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Ecologist Dating Launch

February 14th, 2013

by Andrea Gear

Calling all green, ethically minded singles! The Ecologist is delighted to announce the launch of

We now live in a society where we can poke, tweet and wink at each other with the click of a mouse. And not just from across the office floor, but from a yurt on the Isle of Skye to a skyscraper in Tokyo. This high speed, globalised approach to connecting with others has led to a social media explosion, of which only troglodytes could remain unaware! 

Part of this cyber evolution has seen the emergence and ever increasing popularity of online dating. Once taboo, and the realm of ‘lonely hearts’, online dating is now perfectly acceptable - even fashionable. According to a survey by, two-thirds of UK singles have now tried online dating. 

But is dating online actually successful? Can algorithms, compatibility questionnaires and posed photographs really help us find ‘the one’? Will that click of the ‘like’ button translate into friendship, love, and commitment in the real world? Well, research shows that long-term, committed relationships do indeed develop from online dating agencies. True love really could be just a click away. 

Finding your eco-soulmate will make your life complete: whether it’s making a decision on organic/fairtrade/local when you’re doing the food shopping, or debating whether to give up the perfectly kept lawn for a riot of wildflowers, or flicking through holiday brochures looking for the ultimate green glamping getaway, these decision are always more enjoyable if you’re singing from the same (recycled) hymn sheet as your eco-friendly partner.

This is why the team at the Ecologist has decided to collaborate with and bring you EcologistDating. Loveandfriends have been running niche dating sites for 'thinking people' since 1999 and hope to enable like-minded, eco-friendly people to find each other.

You can join for FREE and unlike most sites, there is some genuine free messaging. Members of EcologistDating are joining an existing database of many thousands of people from a network of high quality sites.

'Eco Search' is a key way of finding other eco-minded people as the computer will search out people whose profiles, jobs and interests flag them up as likely to be compatible with you. Look out for the 'Eco Leaf' Badges on profiles: these get assigned according to how eco friendly the computer analyses each profile to be.

For example, five leaves indicates someone very eco-friendly - so they could be a vegan or activist who joined directly. Whereas, one leaf would indicate someone who is interested in ‘green’ issues such as vegetarian cooking or gardening and who indirectly connected via a partner site. It’s a simple system that really works, and you’ll soon enjoy connecting with like-minded people.

So, if you want a buddy to go rhododendron-bashing with, or if you have been meaning to check-out that new veggie restaurant, or if you want to find someone who shares your vision of building a straw bale house and keeping chickens, then look no further – your future friend is HERE

Andrea Gear is Assistant Editor of the Ecologist website and wishes you all the best of luck in finding green love  : )

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