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Africa: 75/100 of 105
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Migrating birds

UK conservation 'pointless' without tackling African climate change

Lynn Morris

30th March, 2010

Conservation efforts towards protecting migrating bird habitats in Europe may be doomed to failure unless we tackle climate change and protect Africa's coastlines more...
Fishing in Ghana

Atlantic Rising: How sea level rises are poisoning water in Ghana

Will Lorimer

2nd March, 2010

In the latest blog the Atlantic Rising team look at how rising sea levels are poisoning local water sources in Western Ghana more...

Brazilian GM crop surge reported


23rd February, 2010

Brazil becomes second biggest biotech grower after the US as industry predicts big increases in GM soybean, maize and cotton production in 2010 more...
The Desmondium intortum

Vets turn to African herbs as animal drugs stop working


19th February, 2010

The west's veterinary drug drive is not working, say animal disease scientists who have started researching the effectiveness of plant-based treatments used in Ethiopia more...
Desert world

What's stopping us getting solar power from deserts?

Mark Jansen

10th February, 2010

Plans to use concentrating solar power plants in the Sahara to generate and export electricity have been on the table for years. Now, it looks as though political will might help move things forward more...

UK overseas aid ignoring small scale agriculture


3rd February, 2010

Department for International Development (DfID) accused of failing to support long-term agricultural programmes and being obsessed with an 'industrial model' of food production more...
Climate disaster

Is aid without climate adaptation a waste of time?

Tom Levitt

29th January, 2010

Aid agencies are well resourced and quick to act, but not enough of them appear to be using their power to tackle the long term problems posed by climate change. Tom Levitt reports more...

Warmer temperatures spreading malaria in Africa


4th January, 2010

Millions more exposed as disease moves into higher altitude areas in Kenya and Tanzania more...
African Elephant

Who needs Africa's land more: us or wildlife?

Thembi Mutch

29th December, 2009

An explosive mix of animals, people and economics means that land in Africa is becoming more valuable - and more contested - than ever more...

Atlantic Rising: Why Sierra Leone will be screwed at COP15

Will Lorimer

10th December, 2009

The costs associated with sending delegates to a conference like Copenhagen are prohibitive for many countries more...

Climate change linked to civil war in Africa


25th November, 2009

Higher temperatures cause declines in crop yields and 'economic welfare' which increases the risk of conflict more...
A burning fire

Atlantic Rising: energy-efficient cooking in Guinea Bissau

Tim Bromfield

23rd November, 2009

Children are learning to use stoves made from cow dung and termite mud in a battle to reduce consumption of timber for fuel more...

Africa: 75/100 of 105
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Gathuru Mburu

Gathuru Mburu: Kenya has already had a Green Revolution

Laura Sevier

23rd November, 2009

Forget trying to grow hybrid maize - Africa already has all the crops, storage systems and knowledge that it needs to grow itself out of poverty more...

Wangari Maathai: fighting for Kenya's environment

Nicola Graydon

1st March, 2005

Wangari Maathai’s Nobel prize-winning activism has thrust the environment to the forefront of the global security agenda more...

The 300-350 Show: Africa makes a stand

Phil England

10th November, 2009

Climate Radio reports on how and why the African delegation threatened to walk out of the recent climate negotiations more...
Map of plan to bring solar power from Africa to Europe

Solar power from Sahara a step closer

Ashley Seager

2nd November, 2009

The German-led Desertec initiative believes it can deliver power to Europe as early as 2015 more...
A boy skims a stone on the water covering his former school

Atlantic Rising: when the sea swallowed a school

Tim Bromfield

19th October, 2009

The team discovers that, even in the midst of marine beauty, the ever rising tides exact a terrible price more...

Atlantic Rising: Senegal's crumbling coast

Lynn Morris

14th October, 2009

When inadequate coastal walls only make the effects of sea level rise worse, is it time to move further inland? more...

Africa doesn't need a green revolution. It needs agroecology

Dan Taylor

23rd September, 2009

Green Revolution architect Norman Borlaug is credited with 'feeding India'. But the feat took more than hybrid varieties and fertiliser, and it will take a much more sophisticated approach to help Africa feed itself more...
Reliable grid access is crucial to business growth and prosperity in Africa

Local electricity: Africa goes off-grid

Tom Levitt

29th July, 2009

Giant wind farms may grab the headlines but plans to develop local off-grid electricity will have bigger impact on Africans and carbon emissions more...
Guardian Environment Network

Kenya to build Africa's biggest windfarm

Xan Rice

28th July, 2009

With surging demand for power and blackouts common across the continent, Africa is looking to solar, wind and geothermal technologies to meet its energy needs more...
A rice field in Madagascar

Extent of agricultural land-grab revealed on new website

Eifion Rees

22nd June, 2009

With rich, resource-poor nations increasingly outsourcing their food production to less developed nations, a new website aims to expose the extent of the agricultural land-grab epidemic more...
Wangari Maathai - The Challenge for Africa

The Challenge for Africa - A New Vision

Will Bugler

19th June, 2009

This book by Wangari Maathai is a manifesto for change whose message is as vital for aid agencies and governments as it is for a woman farming a Kenyan hillside more...
Cape gannets feeding their young at Lambert's Bay, South Africa

Overfishing sends Cape gannet ecosystem haywire


19th June, 2009

Cape gannet chicks are facing starvation as a result of overfishing of sardines and anchovies off the coast of southern Africa, as well as an increase in predation by other species affected by the food shortage more...
boat and river

Dams: development or control?

Khadija Sharife

1st June, 2009

The vast dams clogging the veins of Africa are instruments of control rather than promised hydroelectric liberation. Khadija Sharife investigates.


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