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Cast your Vote for the Ecologist Communication Challenge Awards - Green Impact Students' Unions

The Ecologist and the Green Impact Students' Unions encourage you to vote for your favourite image from the shortlisted entries from this years Communication Challenge Award


So many of today's environmental messages are about sacrifice, reduction, and going-without. But it needn't be like that. Living an ecologically-sound life is something that can be immensely satisfying and rewarding.

The Ecologist Communications Challenge Award aims to encourage unions to use photography to showcase the excellent campaigns and projects being run by unions and their students. The photos should have the ability to educate and inspire others on the importance of individual and collective action on environmental issues.

In the best traditions of photojournalism, we asked to see an image that was well-shot but that also told a compelling story - a story that will encourage the viewer to admire and possibly emulate the lifestyle choices illustrated.


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Entry 1: Manchester Metropolitan Students' Union

"Celebrating and preserving our countryside."

MMUnion’s photo was taken by Ashleigh Michell a first year Biomedical Student. Ashleigh is very active in reducing her carbon footprint, preserving wildlife and clearing up the countryside. The photo that she has entered is a picture of her friend Kim is who training to be an extreme adventurer and was taken whilst climbing in Snowdonia. She feels it conveys how much they love being outdoors and how keen they are to preserve our British countryside.



Entry 2: Bangor University Students' Union

“Rubbish Survival Instincts”

This was taken as part of a project called ‘The Rubbish Survival Guide’, initiated to increase the levels of recycling amongst students. It primarily aims to educate students from different counties, and even countries, of the recycling system we have in Gwynedd, as we had found that the main barrier to recycling was a poor understanding of what can/can’t be recycled, and what goes in what box. The photo was of the sabb team and aimed to make recycling seem more fun and lighthearted, rather than preach at students. The project aims to increase recycling to 150 tonnes by May.



Entry 3: Students' Association of the West of Scotland

Drive UWS in to the green. Putt your used batteries in are recycling area at the union reception.

How to get students to notice the places they can recycle around campus and get it to stick in their memory? We are trying to use a combination of bad puns, social media and eye catching posters. This image was part of a series used and posted on our Facebook fan page  and linked into the universities Facebook. If you look at some of the other photo’s in this album you will see the other end of the promotion Borat in his green mankini.



Entry 4: Students’ Union Royal Holloway

Have we got your attention yet? It’s not just about tree hugging, it’s about ethics and the environment

This photograph depicts Ethics and Environment Officer, Ed Resek, engaging in public displays of affection for trees in The Founder’s forest at Royal Holloway’s Main Campus. The focus is on cherishing the amazing forest and wildlife our campus has to offer and this image is meant to get students to take a second look, get their attention, and remind them of both our policy and The Royal Holloway Rainforest Project that is an initiative to purchase and preserve a campus sized (135acres) chunk of Ecuadorian rainforest.




Entry 5: University of Birmingham Guild of Students

Birmingham University would rather go naked than wear sweatshop clothes.

Students at the University of Birmingham gather on the centre of campus and remove their clothes in order to raise awareness of the many ethical issues that still exist in the clothing industry.


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