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University of Aberdeen Students’ Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012
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University of Aberdeen Students’ Union: Communications Challenge Entry 2012

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There are various student groups in Aberdeen that have vast supplies of passion and energy for environmental issues. The determination and hope that is conveyed in this film may inspire others to become active. The students' positive attitude shows that an ecologically sound life can be good for individual health and wellbeing as well as the earth.

The University of Aberdeen groups whose activities featured in this project include:

Environment and Ethics committee
Climate Change Project
Shared Planet Society

The implementation of the Climate Change Project in 2010 - with three (now one) full time positions, intern positions, and funding for projects - increased the possibilities for student run groups and helped to bring groups together. These groups communicate with each other and work together on projects.

Students work hard on these projects outside of their curriculum because climate change is a pressing issue and they see the need for positive change in their own and others lives. Engaging others in these issues is necessary, yet can be challenging. Perhaps this film will work towards conveying the satisfaction that can be found in caring for the environment.

The fairtrade café that is featured is run once a week by the Shared Planet society. The food is sustainably and locally sourced, students work together to produce a nutritious meal and there are always queues of people waiting to buy their very reasonably priced lunch.
BeCycle runs on a policy of reusing old bikes and having them freely available for people to takeaway and use. The big cycle featured in the film was part of a campaign for safer cycling in the city.
The images of hanging bottles and cans show part of a display that was being made to raise awareness of the issue of climate change.
Tree Planting happened all over the campus, after hundreds of trees were donated to the Climate Change Project. There is now an orchard behind the university halls, and it is hoped that soon students will be able enjoy a freshly picked apple on their way to class.

The film was shot over a sunny couple of weeks in Spring 2011.

More information on the groups and activities in the film can be found at the Climate Change Project website,

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Voting closes 4pm Friday 2nd March, 2012.


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