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22/02/2017» UK researchers discover a new species of primate from Africa's Angolan rainforests

21/02/2017» Rising Up! protest blockades Heathrow airport

20/02/2017» New protection of Canada's ‘Sea of Glass' bans fishing near the reefs

13/02/2017» Shell, Eni hit with Nigerian oil deal corruption charges

10/02/2017» Monarch butterflies down over a quarter in one year

06/02/2017» Vaquita going extinct as Mexico, China, dither

02/02/2017» MEPs may veto 'dirty Britain' Brexit deal

30/01/2017» Heathrow: Government may ignore its own climate advisors

26/01/2017» Trump: Dakota, KXL pipelines go ahead; corporate tax cuts and deregulation

23/12/2016» Lawsuit challenges Monsanto's 'back to the future' toxic herbicide

24/01/2017» Blood and fire: mining and militarization in the Ecuadorian Amazon

17/01/2017» New map shows way to reducing roads' destruction of nature

16/01/2017» World's biggest tropical carbon sink found in Congo rainforest

12/01/2017» OECD takes up complaint that WWF has funded abuses of Cameroon's forest peoples

06/01/2017» London breaches air pollution limit for all 2017

12/12/2016» Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson new US Secretary of State?

07/12/2016» Vital EU wildlife laws saved! But will UK keep them after Brexit?

06/12/2016» Biodiversity Convention call to block new 'genetic extinction' GMOs

01/12/2016» Amazon: rainforest road threatens Peru's last isolated tribes

30/11/2016» Climate? What climate? IEA backs fossil-fuelled future

28/11/2016» Sea Shepherd captain 'guilty' of causing suffering to dolphins

24/11/2016» Scotland's wild beavers win legal protection

21/11/2016» High Court gives UK Government eight months to draw up fresh air quality plan

18/11/2016» Rebel MEPs demand legal scrutiny of CETA's ‘corporate court' system

15/11/2016» Israeli military resumes live fire manoevres on Palestinian farmland

09/11/2016» Red squirrels return to Scotland's Caledonian forest

14/11/2016» WMO: 2015 / 2016 temperature records creating surge of climate refugees

11/11/2016» COP22: American Muslims vote to ditch fossil fuels

08/11/2016» Shipping to go 'beyond Paris Agreement' without offsets

28/10/2016» Hallowe'en Surprise - CETA back from the dead!

25/10/2016» WMO: the world's new 400ppm climate reality

21/10/2016» Brussels defeats toxic EU-Canada trade deal, CETA

18/10/2016» ClientEarth against UK government in High Court over illegal air pollution

12/10/2016» $24 trillion tells car industry: it's time to act on climate!

07/10/2016» Peru: national park 'Master Plan' opens uncontacted tribe's land to oil drilling

06/10/2016» Toad's 30-year decline shows 'large-scale deterioration of environmental quality'

03/10/2016» Cheap as chips! 'Negligible' cost of integrating big solar into UK grid

03/10/2016» Proposal for a ban on international trade in elephant ivory is defeated at the CITES conference

30/09/2016» ExxonMobil sued over climate cover-up

27/09/2016» Climate food crunch demands sustainable food system

21/09/2016» Reduce flood-risk through rewilding, says new report from Rewilding Britain

21/09/2016» ICC to prosecute environmental crimes for profit

19/09/2016» Thailand court: National Park officers 'can burn indigenous homes'

19/09/2016» Brazil’s new government to sacrifice the Amazon for 'growth'

15/09/2016» Renewables have the economic advantage over fossil fuels

14/09/2016» Azerbaijan-Italy gas pipeline defeats EU energy policy

05/09/2016» EFSA creates 'plant health' loophole for banned weedkillers

06/09/2016» Massive support for community renewable energy

02/09/2016» UK Green Party elects new co-leaders who promise a ‘Green Guarantee' new industrial revolution

01/09/2016» Greener cities are healthier for humans - as well as the environment

24/08/2016» UK public overwhelmingly backs EU rules to protect bees and nature

24/08/2016» New study suggests pro-nuclear countries are making much slower progress on climate targets

23/08/2016» England's £100m badger cull extensions condemned

19/08/2016» France bans all ivory and rhino horn trade

18/08/2016» Coca-Cola's second largest bottling plant in India has been shut down

16/08/2016» England's nature watchdog to rely on 'consultancy' income from developers

12/08/2016» Hinkley C: government's 'revolving door' to EDF execs

02/08/2016» $7.6 billion 'clean energy' bailout for New York nuclear plants

01/08/2016» Exposed: Glasgow Uni's plot to cut off anti-fracking Professor

27/07/2016» Brazil's indigenous peoples fight Amazon dams threat

26/07/2016» Plunder of Earth's natural resources up 200% in 40 years

22/07/2016» EDF to postpone Hinkley C start until 2019 or beyond

20/07/2016» Guards shoot indigenous boy in India's 'shoot-to-kill' national park

18/07/2016» Offshore wind powers ahead as prices drop 30% below nuclear

14/07/2016» Dis-May-ed! DECC scrapped, Leadsom to run Environment

12/07/2016» China condemned for massive coral reef destruction

08/07/2016» Fracking not compatible with UK climate targets, say CCC

29/06/2016» Brexit curse hits nuclear power, new London runway

23/06/2016» Rare dormice return to Yorkshire Dales National Park

16/06/2016» Glyphosate disrupts rats' uterine development

15/06/2016» Join the Great Stag Hunt - Stag Beetle that is

14/06/2016» Judge rules: no right to know hazardous pesticide ingredients

13/06/2016» UK first as a rare orchid suddenly appears growing on an Islington Council rooftop

10/06/2016» Arctic ice recedes to record low for May

07/06/2016» EU Parliament: stop 'aid' funding billions to agribusiness in Africa

03/06/2016» EDF, CGN press ahead with 'unsafe' Chinese nuclear plant

02/06/2016» Renewable Energy Closes ‘The Gap'

27/05/2016» Brazil: rules protecting Amazon under threat

24/05/2016» Return of the Frack

17/05/2016» Searing heat may spark Middle East, North Africa climate exodus

16/05/2016» UK Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett will step down this summer

27/04/2016» Defra stands up for bees: 'No' to NFU's neonic application

12/05/2016» Ecocide in Brazil: new laws threaten Amazon devastation

11/05/2016» Locals battle fracking company drilling near drinking water reservoir

03/05/2016» Monsanto's Roundup toxic to soil fungus at ultra-low doses

03/05/2016» Leaked TTIP papers reveal 100% corporate sellout

28/04/2016» Analysts slate GM mosquito firm, shares plummet

25/04/2016» Thirty years after Chernobyl, Belarus goes nuclear

22/04/2016» Australian river on fire with fracked coal seam gas

22/04/2016» Amid Paris Agreement fanfare world fails shipping emissions test

19/04/2016» Almost all climate scientists agree: climate change is real!

21/04/2016» New GMOs are 'not GM' - EU folds under US pressure

18/04/2016» World Bank doubles fossil fuel funding in four years

15/04/2016» CETA Canada-EU 'free trade' deal could come into force without vote

14/04/2016» BP's deep sea oil exploration in South Australia - no way!

13/04/2016» European Parliament votes to ban most uses of glyphosate

12/04/2016» Scotland's secret cat slaughter revealed in FOI documents

07/04/2016» Stronger storms coming to Europe's Atlantic seaboard

08/04/2016» French energy minister: Hinkley C must not 'dry out' renewables funding

07/04/2016» Campaigners' No to UK field trials of GM potatoes, oilseeds

05/04/2016» Industrial expansion threatens half of natural World Heritage Sites

01/04/2016» Amazon Indians at risk in mercury poisoning crisis

31/03/2016» Shell investigated over $1 billion corrupt oil deal

01/04/2016» FDA sued for 'unlawful' approval of GMO salmon

31/03/2016» Attorneys General unite to target Exxon climate crimes

30/03/2016» Nigerians say no to Monsanto's GM crops

29/03/2016» Marshall Islands accuses nuclear bomb nations at International Court of Justice

23/03/2016» EDF promises MPs: 'we will build Hinkley C!' But still no 'final investment decision'

22/03/2016» Soon a flood? Mars, General Mills begin US-wide GMO labels

21/03/2016» Hinkley C 'secret documents' may have to be disclosed

18/03/2016» Global emissions stand still as temperatures soar

17/03/2016» Europe's biggest polluters land €24 billion carbon windfall

16/03/2016» Berta Caceres colleague murdered in Honduras

14/03/2016» Greenland's darkening ice is melting faster

14/03/2016» BP doubles EU lobby spend, drops Tate sponsorship

10/03/2016» Chlorpyrifos 'may threaten survival' of Forager bees

09/03/2016» China's electric vehicle boost drives global transport revolution

03/03/2016» Peru: Amazon tribe orders oil company out after devastating spills

08/03/2016» Almost all Germans contaminated with glyphosate

03/03/2016» Would you believe it? Yet another UK solar energy cut!

03/03/2016» Arctic warming opens pristine ocean to predatory trawling

04/03/2016» Berta Cáceres, Honduran eco-defender, murdered

03/03/2016» LIGHT Act? Democrat senators' new GMO label law

02/03/2016» 53,000 Nigerian oil spill victims press new Shell lawsuits

29/02/2016» Climate change is killing off India’s bees

29/02/2016» Greens commit to Rights of Nature law

25/02/2016» Another 15 years? EU set to relicense glyphosate

23/02/2016» 40,000 air pollution deaths a year, say doctors

22/02/2016» 'Unlawful'! EU's hasty approval of pesticides condemned

20/02/2016» Nuclear zombie? Hinkley C build won't start until 2019 - if at all!

19/02/2016» Secret TTIP talks resume Monday as EU-US rifts deepen

18/02/2016» Timber! Poland's bid to increase logging 8-fold in primeval Bialowieza Forest

17/02/2016» Gates Foundation: stop 'biopirated' GMO banana feeding trials

16/02/2016» Fossil fuels a bad bet due to market changes, investors warned

15/02/2016» EDF's Hinkley C offices occupied as UK nuclear hopes wither

11/02/2016» Heavy metal poisoning in Scotland's beached whales

11/02/2016» Fund managers: campaign on climate, or face lawsuits

14/01/2016» 'Green platinum' catalyst promises cheap fuel cells, emission-free fuels

10/02/2016» Intensive, corporate agriculture is increasing poverty in Africa

10/02/2016» Hotter planet helping spread of Zika virus mosquitos

09/02/2016» They don't like it up'em: Greenpeace 'frack' Parliament Square

08/02/2016» Indian Point reactors contaminate New York groundwater

05/02/2016» Bangladeshi farmers ditch GM brinjal

03/02/2016» Glyphosate 'the most heavily used weedkiller in history'

03/02/2016» MEPs vote for killer car pollution at double the legal limit

02/02/2016» 'Renewable energy highways' offer quick fix for US emissions

31/01/2016» Burkina Faso calls time on Monsanto's GM cotton, demands $280m damages

29/01/2016» Europe's summers hottest for 2,000 years - and you ain't seen nothing yet!

27/01/2016» Humans will be remembered for leaving a 'plastic planet'

26/01/2016» Hunting in the Amazon threatens rainforest carbon

26/01/2016» Unable to raise Hinkley C nuclear cash, EDF turns to French government

24/01/2016» Too much of a bad thing? World awash with waste plutonium

22/01/2016» Flint drinks lead-laden water; Republicans attack Clean Water Act

21/01/2016» China's renewables drive down CO2 emissions

19/01/2016» Feral 'Roundup Ready' GM alfalfa goes wild in US West

18/01/2016» 2015: Renewable power breaks British records

15/01/2016» Greenpeace appoints first woman Executive Director - twice!

14/01/2016» Brazil: as forest fires rage, new laws will open gates of hell

13/01/2016» EU regulator attacks IARC scientists on weedkiller safety

11/01/2016» France: 20,000 protest Loire Valley airport

11/01/2016» Asia's low-cost path to 100% renewable power in 15 years

08/01/2016» EDF may sell €3bn stake in UK nuclear to fund Hinkley C

07/01/2016» Trans-Canada sues US for $15 billion over KXL refusal

06/01/2016» Greenpeace 'peer review' climate sting's first scalp?

05/01/2016» Nuclear power too slow for China's low carbon switch

04/01/2016» China clamps down on coal mining

01/01/2016» COP21 leaves nuclear dream adrift

28/12/2015» Farm expansion driving US native bee declines

20/12/2015» Matt Ridley coal mine hit with £100,000 climate protest bill

18/12/2015» Nigerian farmers' win right to sue Shell in Netherlands courts

17/12/2015» Deep cuts and VAT bring ruin to UK solar industry

16/12/2015» Fracking go-ahead in England's national parks, SSSIs, water sources

14/12/2015» Fossil fuel credit ratings unmoved by Paris Agreement

13/12/2015» Philippines Supreme Court bans GMO crop trials

11/12/2015» COP21: 'fossil fuel giants must pay carbon tax'

10/12/2015» COP21 to investors: 'the end of fossil fuels is nigh!'

09/12/2015» Greenland glaciers melt rate hits 9,500 year record

08/12/2015» Good news for COP21: 2015 emissions fall

07/12/2015» EU renews 70% 'solar tax' on Chinese PV

06/12/2015» Monsanto on trial for crimes against nature and humanity

05/12/2015» Victory: COP21 sets 1.5C 'long term temperature goal'

04/12/2015» Rich nations must pay the climate price, say G77 + China

03/12/2015» COP21 warned on global warming's evil twin - acidifying oceans

02/12/2015» 18,000 fires rage in Brazil's Amazon rainforest

28/11/2015» WMO: record warming rises into danger zone

26/11/2015» Osborne's community renewables tax 'unlawful'

26/11/2015» EPA bans toxic pesticide mix on GM crops

25/11/2015» Investors face $2.2 trillion loss on 'risky' fossil fuel assets

17/11/2015» Global warming reduces snows that water 2 billion people

23/11/2015» Li-air battery could make oil obsolete in ten years

20/11/2015» Luxembourg joins Hinkley C nuclear challenge

19/11/2015» Peru rainforest defender threatened: 'we will kill you'

18/11/2015» COP21 Paris Climate March banned

16/11/2015» Renewables offer clean prosperity for Southern Europe

16/11/2015» Weeks before COP21, G20 fail the climate challenge

15/11/2015» Israel to annex Golan Heights after 'billion barrel' oil find

13/11/2015» EFSA decides: no cancer risk from glyphosate

10/11/2015» UK's £10 billion a year fossil fuel subsidies - and rising!

10/11/2015» With floating platforms, offshore wind cost set to plunge

10/11/2015» Facing legal action, strong support for solar and wind, Rudd refuses to reverse cuts

06/11/2015» Obama rejects KXL pipeline - it's the climate!

03/11/2015» Top banks put nine times more money into fossil fuels than renewables

04/11/2015» NASA: mass gains of Antarctic ice sheet exceed losses

03/11/2015» Indonesia 'greenwashes' illegal timber exports

02/11/2015» In the dark: badger cull cost-benefit report is state secret

30/10/2015» Government cuts tax relief for community green energy

29/10/2015» Bee keepers challenge EU's bee-toxic pesticide permit

28/10/2015» Amazon - illegal loggers set Indigenous forest ablaze

26/10/2015» Occupy Daily Mail claim 'historic' climate win

26/10/2015» GMO soy produces altered milk and stunted kids

25/10/2015» Minister: 'solar companies back support cuts'

23/10/2015» Stern warns: humanity is at climate crossroads

22/10/2015» Leaked WWF report: illegal logging in Laos 'a worst-case scenario'

21/10/2015» Austrian timber giant ransacking Romania's forests

20/10/2015» Fukushima - the first cancers emerge

19/10/2015» Wind and solar's £1.5 billion electricity price cut

18/10/2015» Warming world means more drought in Horn of Africa

16/10/2015» Mohawk warriors: 'No raw sewage in St. Lawrence River'

25/09/2015» Bee-killer pesticides concentrate in wild flower pollen

14/10/2015» Hydrogen car price breakthrough: it's the platinum

09/10/2015» Polish 'farm defenders' arrested, imprisoned

12/10/2015» Car pollution regulator's auto industry millions

09/10/2015» Premature birth and problem pregnancies near fracking wells

08/10/2015» Indonesian forest fires will emit more CO2 than UK

07/10/2015» UK rigging power market against clean energy

06/10/2015» Brazil to auction Amazon fracking licences

05/10/2015» Millions of plastic pellets contaminate Cornwall beaches

01/10/2015» Two thirds of EU cropland, population ditch GM crops

30/09/2015» France, Germany, Poland ... ten European nations to go GMO-free

28/09/2015» Victory! Shell quits Arctic

24/09/2015» Exposed: UK Councils' £14 billion fossil fuel gamble

23/09/2015» Mammoth Arctic carbon thaw would cost us $43 trillion

22/09/2015» Divestment pledges rise 50-fold to $2.6 trillion

18/09/2015» Indonesia chokes as forest and peatland fires rip

20/09/2015» Glyphosate harms bees' spatial learning

18/09/2015» Let fossil fuels rip for an ice-free Antarctica

17/09/2015» EU taxpayers finance Ukraine's 'chicken oligarch'

16/09/2015» UK drops out of top 10 countries for renewable energy

15/09/2015» Russia aims 'foreign agent' law at green NGO

14/09/2015» Government faces new legal action over UK's deadly air pollution

11/09/2015» Solar farm approved at rejected fracking site

10/09/2015» Bonn climate talks end with no draft text for Paris

09/09/2015» Study: more testing essential to defeat bovine TB

08/09/2015» Monsanto's scientist shill exposed

11/08/2015» Graphene unlocks super batteries for a greener future

04/09/2015» Hinkley C nuclear plant postponed indefinitely

03/09/2015» Emissions cuts pledges too weak to achieve 2C 'safety limit'

19/08/2015» Brazil: Guarani man murdered by ranchers' gunmen

01/09/2015» Ocean plastic plague threatens seabirds

31/08/2015» Over 370 arrests for blocking NY fracked gas store

30/08/2015» Brian May: I'll take Dorset badger cull to the High Court

28/08/2015» Ukraine sues anti-nuclear campaigners

27/08/2015» Government kills off UK solar industry

26/08/2015» 'Plonkable' mirrors promise cheaper solar energy

24/08/2015» FoE mounts legal challenge to bee-killer pesticide permits

23/08/2015» Warmer winters boost Europe's wild boar

21/08/2015» Roundup may cause potentially fatal 'adrenal insufficiency'

20/08/2015» China's emissions 14% lower than IPCC thought

19/08/2015» Do not disturb! Persecuting badgers may perpetuate TB hotspots

19/08/2015» China's solar industry hits downturn

19/08/2015» Romania faces $2.56bn claim for failed gold mine

19/08/2015» Fracking fast-track stacks odds against planning refusal

11/08/2015» Revolutionary 'sea fence' promises tidal power price crash

10/08/2015» Crofters welcome Scotland's GMO ban

05/08/2015» Stop mangrove destruction in Indonesia to slow climate change

07/08/2015» World's glaciers melting at 'unprecedented' rate

06/08/2015» Hinkley Point C: is it all over now?

05/08/2015» New solar tech slashes energy payback time to a few months

04/08/2015» Obama unveils deep cuts to power plant emissions

03/08/2015» Oilseed rape flourishes without bee-killing chemicals

31/07/2015» Golden rice GMO paper retracted after judge rules for journal

29/07/2015» Bee-harming pesticide firms took part in key meeting on their ban

25/07/2015» Global warming's record-breaking trend continues

28/07/2015» FoE acts to revoke 'unlawful' bee-killer pesticide permit

27/07/2015» Norway's 'green battery' hydro plan for Europe

25/07/2015» Victory! Toxic chemical banned in EU textile imports

24/07/2015» Cuadrilla will appeal Lancashire's fracking refusal

23/07/2015» Bee cause: Germany tightens, UK relaxes neonic regulation

22/07/2015» Senseless and damaging: UK's solar cuts

21/07/2015» Britain's 'protected' moorlands go up in flames

20/07/2015» Government turns fire on solar power

16/07/2015» Protecting endangered species - Congress says NO, America says YES

17/07/2015» Fracking go-ahead in SSSI wildlife sites, groundwater sources

16/07/2015» GMO and glyphosate wars rage

15/07/2015» Green energy suppliers launch Hinkley C nuclear challenge

13/07/2015» Argentine GM soya town bans pesticides

13/07/2015» On the rocks: hull gash disables Shell Arctic icebreaker

10/07/2015» Warming world traps bumblebees in 'climate vice'

09/07/2015» Osborne's £3.9bn stealth attack on renewables

08/07/2015» European Parliament TTIP vote ignores citizen concerns

01/07/2015» Treasury to axe UK renewables, low carbon transition

05/07/2015» OECD chief: World must ditch coal, go renewable

02/07/2015» China's climate pledge for green growth spells doom for coal exporters

02/07/2015» Secret report: fracking could hurt house prices, health and environment

01/07/2015» Israel's military exercises ravage Palestine's Jordan Valley

30/06/2015» Global emissions stay flat thanks to renewable energy surge

29/06/2015» Cuadrilla's fracking application defeated

28/06/2015» Lancashire councillors have every right to refuse fracking application

26/06/2015» Megacity drought: Sao Paulo withers after dry 'wet season'

25/06/2015» Court orders Dutch government to cut emissions, as doctors warn of health catastrophe

24/06/2015» Devon's wild beavers have babies

23/06/2015» Israel's Forest of Yatir to expand over Bedouin village

22/06/2015» Government ordered: release full fracking report!

19/06/2015» Government hides fears over Shell's Arctic spill safety

16/06/2015» Indonesia at risk from huge fires as El Niño gathers

16/06/2015» 'Deadly' trans-Amazon railway sparks fear among rainforest tribes

12/06/2015» World must wake up to China's energy revolution

12/06/2015» #NoTarSands resistance march draws thousands in Midwest

12/06/2015» Undersea phosphate mine threatens Mexico's Gray whale nursery

11/06/2015» Germany takes the heat as climate talks close with no progress

10/06/2015» Cancelled: the EU's great TTIP debate that never was

09/06/2015» Seven new species of tiny frog found in Brazil's cloud forest

08/06/2015» 43%! New record for UK renewable power

05/06/2015» Norway's $1 trillion wealth fund to divest from coal

04/06/2015» Tanzania in denial over 60% elephant population crash

03/06/2015» One fifth of Europe's birds are in danger of extinction

02/06/2015» 'Apollo' plan for cheap renewable energy in 10 years

01/06/2015» Shell leant on Science Museum to influence climate programme

31/05/2015» Fracking surge follows Tory election win

30/05/2015» Geoengineer or our tropical reefs will die, scientists warn

29/05/2015» Burma's race laws, expulsions, driving Rohingya refugees

28/05/2015» Pacific Islands heading for 100% renewable energy

27/05/2015» Shell's Arctic safety audit kept secret, may never see full light of day

26/05/2015» False promise of 'carbon capture' exposed

23/05/2015» Once-stable Antarctic glaciers have suddenly started melting

21/05/2015» Support surge gives Greenpeace India new lease of life

20/05/2015» India: unlawful Pepsi plant wins police protection

13/04/2015» Flourishing savanna woodlands mean forests are still absorbing carbon

15/05/2015» Pope Francis endorses climate action petition to world leaders

14/05/2015» Thawing Arctic carbon threatens 'runaway' global warming

13/05/2015» Get on with badger cull, Prince Charles told Blair

12/05/2015» Coal-heavy utilities stand in the way of a green internet

10/05/2015» Detroit: 25,000 households face water shutoff this month

06/05/2015» Greenpeace India faces closure in weeks

06/05/2015» Flood risk to nuclear reactors raises meltdown fears

05/05/2015» Shell's Arctic oil setback - unlawful use of Seattle Port

01/05/2015» Future dustbowl? Fracking ravages Great Plains land and water

01/05/2015» Mayday, Mayday - Tesla's battery just killed fossil and nuclear power

30/04/2015» Chernobyl fire radiation hazard as 'hot particles' of plutonium go up in smoke

24/04/2015» Deal on HFC 'super-GHGs' possible by November

28/04/2015» Orangutans' reprieve: EuroParl votes to limit biofuels

27/04/2015» Lynx could be reintroduced to Britain 'this year'

21/04/2015» The new battery that could power the renewable revolution

21/04/2015» Polar bears at risk from pollution as well as warmth

23/04/2015» EuroComm proposes EU country opt-outs on GMO foods

22/04/2015» Israelis steal fertile soil from Palestinian farms

21/04/2015» Campaigners defeat Coca-Cola plant in South India

20/04/2015» Banks raising $400m for palm oil expansion 'must examine high risks'

14/04/2015» Lake Baikal: World Heritage ecosystems at risk from Mongolian dam

16/04/2015» Investors pile in as renewables rise to record level

15/04/2015» India: police shoot eight indigenous protestors against illegal dam

13/04/2015» Nuclear reactor flaws raise Hinkley C safety fears

13/04/2015» Scotland's 'fracking moratorium' - a free-for-all in disguise?

10/04/2015» Colombia - indigenous defender murdered in gold mining frenzy

07/04/2015» Neonicotinoid link to Monarch butterfly decline

08/04/2015» Tea Party's fake protestors for Big Sugar against Florida Everglades

07/04/2015» Greenpeace occupies Shell rig after Arctic drilling go-ahead

06/04/2015» Deepening drought forces Brazil to embrace solar power

02/04/2015» Ice melt endangers Arctic mammals

01/04/2015» Guardian: our divestment pledge does rule out gas and fracking!

31/03/2015» Fishing bandits arrested in Sea Shepherd's 'Operation Icefish'

30/03/2015» Glyphosate, 2,4-D, dicamba herbicides cause antibiotic resistance

29/03/2015» Wikileaks papers reveal TPP's huge corporate giveaway

27/03/2015» 'Heat beater' beans could feed millions in warmer world

26/03/2015» TTIP: MPs demand transparency and 'right to regulate'

25/03/2015» Policy makers warned on UK shale gas - assume there won't be any

24/03/2015» Wildlife conference: Tribes demand: 'recognize our right to hunt!'

23/03/2015» IARC: Glyphosate 'probably carcinogenic'

21/03/2015» Amazon carbon sink declines as trees grow fast, die faster

20/03/2015» Wind turbines generating 4.5% of US electricity

19/03/2015» World's greatest marine reserve around Pitcairn Islands

18/03/2015» Antarctic warmth brings more snow, reducing sea level rise

17/03/2015» DRC Congo wants to develop Virunga's oil

16/03/2015» Money dries up for Great Barrier Reef coal project

10/03/2015» Ethiopia: Kwegu tribe starves, victims of dam and land grabs

12/03/2015» Bees victory in pesticide battle - Bayer libel action dismissed

09/03/2015» Coal industry setting its own air pollution standards

26/02/2015» Legal challenge to SSSI wetland-bashing M4 bypass begins

06/03/2015» UK allows songbird slaughter on Cyprus military base

06/03/2015» Climate change sparked Syria's ruinous war

05/03/2015» Greenpeace Energy to launch legal challenge to UK nuclear subsidies

04/03/2015» Call goes out for dolphinarium-free Europe

03/03/2015» After UK's record solar year, government tries to kill the sector

02/03/2015» Meat boom propels China's ecosystems into total collapse

01/03/2015» Keystone plankton 'go slow' as ocean acidity rises

27/02/2015» China's fossil fuel emissions fell 3% in 2014

26/02/2015» Big stink! 24,500-pig factory farm defeated

25/02/2015» Arboricide in Palestine - olive orchard destroyed

24/02/2015» Palm oil wiping out Africa's great ape rainforests

23/02/2015» New technologies promise cheap wave power

22/02/2015» Montana's Carbon County farmers sue for protection from fracking

20/02/2015» US tax dollars must not finance $1bn Great Barrier Reef destruction!

19/02/2015» Oil lawyer turned judge rules: industry not liable for $50bn Gulf Coast damage

17/02/2015» Belgian nuclear reactors riddled with 16,000 unexplained cracks

17/02/2015» Southwest USA faces long term 'megadroughts' this century

13/02/2015» USDA approves world's first GMO apples

12/02/2015» Bushmen aren't forever - the diamonds of the Kalahari

13/02/2015» Fracking company valuation sinks to new lows

11/02/2015» UK threatens Austria over Hinkley C legal challenge

10/02/2015» 1.5 million solar lamps brighten Africa's future

09/02/2015» Polish farmers block motorways for land rights, no GMOs

07/02/2015» Fracking company defies Wales's shale gas moratorium

06/02/2015» Illegal Swedish fishery is 'certified sustainable'

05/02/2015» Government reneges on 'no fracking' promise

04/02/2015» Asia powers into the forefront of solar revolution

03/02/2015» WMO: 2014 was hottest year on record

26/01/2015» Red alert! Hornbills at risk from wildlife trade

30/01/2015» UN talks begin on a new law to save our oceans

29/01/2015» California drought: rains bring scant relief

28/01/2015» Devon's beavers will stay wild and free

27/01/2015» 100GW solar support in US-India climate talks, but no emissions cuts

26/01/2015» BP's logo all over Tate for under half percent of income

23/01/2015» Greens' election debate victory as member surge approaches 60,000

22/01/2015» Coal's dark cloud hangs over Germany's energy revolution

16/01/2015» Legal challenge puts coal mining's climate blame on trial

19/01/2015» Warmer world threatens wheat shortages

12/01/2015» Tate must reveal price of BP sponsorship

15/01/2015» Greens overtake UKIP and Libdems - over 4,000 new members in 2 days!

14/01/2015» India: 'Jungle Book' tribes illegally evicted from tiger reserve

13/01/2015» EuroParl votes in new era of GMO farming

12/01/2015» Burnable: peat bogs' 850bn tonnes of carbon

09/01/2015» UK's soaraway financial support to foreign fossil fuels

08/01/2015» Leave most fossil fuels in the ground, or fry

07/01/2015» Shell finally pays out £55 million over Nigeria oil spills

03/01/2015» Monarchs may win 'endangered species' protection

20/11/2014» UNEP calls for world to be carbon neutral in 40 years

01/01/2015» Investors falter as fossil fuels face 'perfect storm'

03/12/2014» Bee crisis: warmer summers will help new parasite

15/12/2014» Disused oil and gas wells wells a major source of methane

26/12/2014» Rapid Arctic warming is spreading south

24/12/2014» Carbon dioxide threat to mussels' shells

23/12/2014» Boris progresses 'Greater London National Park'

15/12/2014» Five steps to save the Amazon

17/12/2014» Train crash - Australia 'heading backwards' on emissions

18/12/2014» 2014 badger cull failed - but the cull goes on

17/12/2014» Antarctica: warming ocean trebles glacial melt

16/12/2014» Commission dumps eco-initiatives in 2015 work plan

15/12/2014» Miscarriage and stillbirth linked to fracking chemical exposure

12/12/2014» COP20 extended another day - but where's the money?

11/12/2014» UK's €46 billion bid for EIB nuclear loan

10/12/2014» Badger cubs to be shot in new 'summer cull' plan

09/12/2014» TTIP - Juncker's 1.1 million signature 'birthday card'

08/12/2014» BLM sued - no environmental review of coal leasing since 1979

02/12/2014» With melting Arctic ice, Canada's polar bears face wipe-out by 2100

05/12/2014» Amazon tribes' forests are a vital carbon sink

04/12/2014» UK's 'unlawful' £35 billion support to fossil fuels in ECJ challenge

03/12/2014» WMO: 2014 set to be the hottest year on record

02/12/2014» Climate turbulence deals costly blow to olive oil yield

27/11/2014» Thanks to meat, farming emissions set for 80% rise

28/11/2014» Flood 'emergency' strikes Gaza City

27/11/2014» World Bank: weather extremes will be the 'new climate normal'

25/11/2014» Tar sands industry faces 'existential' $246 billion loss

26/11/2014» A whisker from victory! Oregon GMO vote goes to a recount

24/11/2014» World Bank to focus on 'all forms of renewable energy'

20/11/2014» Illegal fishermen endanger world's most isolated tribe

23/11/2014» Nigeria: Shell's false oil spill claims exposed in court

20/11/2014» Walmart, Asda owners using their billions to attack rooftop solar

18/11/2014» NHS at risk from TTIP - Friday's key debate

18/11/2014» Long noses: Shell, GDF Suez, Samsung sweep Pinocchio Awards

17/11/2014» Peru: indigenous leaders murdered for protecting their forests

17/11/2014» Obama 'shirtfronts' Abbott: protect Barrier Reef from climate change

11/11/2014» New protection for migratory birds and their 'flyways'

13/11/2014» Breach of promise: G20 spending $88 bn a year on fossil fuel subsidies

12/11/2014» US-China climate deal raises hopes of agreement in 2015

09/11/2014» Denton, Texas hit with lawsuits after landslide fracking victory

10/11/2014» Lawsuit served on Commission for blocking TTIP challenge

07/11/2014» Supergrid will build EU resilience and boost renewables

07/11/2014» Victory! Outspent 87-1, Maui voters back GMO moratorium

05/11/2014» Chinese Presidency implicated in Tanzania's elephant massacre

22/10/2014» Climate renews famine risk to Africa's Sahel

04/11/2014» Solar power is getting cheaper quicker than the IPCC thought

30/10/2014» Badger Trust claims victory in the court of public opinion

02/11/2014» Effective climate agreement will remain elusive

31/10/2014» Ancient Woodland saved from quarrying

31/10/2014» The Ecologist places leaked Sellafield fuel pond photos in public domain

29/10/2014» Lugworms suffer toxic impact of acidifying oceans

29/10/2014» Thailand: migrant labour investigator 'not guilty'

24/10/2014» Peru: Amazon Indians sue government to title indigenous lands

27/10/2014» New wave generator brightens ocean power prospects

24/10/2014» FoE sues to keep Devon's wild beavers free

10/10/2014» Experts 'stunned' at how fast oceans are warming

17/10/2014» Arctic ice loss sends Alaskan temperatures soaring

20/10/2014» ICC told: Cambodia land-grabbing is 'crime against humanity'

15/10/2014» Palm oil - the new threat to the Amazon

18/10/2014» NASA confirms US's 2,500-square-mile methane cloud

17/10/2014» NAO investigates Hinkley C nuclear subsidies

16/10/2014» African habitat loss driving migrating birds' decline

12/10/2014» Renewables can supply 100% of world's power by 2050

14/10/2014» India: tiger reserve tribes face illegal eviction

13/10/2014» Big Biotech's African seed takeover

18/09/2014» Acidifying seas endanger sharks' survival

02/10/2014» IEA: Solar could be world's biggest power source by 2050

09/10/2014» Greenpeace victory - LEGO ends Shell promotion link

07/10/2014» Plan to label tar sands as 'polluting' scrapped by EU

07/10/2014» Native Hawaiians protest 'sacred mountain' telescope

02/10/2014» Arctic madness: oil majors plead for lower safety standards

29/09/2014» California burning points to more intense wildfires

02/10/2014» 'Petrolhead' Cañete's top EU climate job in doubt

02/10/2014» Tide turning against global coal industry

01/10/2014» Human consumption driving wildlife loss

30/09/2014» World Bank 'failing to protect Kenya forest dwellers'

29/09/2014» Wyoming's Gray Wolves win back federal protection - for now

26/09/2014» Billionnaires against fossil fuels

26/09/2014» Russia: officials block indigenous leaders from UN Assembly

22/09/2014» Skin, respiratory symptoms increase near gas wells

24/09/2014» UN: deforestation to halve by 2020, end by 2030

23/09/2014» Investor heavyweights call for climate action

22/09/2014» 'Political will is only barrier to 100% renewables'

16/09/2014» Drought bites as the Amazon's 'flying rivers' fail

19/09/2014» Danish Navy arrests three - for saving 'protected' dolphins

08/09/2014» Fukushima radiation damages rice genome

16/09/2014» Climate March and Summit: world leaders' 'flimsy pledges' denounced

15/09/2014» EU leads diplomatic protest against Iceland's whaling

15/09/2014» Tory MPs: 'climate change is not man made'

10/09/2014» Japan: 'solar islands' replace nuclear power

09/09/2014» China - is it kicking its coal habit?

11/09/2014» Assassination in the Amazon

10/09/2014» Collectors' trade threatens 'Holy Grail' of the reptile world

09/09/2014» Ocean acidification and greenhouse gases hit new records

08/09/2014» Europe's vultures face extinction from toxic vet drug

05/09/2014» Success for challenge to Idaho 'ag-gag' law

05/09/2014» With 4% support, Labour robs Green seat in 'rotten borough' election

04/09/2014» Global support for a sanctuary to protect the Arctic

03/09/2014» 'Misleading' fracking ad 'must not appear again'

02/09/2014» Farm pests' global advance threatens food security

01/09/2014» Danish Navy helps Faroe Islanders kill 33 pilot whales

28/08/2014» Europe’s warming brings risk of dengue fever

29/08/2014» Scotland's double first: tidal array and twin-bladed offshore wind turbines

26/08/2014» Parasitic fungus introduced to attack Himalayan balsam

26/08/2014» Coca-Cola forced out of $25 million factory in India

26/08/2014» Dams versus rivers - the global battle

21/08/2014» Cancer deaths double in Argentina's GMO agribusiness areas

22/08/2014» Fish before agribusiness! California river tribes demand water

21/08/2014» Health alert - fracking’s chemical cocktails

20/08/2014» Alabama - a community fights toxic waste, discrimination

19/08/2014» Weather-related disasters rise five-fold from 1970s to 2000s

18/08/2014» NFU and cull companies out of police control rooms

15/08/2014» Green energy co-ops blocked by UK financial regulator

14/08/2014» Last chance to stop USDA approval of 2,4-D GMO crops

12/08/2014» Fossil fuels raising mercury levels in oceans, and fish

11/08/2014» Toxic risk as missiles strike Ukraine's biggest chemical plant

08/08/2014» Solar firms to sue Government for ending support

08/08/2014» Mongolian herders protest - 'protect our grazing land!'

06/08/2014» Pakistan - no response to flood, drought, deforestation crisis

05/08/2014» Exposed: Barroso's EU anti-environment crusade

01/08/2014» Niger Delta oil - Shell ignores horrendous pollution

01/08/2014» Brazil: GMO 'Bt corn' no longer resists pest attack

01/08/2014» Badger Trust wins 'right to know' about badger cull development

31/07/2014» India - 'Foil Vedanta' protests erupt in Delhi

30/07/2014» Brazil: death threats stalk Amazon shaman Davi Kopenawa

29/07/2014» Huge US coal leasing program releasing tens of Gigatonnes of carbon

28/07/2014» Fracking go-ahead on UK's National Parks, World Heritage Sites, nature reserves

25/07/2014» Victory - 30 new marine reserves for Scotland

24/07/2014» A quarter of 361 newly-recognised birds are 'threatened'

23/07/2014» Thailand army forcibly evicts six forest villages

22/07/2014» Germany and UK top EU's 'Dirty 30' pollution league

21/07/2014» Badger Trust's High Court cull challenge

19/07/2014» California and Texas are mainstreaming renewable energy

18/07/2014» Australia's drought - yes, it's climate change

17/07/2014» Truss - the badgers must die!

17/07/2014» Bill launched to ban wild animals in circuses

16/07/2014» Climate inaction could cost Europe 200,000 lives a year

15/07/2014» Andaman tribe threatened by illegal 'human safari' road upgrade

14/07/2014» Fossil fuels the 'new sub-prime crisis'

10/07/2014» London, B'ham, Leeds will not get clean air until after 2030

09/07/2014» Community bids excluded from Coop farm sale

07/07/2014» Recycled phones drive new wildlife protection technology

04/07/2014» Renewables boom - $5 trillion to be invested by 2030

04/07/2014» Victory! Syngenta pulls 'bee-killer' pesticide application

03/07/2014» Fracking - 95% of oil and gas shales underlie drinking water aquifers

02/07/2014» Badger cull High Court challenge goes ahead

01/07/2014» New York communities triumph over fracking companies

26/06/2014» World Bank: tackle global warming and add $2 trillion to global economy, save a million lives

27/06/2014» Tasmania's forests will remain World Heritage

26/06/2014» BMA votes for fossil fuel divestment

24/06/2014» Solar farm go ahead after High Court quashes Pickles's unlawful refusal

24/06/2014» Palestine's Battir terraces accorded World Heritage protection

23/06/2014» House Spending Bill's huge dirty energy giveaway

23/06/2014» Okovango Delta is 1,000th World Heritage Site

20/06/2014» Only 80,000 giraffes left in Africa

19/06/2014» India: Coca Cola bottling plant shut down

17/06/2014» Smiling spies: Police Liaison Officers exposed

17/06/2014» First blood: Iceland resumes whale hunt, kills fin whale

10/06/2014» Aircon: keeping cool raises the city heat

10/06/2014» GMO bug makes bioethanol direct from grass

13/06/2014» Barclays: solar power threatens US utilities

12/06/2014» EU go-ahead for GMO crops

01/06/2014» Oil company promises 'no drilling' in Virunga

10/06/2014» HSI calls on farmers - 'go badger-friendly' to control bovine TB

07/06/2014» Gaza hospital 'goes solar' to combat power shortages

05/06/2014» China's coal burn 'down 40% by 2020'

21/05/2014» Caledonian pine forest set for 1,000 ha expansion

04/06/2014» Government caves in to developers on 'zero carbon' homes

02/06/2014» Cull could put flood-struck badgers 'at risk of local extinction'

01/06/2014» Oxford University 'must divest from fossil fuels'

27/05/2014» A new National Monument for New Mexico

29/05/2014» Brazil: Amazon Indians shot at Belo Monte dam site

28/05/2014» Texas Petroleum Museum rejects 'gifts from Ecuador'

28/05/2014» Greenpeace Arctic oil rig occupation 'may delay drilling'

27/05/2014» Greenland's glaciers 'more vulnerable' to rapid melting

25/05/2014» Fifty-two countries join 'March against Monsanto'

23/05/2014» West Antarctic glaciers 'past the point of no return'

22/05/2014» Fungi clean contaminated soils

21/05/2014» 120 groups demand: 'ditch the TTIP EU-US trade deal'

20/05/2014» Global GMO-free Coalition launches with 4.5 million members

19/05/2014» UNESCO demands - end oil drilling in Virunga

16/05/2014» Strong winds keep Antarctica cold - while Australia bakes

15/05/2014» EPA - we demand oil and gas well pollution limits!

07/05/2014» Industrializing Amazon at risk of 'ecosystem collapse'

13/05/2014» Government attacks UK's 'big solar'

13/05/2014» India: tribes face eviction for 'tiger conservation'

12/05/2014» Steeped in blood - China's trade in Siamese rosewood

09/05/2014» Badger cull - police face public grilling from Commissioner

08/05/2014» East Antarctic ice basin 'may be at risk'

06/05/2014» Malaysia - crucial orangutan corridor saved

06/05/2014» Great Barrier Reef coal port challenged

04/05/2014» Nuclear WMD states sued - by the Marshall Islands

01/05/2014» Non-aligned nations: Israel must renounce nuclear weapons

30/04/2014» FTSE and Blackrock join to fight fossil fuel investment

29/04/2014» Congo rainforest 'browning' as temperatures rise

28/04/2014» Vikings looting and pillaging? No, it's BP

28/04/2014» 2014 Goldman winners - fighting coal, dams, palm oil, fracking, toxic waste

26/04/2014» 'Arrest Monbiot' for 'nuclear crimes' - £100 reward

25/04/2014» Tenfold solar expansion approved for New York state

24/04/2014» Texas court awards family $3 million for fracking health damage

23/04/2014» WWF: UK oil company must quit Virunga Park

22/04/2014» Large dams are uneconomic

17/04/2014» Caroline Lucas 'not guilty'

16/04/2014» USA: Government gives in to illegal rancher's armed militia

15/04/2014» Electric car numbers double in one year

14/04/2014» IPCC's shale gas error

11/04/2014» Lawsuit demands 50,000 square mile Atlantic whale sanctuary

09/04/2014» New EU rules hammer UK's nuclear ambitions

09/04/2014» P&G promises 'deforestation free' palm oil

08/04/2014» Bushman to Prince Charles - 'Save our People'

07/04/2014» Biochar doubles plant growth

04/04/2014» Brazil - drugs gang 'disappears' isolated Amazon tribe

02/04/2014» World's two biggest clothiers go deforestation-free

03/04/2014» Badger cull will resume - but no new areas

02/04/2014» Rakuten pulls whale products - but ivory sales continue

31/03/2014» Botswana hunting ban leaves Bushmen to starve

01/04/2014» Badger cull will extend to cats, dogs, hamsters

31/03/2014» Japan must end 'scientific whaling' in the Antarctic

25/03/2014» WHO: air pollution killing 7 million a year

28/03/2014» Caroline Lucas on trial

27/03/2014» Paterson - preparing to ditch the badger cull?

25/03/2014» Myanmar's $6 billion illegal timber trade

22/03/2014» Goldman Sachs - the US's solar future

24/03/2014» General Mills promises - only deforestation-free palm oil

23/03/2014» BBC says sorry - we got it wrong on Irish badgers

20/03/2014» Warmer freshwater ecosystems emit more methane

19/03/2014» Rockies flora signal warming times

17/03/2014» Turks & Caicos Islands protect breeding turtles

17/03/2014» Exposed - World's biggest seller of ivory and whale meat

17/03/2014» Say No to 'Roundup-ready' GM crops

13/03/2014» Italy: Police close down deadly power station

14/03/2014» Yellowstone bison have 'right to roam'

14/03/2014» MPs vote - halt badger cull in England!

12/03/2014» Euro Parliament ratifies F-gas ban - 'huge gain for climate'

12/03/2014» DOE shuts $4 billion 'plutonium-eater' reactor

02/03/2014» Offshore wind could calm hurricanes

10/03/2014» Arctic at its warmest for 40,000 years

08/03/2014» Illinois - 1.7 million people choose 100% green electricity

08/03/2014» Sun shines on US solar sector

07/03/2014» Largest US grocery stores say 'no' to GMO salmon

05/03/2014» Redwood thieves force California forest curfew

05/03/2014» Pollution - EU takes UK to court

04/03/2014» Fukushima - all charges dropped

03/03/2014» Nepal's year of zero poaching

02/03/2014» Rising sea levels threaten Los Angeles

28/02/2014» Badger culls were ineffective and inhumane

01/03/2014» Natural gas field discovered on Gaza's coast

27/02/2014» Pesticide-free fly control breakthrough

26/02/2014» Amazon: loggers, ranchers expelled from Awa lands

25/02/2014» Electricity use in the US is falling - still

22/02/2014» Exxon CEO seeks to halt fracking project in 'his backyard'

21/02/2014» Nebraska court decision halts Keystone XL pipeline

20/02/2014» Moderate air pollution damages mothers' and babies' health

20/02/2014» Fukushima leaks 23 TBq of radioactive water

19/02/2014» Edward Snowden is Glasgow University's new Rector

18/02/2014» Kelloggs goes 'deforestation free'

17/02/2014» Russian eco-activist gets 3 years in penal colony

17/02/2014» Virunga - UK Government to investigate oil company

13/02/2014» Polish farmers 'grassroots rebellion'

14/02/2014» Protestors' 'Fracking victory' at Barton Moss

15/02/2014» Euro-Parliament turns against TTIP

14/02/2014» Ten steps to protect the UK from floods

13/02/2014» Bushmen are not 'poachers' - wildlife conference protest

12/02/2014» Congress over-rules USAID to protect abused Ethiopian tribes

10/02/2014» Exterminate! New law to compel landowners to kill off exotics

07/02/2014» UK farmers winning GMO-free export market

10/02/2014» Climate change - bringing the UK worse winters

07/02/2014» UK's environment research funding to help ... Shell

06/02/2014» WildLeaks launched - the WikiLeaks for wildlife

06/02/2014» UK's Wildlife Crime Unit secures two years' funding

06/02/2014» Champions don't wear fur

05/02/2014» Storm surges to cost $100 trillion a year as sea levels rise

04/02/2014» Norway: electric vehicles lead the car market

03/02/2014» Argentina: unseasonal storms imperil Magellanic penguins

01/02/2014» Sweden: 3 wild egg collectors convicted after UK investigation

01/02/2014» Brazil extends Amazon protection from soy farms

31/01/2014» Virunga - police arrest 7 anti-oil gorilla defenders

31/01/2014» Shell scraps 2014 Arctic drilling

31/01/2014» MEPs vote against EU seed Regulation

30/01/2014» L'Oreal moves against forest destruction

30/01/2014» Norwegian pension giant drops investments in coal, tar sands, palm oil

29/01/2014» Shell - you're fired!

29/01/2014» DDT link to Alzheimers

28/01/2014» Paterson slashes UK climate change budget

26/01/2014» 2013 - the world's temperature kept on rising

23/01/2014» South African rhino slaughter hits all-time high

25/01/2014» Davos: Fracking won't avert energy crisis

23/01/2014» Hong Kong to destroy 28 tonnes of ivory

24/01/2014» Shell oil licences in Alaska 'unlawful'

23/01/2014» Kenya: police begin Forest People evictions

22/01/2014» Ecocide: 112,000 vote to criminalize ecological destruction

21/01/2014» Warming climate will bring more extreme 'El Nino' events

21/01/2014» Manchester Police break anti-fracker's eye socket

21/01/2014» World's highest deforestation rate on uncontacted tribe's land

15/01/2014» Cyclists demand 'direct vision' lorries on city streets

20/01/2014» FoE recruiting new board member

20/01/2014» Pulp and paper giant - end deforestation!

16/01/2014» UKIP to ban 'all teaching of global warming'

16/01/2014» Palm oil company's $30 million fine for burning rainforest

15/01/2014» Swiss wildlife climbing up the mountains

14/01/2014» Farm antibiotics 'creating super-bugs'

14/01/2014» GMO labelling - Big Food fights back

13/01/2014» Rwandan militia murder Congo 'gorilla guardian'

10/01/2014» China: nuclear and coal giants go solar

09/01/2014» Stop import of 'super-GM' SmartStax maize!

08/01/2014» Fukushima Reactor 3 - TEPCO responds

07/01/2014» US complicit in marine mammal slaughter

06/01/2014» Hitachi-GE nuclear reactor design assessment begins

06/01/2014» China destroys 6 tonnes of ivory

04/01/2014» Cheerios go GM-free

31/12/2013» Fukushima meltdown? Mystery steam rising over Reactor 3

30/12/2013» 2014 - the UK's GM-free year!

28/12/2013» Pungesti - villagers 'living in terror' of police violence

27/12/2013» No 'road to ruin' at Izembek Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

26/12/2013» Arctic 30 coming home

25/12/2013» Indonesia: terror and eviction for palm oil

23/12/2013» UK plans 75GW of new nuclear power

22/12/2013» Arctic melting disrupts 'temperate' climates

19/12/2013» Idaho's Christmas wolf and coyote hunt

18/12/2013» Christmas amnesty for Arctic 30, Pussy Riot

17/12/2013» EBRD - eyes wide shut to coal sector corruption

16/12/2013» New safe cycling routes for London

13/12/2013» 'Illegal UK state aid' probe hits nuclear plans

13/12/2013» Israel scraps Prawer Plan to evict 40,000 Bedouins

12/12/2013» Romania rejects Rosia Montana gold mine

11/12/2013» California's lone wolf returns

10/12/2013» Fossil fuel subsidies soar to $544 billion

10/12/2013» Rotting fish to green gas

09/12/2013» London flood surge 'worst in 60 years'

07/12/2013» Green Climate Fund opens in Korea

06/12/2013» Avaaz TPP petition sabotaged?

05/12/2013» US 'holding WTO talks to ransom'

04/12/2013» Frackers sue Colorado frack-free cities

04/12/2013» Chatsworth: attic junk to renewable energy centre

03/12/2013» UK pensions fuelling hunger

02/12/2013» Europe must prepare for extreme weather events

29/11/2013» Gloucestershire badger cull called off

28/11/2013» Canada approves GM salmon eggs

27/11/2013» UK - the world's plutonium store?

26/11/2013» Union warns: 1,700 job losses at Environment Agency will increase flood risk

25/11/2013» Bluefin tuna protected - but what about the sharks?

25/11/2013» Non-GM corn hybrids smash GM varieties in Illinois trials

22/11/2013» COP19 - India and Saudi Arabia join the 'Climate Saboteurs'

21/11/2013» New conservation zones for UK seas

20/11/2013» NAFTA: Investigate Canada's failure to protect Polar Bears

19/11/2013» Prime Minister - do more for nature!

19/11/2013» Ocean acidity rising at 'unprecedented rate'

18/11/2013» Campaigners cry 'insanity' as UNEP postpones frozen gas report

15/11/2013» Brazil deforestation up 28%

15/11/2013» Boris - save London's cyclists!

14/11/2013» Israel-Palestine oil battle looms

12/11/2013» Arctic 30: Greenpeace turns on Shell

12/11/2013» Koch Brothers win 2013 Rubber Dodo Award

11/11/2013» Loggers against Earth's most threatened tribe

08/11/2013» Coke joins Oxfam's fight against land grabs

08/11/2013» Tasman Sea: small ships sail to confront oil giant

07/11/2013» Aerial Boris Bike-abouts for London?

05/11/2013» UK government's quarrels are hitting climate change investment

05/11/2013» Human suffering will be exacerbated greatly by climate change

02/11/2013» RWE's green energy revolution

01/11/2013» CO2 emissions hit record - but increasing more slowly

31/10/2013» Save the Co-op Bank!

31/10/2013» Japan - end the cetacean slaughter!

31/10/2013» Renewables - what about the minerals?

30/10/2013» State Secrets Act to supress Fukushima information

30/10/2013» Big Six lobby MPs against green energy and efficiency

29/10/2013» UK's largest nature conservation charity objects to wind farm application

29/10/2013» Greenhouse gases alone are causing unprecedented Arctic warming

28/10/2013» Go fossil-free, urge investment managers

28/10/2013» Nuclear power gets twice the price of solar!

26/10/2013» Africa's biggest wind farm opens

25/10/2013» India - the new global warming villain

25/10/2013» Glowing path trialled in Cambridge

24/10/2013» National Trust "open" to fracking on its land

24/10/2013» EU energy subsidies - the truth is out!

23/10/2013» Burn the regulations, not the rainforest!

23/10/2013» Amazon: 441 new species discovered in four years

22/10/2013» Oklahoma goes for Wind

22/10/2013» Amazon forest is drying out

03/09/2012» Ecologist Partners: Triodos Bank

10/03/2011» This week's changes to the

07/03/2011» Climate change 'will wreak havoc on Britain's coastline by 2050'

04/03/2011» Huhne accused of 'hypocrisy' for promoting offshore oil in Scotland and Arctic

03/03/2011» Tanzania urged to accept World Bank funding of alternative Serengeti highway route

01/03/2011» UK's 'fracking' gas-extraction is not unconventional says industry

01/03/2011» EU ministers to ban wasteful practice of discarding fish at sea

28/02/2011» Brazilian judge blocks plans for construction of Belo Monte dam

25/02/2011» Dow Chemical in the dock as activists confront corporate spies

22/02/2011» Greenpeace hits back at 'notorious forest destroyer' Asia Pulp and Paper

22/02/2011» WWF calls for 'scaling up' of beef production to combat deforestation in Brazil

18/02/2011» Monsanto agrees clean-up of toxic Brofiscin quarry in Wales

17/02/2011» The End of the Line: how a film changed the way we eat fish

16/02/2011» Man-made climate change doubling risk of extreme flooding

16/02/2011» Plans for UK's largest dairy farm scrapped over water pollution fears

14/02/2011» Intense lobbying could enable unapproved GM crops to enter European food chain

14/02/2011» Revealed: how energy firms spy on environmental activists

10/02/2011» World's first Fairtrade gold goes on sale in the UK

10/02/2011» Asian factory farming boom spreading animal diseases like avian influenza

10/02/2011» UK urged to stop funding dirty coal power stations overseas

07/02/2011» Photo story: Bangladesh's climate refugees

07/02/2011» Welsh renewable energy plans 'stymied' by Westminster

04/02/2011» Climate refugee 'crisis' will not result in mass migration - new research

02/02/2011» A fossil-free world by 2050 not an 'unattainable utopia', says WWF

31/01/2011» World's largest ecological experiment to examine impact of oil palm plantations

31/01/2011» An atlas of pollution: The world in carbon dioxide emissions

28/01/2011» DEFRA's forest sell off plans met with caution and hostility

27/01/2011» Growing pressure for moratorium on UK shale gas 'fracking'

26/01/2011» Biofuels: jatropha still linked to 'land grabbing and displacement of farmers'

24/01/2011» UN forest protection plans failing because of land scarcity and demand for food

24/01/2011» Scientists warn of future restrictions on factory-farmed pig and poultry

23/01/2011» Huge majority oppose England forest sell-off plans, poll finds

20/01/2011» UK's first geothermal shopping centre opens in London

20/01/2011» Toxic waste from Burma's largest coal project could displace 12,000

19/01/2011» Energy rationing would give 'common purpose' in cutting carbon emissions

18/01/2011» Russia's ambitions for oil off Sakhalin Island could wipe out whale species

18/01/2011» Last refuge of rare fish threatened by Yangtze dam plans

17/01/2011» UK urged to ban controversial 'fracking' gas-extraction

14/01/2011» GM disease resistant animals 'cover-up' for factory farming

12/01/2011» Worldwatch report attacks criminalising of seed saving and promotes agroecology

11/01/2011» Freshwater lakes and rivers contributing to climate change

11/01/2011» Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall tackles farmed salmon feed controversy

10/01/2011» Climate activist trial collapses over use of undercover police officer

07/01/2011» Supermarkets misleading consumers over 'sustainably sourced' seafood

07/01/2011» Consumers 'greenwashed' over eco-friendly garden centre products

07/01/2011» Germany and France likely to block plans to end GM crop delays

04/01/2011» UK rejects veterinary advice to ban antibiotic drug adverts to farmers

04/01/2011» Forest of Dean protesters fight big woodland sell-off

23/12/2010» China counts £130bn cost of economic growth in ecological damage

23/12/2010» Breeding habits of toads and frogs hit by climate change

22/12/2010» Plans to reopen world’s largest asbestos mine will create ‘new generation’ of victims

21/12/2010» Air pollution linked to 200,000 premature deaths in UK

20/12/2010» Top FTSE companies face investor backlash on biodiversity

17/12/2010» California overcomes oil opposition to approve the first US carbon-trading scheme

15/12/2010» US plans to sue BP will 'not prevent future ecocide'

15/12/2010» UK says it will ignore medical advice on pesticide-spraying

15/12/2010» Rabbits named Britain's most costly invasive species

14/12/2010» Climate activists face jail over Ratcliffe coal plot

14/12/2010» UK announces £5,000 subsidy for electric car buyers from 2011

12/12/2010» Cancun climate summit fails to agree successor to Kyoto Protocol

10/12/2010» Torbay in groundbreaking move to start valuing its trees

08/12/2010» Taxpayers could bankroll nuclear clear-up under new Government plans

08/12/2010» Mountain gorilla numbers in central Africa on the rise

08/12/2010» Toxic bisphenol-A found in US shopping receipts and dollar bills

06/12/2010» US calls for an end to the EU block on GM and nanotechnology

06/12/2010» Anger at opening of Shell-sponsored climate change exhibition

03/12/2010» Logging company accused of ‘misleading public’ with carbon conservation project

02/12/2010» Cities must ‘radically change’ transport systems to cope with population explosion

01/12/2010» Dupont follows Monsanto in new move to consolidate South African seed market

01/12/2010» UK economic recovery 'poses threat to environment'

30/11/2010» Europe's scramble for gas sees controversial hydraulic fracturing cross the Atlantic

30/11/2010» Bluefin tuna condemned to extinction by 'laughable' ICCAT summit claim activists

26/11/2010» Warning over contaminated whale meat as Faroe Islands' killing continues

25/11/2010» Industry and activists clash over environmental footprint of nanotechnology

24/11/2010» Oil companies Perenco, Repsol-YPF and ConocoPhillips under fire over Peruvian tribes

23/11/2010» Written charter for land use vital for 'Big Society' management of natural resources

23/11/2010» Lidl supermarket tuna 'contains fish species not on the label'

17/11/2010» Question marks over EU plans for a 'greener' farm subsidy scheme

17/11/2010» High Court battle over London City Airport expansion

17/11/2010» Nocton 'super-dairy' plans are just the start, say farmers

17/11/2010» British Beekeepers' Association to stop endorsing bee-killing pesticides

16/11/2010» Controversial pesticides linked to 'total ecological collapse' of insects and birds

15/11/2010» Clydesdale Bank under fire over finance for Nocton 'super dairy'

15/11/2010» Mark Lynas: I'm not the pariah of the green movement

12/11/2010» Carbon capture and storage could contaminate drinking water

11/11/2010» Congo massacre case prompts call for crackdown on Canadian mining giants

11/11/2010» Green energy bill will let consumers gamble on future savings

10/11/2010» Pesticide companies told to fund clean up of waterways

09/11/2010» End $300 billion subsidies for fossil fuels, says energy watchdog

08/11/2010» Europe's push on biofuels 'no better than fossil fuels'

04/11/2010» 'Thousands threatened' by giant iron mine in Burma

04/11/2010» What the environmental movement got right: activists respond to Channel 4 film

02/11/2010» UK and USA retailers join boycott against Alaska's 'dirty gold'

01/11/2010» British mining company in controversial uranium project near Grand Canyon

01/11/2010» UN biodiversity targets now need to be implemented say campaigners

29/10/2010» EU seal fur ban 'sends message' to those profiting from trade

29/10/2010» Rejected nuclear waste site in Cumbria back on list of potential locations

28/10/2010» Biodiversity loss seen as greater financial risk than terrorism, says UN

27/10/2010» Campaigners issue warning on refrigerant emissions

26/10/2010» EU food safety chief forced to quit GM lobby role

25/10/2010» 'Stop robbing land from the poorest' urges UN food expert

22/10/2010» Ban pesticide-use in public parks and school grounds - campaigners

21/10/2010» Defra rejects claims UK legal system is blocking environmental justice

21/10/2010» Campaigners launch 'last ditch' attempt to save Javan rhino from extinction

21/10/2010» Spending review: 'Greenest government ever' reserves worst cuts for Defra

19/10/2010» Maldives ‘tourism boom’ putting manta rays at risk

18/10/2010» Authors call for a greener, smaller banking sector

18/10/2010» Severn tidal barrage axed as nuclear power plants proposed

15/10/2010» Locals 'unable' to oppose Scottish coal power station

14/10/2010» Independent testing of pesticides in food in doubt after quango cull

13/10/2010» Tesco caught breaching EU rules on harmful chemicals

12/10/2010» 'Unnecessary' weedkillers could undermine efforts to protect bee population

11/10/2010» Poverty forces Roma people to scavenge toxic e-waste

08/10/2010» Sunderbans mangrove-forest livelihoods under threat from corruption and resource exploitation

08/10/2010» Heat pumps no more eco-friendly than gas-fired boilers - new research

07/10/2010» Revealed: how seed market is controlled by Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer, Dow & DuPont

06/10/2010» Hungary toxic spill 'could be worse' than Baia Mare cyanide disaster

05/10/2010» Study identifies more than 1 million ocean species

04/10/2010» UK can achieve 'zero waste' without incineration

01/10/2010» Scotland's renewable pledge let down by offshore oil drilling

01/10/2010» Dismay over EU decision not to ban baby bottle chemical bisphenol-A

30/09/2010» 'Slavery' uncovered on trawlers fishing for Europe

29/09/2010» Plant life in peril - IUCN and Kew Gardens study

28/09/2010» Coral reefs 'could disappear by 2100'

28/09/2010» Bush-meat demand fuelling secretive trade in Guinea-Bissau's primates

27/09/2010» Fish farmers in Scotland killing estimated 2,000 seals a year

24/09/2010» Shipping growth threatens climate change targets - report

23/09/2010» Arctic oil spill could take 'year or more' to clean up

23/09/2010» E.coli and salmonella resistance 'spreading' due to antibiotics overuse

22/09/2010» Nigeria gold rush sees 200 children killed in outbreak of lead poisoning

21/09/2010» US delays approval for fast-growing GM salmon

20/09/2010» 'Super-dairy' may only meet 'minimum' welfare standards

17/09/2010» UK public unaware they could be contributing to illegal logging - WWF

16/09/2010» EU nuclear waste disposal plans 'not safe' claim scientists

16/09/2010» Renewables offer cash boost for local communities - think tank

16/09/2010» World Bank invests record sums in coal

15/09/2010» Farmers could be allowed to kill badgers from 2011

14/09/2010» World bank hints Africa is ‘quick win’ for land grabbing investors

12/09/2010» Public deprived of data on cancer links to toxins - film maker

10/09/2010» 'Privileged' opposition holding back wind farm development

09/09/2010» Gulf oil disaster not unique to BP and will 'happen again'

08/09/2010» Shell funding of forest protection scheme could result in 'largest land grab of all time'

06/09/2010» Bees stung by 'climate change-linked' early pollination

06/09/2010» Cargill sticks with rainforest-destroying palm oil supplier

02/09/2010» Low-cost e-waste recycling in China releasing catalogue of pollutants

02/09/2010» Tibetan nomads struggle as grasslands disappear from the roof of the world

01/09/2010» Canada tar sands industry ignoring toxic river pollution

31/08/2010» Resettlement fears over China's South-North water transfer project

27/08/2010» Geoengineering won't stop sea-level rises, study predicts

26/08/2010» Activists win historic ruling on 'people's law on the environment'

25/08/2010» Rapid growth in Amazon dams brought home by online map

24/08/2010» Norway accused of 'hypocrisy' over ethical investment

20/08/2010» Non-stick pans can affect our hormones, new research suggests

20/08/2010» Tar sands campaign targets holidaymakers and pension funds

18/08/2010» Human response to climate change is making matters worse

17/08/2010» Vedanta ‘in total contempt of the law’ says Indian government

16/08/2010» Drilling to begin for Cornwall geothermal power plant in 2011

13/08/2010» Tanzania’s Serengeti Highway plan could destroy major carbon sink

12/08/2010» 'Cheap' solar geoengineering plans may have unintended consequences

11/08/2010» Palm oil giant Sinar Mas admits breaking law by clearing peatland

10/08/2010» Biotech industry plays down discovery of GM crops surviving in the wild

09/08/2010» Global rise in hydroelectric dams threatens tribal peoples

06/08/2010» Rising demand for bycatch will lead to ‘ecological catastrophe’, scientists warn

05/08/2010» Ecuador offers to leave rainforest oil in the ground for $3.6 billion

04/08/2010» ‘Growing body of evidence’ links pesticides to bee decline

04/08/2010» Cloned animals a 'threat to genetic diversity'

03/08/2010» Farmers will have to wait until 2012 for supermarket watchdog

30/07/2010» US climate sceptics fail to stop carbon emissions being labelled danger to health

29/07/2010» Palm oil giant accused of rainforest destruction caught ‘red-handed’

29/07/2010» Marine food chain hit by ocean global warming

28/07/2010» UK businesses call for compulsory carbon reporting

27/07/2010» UK likely to miss legal 2020 renewable energy target

26/07/2010» RBS should become the UK's Green Investment Bank, say NGOs

23/07/2010» US Senate drops bill to cap carbon emissions

22/07/2010» Jonathon Porritt slams Government decision to scrap crucial watchdog

22/07/2010» Climate change should be billed as a 'health' not 'environmental' disaster

20/07/2010» UK could cut Amazon soya imports with home-grown peas and beans

19/07/2010» Aid should focus on climate resilience and less intensive farming models

19/07/2010» Goldman Sachs makes $1 billion profit on food price speculation

16/07/2010» Zimbabwe given 'one last chance' on diamond mining exports

15/07/2010» Campaigners dispute reports of a decline in illegal logging

14/07/2010» 'Uneven' sea level rises threaten Indian Ocean coastal regions

13/07/2010» EU's 'dangerous' move to nationalise GM decision-making

09/07/2010» Electric cars and wind turbines face metal supply shortages

08/07/2010» EU's ban on billion-pound illegally logged timber trade only the 'first step'

07/07/2010» EU votes against compulsory GM food labelling

06/07/2010» Commonly prescribed drugs linked to shrimp population decline

05/07/2010» Jatropha better suited to local communities, not biofuel markets

02/07/2010» Road pricing is becoming inevitable, says RAC

01/07/2010» Trees a 'low-cost' solution to air pollution and biodiversity loss in cities

01/07/2010» GRAPHIC: Find out the carbon footprint of...

30/06/2010» UK to get three new nuclear power plants by 2022

28/06/2010» Report lists top ten countries at risk of water shortages

28/06/2010» Agroecological farming methods being ignored, says UN expert

24/06/2010» Barclays Bank, British Gas and RBS implicated in ‘scandalous’ carbon trading scheme

23/06/2010» Ban 'toxic' trans fats and junk food adverts says NHS watchdog


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