide any evidence as government agency rules they ignored rights of indigenous people more...
Suncor's Tar Island tailings pond reclamation

Emissions from tar sands seriously underestimated


5th October, 2009

Governments and companies making no effort to quantify the real climate impacts more...
Copper mine workers at NFC Africa Mining shaft in Chimbishi

Conned for her copper: Zambia pays the price for aid

Khadija Sharife

29th September, 2009

Copper underwires the modern world, running through everything from the gas guzzler to the wind turbine. Any country that finds substantial reserves of the metal ought to consider itself to have struck gold. That is, until you let the World Bank decide how your mines should be run… more...
Tar sands protest in Canada

Activists force tar sand mine to close in Canada


16th September, 2009

Greenpeace activists block Shell's tar sands oil extraction operation in protest at its environmental cost more...
Plans for diamond mining in Botswana saw Bushmen forced out of their home

Botswana admits bushmen were evicted for diamond mine


19th August, 2009

Official admits government cut off water supply to force Bushmen out of the Central Kalahri Game Reserve more...
Royal Mint sources copper from mines across the world

Royal Mint linked to rainforest destruction


4th August, 2009

Government-owned Royal Mint admits it has no ethical sourcing policy more...
Fighting Coal

Fighting Coal

Frank Joseph Smecker

7th July, 2009

The Appalachians, America's vast network of mountains, has long been threatened by destructive coal mining practices. Local communities fighting mountain top removal are putting their hopes behind new legislation now in Congress more...
Lumps of coal

James Hansen arrested during anti-coal demonstration


24th June, 2009

Scientists are leading the charge against political foot-dragging on climate change, with James Hansen arrested for protesting against coal mining and Kevin Anderson warning the UK Government its emissions levels are 'dangerously optimistic' more...
An overview of the Vedanta refinery in Lanjigarh, Orrisa. Sanjit Das/ActionAid

UK companies linked to devastating Indian mine

Andrew Wasley

19th June, 2009

Plans to bulldoze an Indian mountain sacred to local people were controversial enough... before shareholder data revealed that a raft of UK household names, ranging from Jaguar cars to the Church of England, own shares in the company behind the mine, Vedanta Resources plc. Andrew Wasley reports more...


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