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Rotting fish to green gas

The Ecologist

10th December 2013

The 'green' carpet maker Interface has signed up for a sustainable gas supply made from rotting fish.

The 'green gas' will be thoroughly deodorised to remove all olfactory indications of its origins.

Leading carpet tile manufacturer and eco-pioneer Interface will switch to using 100% sustainable gas at its manufacturing plant in Scherpenzeel in Holland from 1 January 2014. The gas will be supplied by the renewable energy provider Eneco using certified 'green' waste from the food industry - from the fish processor A. van de Groep.

Interface is already using green energy across its European manufacturing sites as part of its long-term 'Mission Zero' sustainability goal. As a result of this new Dutch contract, Interface will receive all of its gas from Eneco - 1.3 million m3 per year, equivalent to the amount of gas used by 750 households. 

Ton van Keken, Senior Vice President of Operations at Interface Europe, said: "The transition to sustainable gas is the next logical step on our journey to become a truly sustainable company and have zero impact on the environment by 2020.

"By using a combination of green energy and biogas, our European headquarters and our factory in Scherpenzeel will become almost CO2 neutral and waste, in this case from the food and fish industries, will be used in a way that benefits business."

Barth de Klerk, director at Eneco, said: "Interface's Mission Zero goal fits seamlessly with our mission at Eneco, to provide everyone in the Netherlands with sustainably produced energy. It is wonderful that through this project all businesses involved can fulfill aspects of their corporate social responsibility.

"Our vision is that the energy supply develops in a decentralized and sustainable way and is achieved by cooperation. All parts of Eneco are focused on this sustainable mission."

The 'green gas' will be thoroughly deodorised to remove all olfactory indications of its origins. Van der Groep has installed a two-phase deodoriser comprising an active carbon filter and a chemical laundry system. Third party inspection has verified a 99% odour reduction.



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