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COPtimism: Why arts and culture hold the key to positive climate action

Alison Tickell

17th November 2017

As COP23 draws to a close, the environmental community turns to world leaders to provide solutions to the great challenge of our time. Arguing that civic engagement is key, ALISON TICKELL from Julie’s Bicycle reflects on the vital role that the arts sector can play in shaping the culture around climate change more...

An overview of COP23 from the world's lowest lying country

Thoriq Ibrahim

16th November, 2017

THORIQ IBRAHIM, the Maldives Minister of Environment and Energy and chair of the Alliance of Small Island States, argues for optimism at COP23 and asks fellow leaders to make it into a 'joyous occasion'. more...

How do we stop the next Dieselgate? With Sustainable Development Goals and environmental standards

Natalie Bennett

14th November, 2017

The law of unintended consequences is usually assumed to mean the best will in the world can still cause terrible harm. But the need to understand the causes of climate change is forcing societies to address other risks from industrial production, argues NATALIE BENNETT. more...

No more individual vs collective action: we need both to protect our climate

Elizabeth Wainwright

13th November, 2017

If we want to see sustained collective action, we must work to uncover the stories that bind us and call us to care in the first place -- after all, the ‘corporations’ that we attack our also our neighbours. Nature Editor ELIZABETH WAINWRIGHT reflects on the false dichotomy of ‘us vs them’, and ‘individual vs collective’ action in responding to the climate crisis. more...

A message for the planet: beware the urgency gap

Natalie Bennett

10th November, 2017

The former co-leader of the Green party, NATALIE BENNETT is in Bonn where she tells of the story of two cities: the politicians on one side performing seemingly endless negotiations and the scientists and NGOs on the other calling for urgent action. more...

Typhoon Haiyan four years later: “Everything was taken away by that storm.”

Alanah Torralba

9th November

Typhoon Haiyan is one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Philippines - with 6,300 people killed. Those who survive are looking to the COP23 climate talks in Bonn to ensure such horrors do not become a normal part of life. ALANAH TORRALBA reports. more...

James Hansen at COP23: The voice of dissent

Nick Breeze

9th November, 2017

James Hansen is making his second visit to the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties, COP23 in Bonn to declare the that the Paris Agreement “ambition” is a “hoax”. NICK BREEZE meets the man still raising the climate alarm. more...

Wake up and smell the methane: Europe has nine years left of its carbon budget

Katie Hodgetts

9th November, 2017

Professor Kevin Anderson and Dr John Broderick have published a new report commissioned by Friends of the Earth Europe examining the climate impact of natural gas. The findings contradict industry public relations, KATIE HODGETTS argues. more...

Syria announces it will sign the Paris Agreement - leaving US isolated

Arthur Wyns

8th November, 2017

Donald Trump set to become only world leader not to support the Paris Agreement on climate change as even war torn Syria pledges to sign up, reports ARTHUR WYNS from the COP23 in Bonn. more...

Leaders must look to Pacific Islands to understand the importance of building water resilience

Mark Fletcher

7th November, 2017

Water resilience is among the most important discussions at the COP23, taking place in Bonn. This is particularly true for the communities living in the Pacific Islands. But also for all countries facing floods and famine in the decades to come. MARK FLETCHER calls for global action. more...

No BBC science reporting course since 2012, documents reveal

Mat Hope

6th November, 2017

Lord Lawson, the chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, was invited on to the BBC Radio 4 Today programme, where he mislead listeners about the science of climate change. Should the journalists on the programme have received better training on climate science? Mat Hope reports. more...

New poll: Four out of five Britons don’t want banks to spend savings damaging environment

Joe Ware

2nd November, 2017

New polling out today shows that the public are fed up with banks that profit from polluting the environment. It’s time they heed the warning from their customers, reports JOE WARE. more...

climate: 1/25 of 1854
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New Lancet study shows it’s time to take our medicine on climate change

Joe Ware

31st October, 2017

A major new study reveals that climate change may be a global medical emergency far bigger than we previously thought. But the authors also see signs that world may be starting to wake up to the danger, reports JOE WARE more...

Why tree planting is a win win win opportunity

Professor Sir David Read

30th October, 2017

Plant scientist Professor Sir DAVID READ will take part in the live panel at the Tree Conference in Glastonbury next weekend. Here he explains the major benefits of planting trees in the UK more...

A gala concert of piano music to sound the climate change alarm

Julia Marques

24th October, 2017

Climatekeys launches in London tomorrow and promises to be music to the ears of activists keen to learn and teach about climate change while also aware of the need to remain positive. JULIA MARQUES shares her inside view. more...

UN shipping climate talks ‘captured by industry lobbyists'

Megan Darby

23 October, 2017

Business interests dominate at the International Maritime Organization, analysis shows, steering it towards weak greenhouse gas emissions rules. MEGAN DARBY reports more...

How woodland devastated by Great Storm of 1987 has bounced back

Brendan Montague

16th October, 2017

As 110mph winds raged across southern England, Britain's Great Storm of 1987 wreaked devastation across scores of National Trust woodland. But thirty years later, nature has proven resilient. BRENDAN MONTAGUE reports more...

UEA study reveals new ozone layer threat

Brendan Montague

17th October, 2017

A new study from the University of East Anglia shows the ozone is under threat from new unregulated chemicals. BRENDAN MONTAGUE reports. more...

The importance of decentralised solar energy

Lina Yassin & Arthur Wyns

19th October, 2017

The implementation of solar cookers across Moroccan communities is proving to be a great example of how decentralisation of renewable energy is contributing to the energy independence of a country by LINA YASSIN & ARTHUR WYNS more...

Gove: climate policy must not come ‘at the expense of economic growth’

Mat Hope

4th October, 2017

Environment secretary Michael Gove said he is convinced “climate change is a danger” but that efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions must not come at the expense of economic growth. MAT HOPE of DeSmog UK reports more...

World hunger on the rise for the first time in years

Catherine Early

10th October, 2017

Meeting global targets to end hunger by 2030 could be challenging given a recent increase in food insecurity exacerbated by conflict and environmental degradation. CATHERINE EARLY reports. more...

Agro-biodiversity is needed to adapt to climate change

Pierina Benites Alfaro

9th October, 2017

With 60 percent of the world's caloric intake now coming from only three crops: rice, maize and wheat PIERINA BENITES ALFARO discusses what can be done to promote Agro-biodiversity and its use as a strategy to adapt to climate change more...

New study: Europe provides more than €112 billion in fossil fuel subsidies

Joe Ware

28th September, 2017

With 80 percent of the world’s fossil fuel reserves needing to be left in the ground, it’s disturbing to discover that European nations are forking out 112 billion euros each year in fossil fuel subsidies, JOE WARE reports more...

Can religion help save the planet's wildlife and environment?

Curtis Abraham

27th September, 2017

Religious values are often consistent with conservation efforts. So it’s not surprising that a variety of religious organisations and conservationists are working together to help mitigate the devastating effects of global climate change, writes CURTIS ABRAHAM more...

Britain will lead global low carbon revolution, claims Labour shadow chancellor

Brendan Montague

25th September, 2017

Britain will become 'world leaders in decarbonising our economy' claims John McDonnell at his speech to the Labour Party conference in Brighton today. And with Labour still ahead of the polls, his radical agenda for renewable energy could become government policy, reports BRENDAN MONTAGUE more...


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