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We may be  underestimating the risk of exposure to chemicals

Chemical companies 'misleading' gardeners over toxic pesticides

Sarah Bentley

29th June, 2011

Despite a surge of interest in organic gardening, green fingered consumers continue to favour toxic chemicals to combat pests. But are they being exploited by clever marketing and inaccurate labelling? Sarah Bentley investigates more...
In the News

Toxic insecticide carbofuran banned in US


19th June, 2009

Despite lobbying from the pesticide industry, the US Environmental Protection Agency has said it will continue with a ban on the toxic insecticide carbofuran. more...

Moth balls

Claire Robinson

1st September, 2008

Is the light brown apple moth such a danger to crops both agricultural and financial that the US government will risk the health of its citizens to eradicate it? They spray, you pay, warns Claire Robinson more...

insecticide: 1/3 of 3


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