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Ecologist old issues appeal: please help


2nd December, 2009

The Ecologist needs your help. We are missing a few back issues of the magazine - please help us out by lending us your copy so that we can complete our online archive

We are nearing the end of our mammoth task of scanning every issue of the Ecologist for archive, and we hope to finish uploading them all to the website in February 2010.

But we are missing a few old issues still needed to complete the project.

If you have any of the issues below, we would very much like to borrow them for a short period.

We need them loose – i.e. not bound into hardback – to enable us to scan them effectively.

We promise to return them to you promptly as soon as we have scanned them.

If you can help please email:
The missing issues

June 1977 - Vol 7 No 5 - The future of an affluence society

Apr/May 1979 - Vol 9 No 3

Jan/Feb 1980 - Vol 10 No 1-2 - Plan to Save the Tropical Rainforests

July/Aug 1982 - Vol 12 No 4

Nov/Dec 1982 - Vol 12 No 6 - Forbidden Fruit - God forgot to patent it

For those interested in newer editions of the Ecologist magazine, please note that the 2000-2009 archive is now complete and can be viewed online by subscribers

The 1970-1999 archive is available to all users.

Archive: 2000-2009

Archive: 1970-1999

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